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-; ■■■\- '■ 



%1* 11 'ifflWffVTwri 





A Permanent 
Cure for Piles 

We have treated Brethren from all 
over the United States during the past 
29 years of our successful practice as 
rectal specialists, and in the Brethren 
Almanac have always carried an an- 
nouncement of our proposition, which 
is to accept no money until the patient 
is satisfied a cure has been effected. The 
Brethren Publishing House would not 
continue to publish these announcements 
if they were not positive our institution 
was a reliable one in every respect and 
that we absolutely accept no money till 
cured. Treating the number of Breth- 
ren we do every year, the Almanac pub- 
lishers would certainly receive com- 
plaints, if we did not carry out in every 
respect the promises made in our adver- 
tisement. We treat piles, fistula, and dis- 
eases of the rectum, and accept no mon- 
ey till the patient is cured. We tell upon 
examination what the cost will be. for a 
cure and the 


length of time re- 
quired, but our 
examinations are 
always free and 
the patient is not 
urged to remain if 
these. conditions 
are not satisfac- 
tory. Write to-day 
for a 352-page il- 
lustrated treatise 
on diseases of the 
rectum, containing 
also hundreds of 
letters from prom- 
i n e n t people 
throughout the 
country whom we 
have cured. We 
also send the la- 
dies a 132-page 
treatise containing letters from ladies on- 
ly, and urge all those who may be afflict- 
ed to investigate fully the letters and in- 
formation contained in these free books. 
Write to any of the following Breth- 
ren and they will tell you how they 
were treated: 

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Harnish, Laton, Cal. 
J. A. Brugh, 412 Everett Ave., Kansas 

City, Kans. 
M. McElroy, Marengo, Iowa. 
Mrs. Silas Hoover, Bills, Pa. 
J. J. Cripe, Pyrmont, Ind. 
Ira G. Cripe, Cerrogordo, 111. 
Mrs. Enoch Carter, Varck, Kans. 
Mrs. W. C. Zook, Basehor, Kans. 
T. H. Shetter, Morrill, Kans. 
Miss Cora Deardorf, Cherry Street, 

Kansas City, Mo. 
H. A. Foreman, President Fourth Na- 
tional Bank, St. Louis, Mo. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Spurling, Ham- 
mond, 111. 
J. W. Howser, Centropolis, Kans. 
A. H. Reeves, Minister, Barnum, Minn. 
J. C. Cripe, Berthold, N. D. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Ross, Sidney, Ind. 
J. J. Schechter, Hancock, Minn. 
Levi Detweiler, Allensville, Pa. 


By Prominent Characters of 
National Reputation 

Ex-Governor T. T. CRITTENDEN, 
of Missouri, writing from Kansas City, 
says: "In 1886 I was afflicted with a 
very bad case of Piles which you cured 
in a short time at a reasonable cost." 

Secretary of State of Kansas, J. R. 
BURROW, writing from Smith Cen- 
ter, Kans., says: " Your treatment for 
rectal trouble has been very satisfac- 
tory. There have been no signs of a 
return. I was treated in 1888." 

U. S. Congressman from Oklahoma, 
BIRD S. M'GUIRE, writing from 
Guthrie, Okla., says: " I was afflicted 
with deep Fistula. Other physicians 
had failed and my condition was so 
critical that I feel 


No Money 

Till Cured 

your delicate and 
skillful treatment 
saved my life." 

From the U. S. 
Department of Ag- 
riculture at Wash- 
ington, W. N. IR- 
W I N writes : 
''After a lapse of 
eighteen years 
there have been 
no symptoms of a 
return of the Fis- 
tula which I suf- 
fered from before 
you treated me." 

The Game and 
Fish Commission- 
er of Colorado, J. 
writes from Den- 
from a very bad case of bleeding piles 
I was cured by you in a very short 

M. WOODARD, writes from 
ver: "After suffering seven 

time and without pain. 

Congressman JAMES O. MILLER, 
of Illinois, writing from Belleville, 111., 
says: "After undergoing three opera- 
tions for Piles and Fistula, I heard of 
Drs. Thornton & Minor. After a few 
mild treatments they cured me and 
from my experience as well as 300 
others I met there, I can say that in 
no instance do they accept any pay 
until you are satisfied of a cure." 







.. .19Q6. .. 


Dominical Letter G. Epact 5. Roman Indication 4. 

Golden Number 7. Solar Cycle 11. Julian Period 6619. 

The Jewish Era with their year 5661 commences September 20, 1906. 

The Mohammedan Era with their year 1318 commences Feb. 25, 1906. 

Septuagesima Sunday Feb. 11 Palm Sunday April 8 Whit Sunday June 3 

Sexagesima Sunday Feb. 18 Maund Thursday April 12 Trinity Sunday June 10 

Quinquagesima Sunday Feb. 25 Good Friday April 13 Corpus Christi June 14 

Shrove Tuesday Feb. 27 Easter Sunday April 15 1st Sunday in Advent Dec. 2 

Ash Wednesday Feb. 28 Low Sunday April 22 Sunday's after Trinity are 24 

Quadragesima Sunday Mar. 4 Rogation Sunday May 20 Christmas falls on Tuesday, 
Mid Lent Sunday Mar. 25 Ascension Day May 24 

The Four Seasons or Cardinal Points. 

Vernal Equinox, Sun enters T March 21st, 8 o'clock a. m* 

Summer Solstice, Sun enters 25 June 22nd, 3 o'clock a. m- 

Autumnal Equinox, Sun enters ^ September 23rd, 6 o'clock p. m« 

Winter Solstice. Sun enters V? December 22nd, 1 o'clock p. m. 

March 7, 9, 10. June 6, 8, 9. September 19, 21, 22. December 19, 21, 22. 

Venus ($) is called the Governing Planet this year. 


Venus until February 14, after November 29. Venus, after February 14, November 29. 

Mars after July 15. Mars until July 15. 

Jupiter after June 10, until December 28. Jupiter until June 10, after December 28. 

Saturn after February 24, until September 4. Saturn until February 24. after September 4. 

Mercury from February 20, to April 14; June 8, Mercery to February 20. from April 14, to June 8; 

to August 11 ; September 24, to November 30. August 11, to September 24, after November 30. 


Mercury January 4, May 3, August 29, December 18. rising then just before the Sun ; also March 18, 

July 15, November 9, setting then just after the Sun ;' Venus October 25; 

Saturn September 4 ; Jupiter December 28. 


In the year of 1906 there will be five Eclipses, three of the Sun and two of the Moon. 
I. A Total Eclipse of the Moon, February 9, visible. The beginning visible generally in North and 
South America and in the western portions of Europe and Africa; the endiDg visible generally in North 
America, central and western South America, the northeast portions of Asia and eastern -Australia. 

TIME OF THE PHASES.— (Eastern Standard Time.) 

Total Eclipse begins February 9, at I o'clock, 57 minutes in the morning. J" Magnitude of the Eclipse 
Middle of the Eclipse February 9, at 2 o'clock, 47 minutes in the morning. < ^=1.631 (Moone Diameter 
Total Eclipse ends February 9, at 3 o, clock, 36 minute* in the morning. ( «m.o) 


fn the treatmenl of rectal diseases such 
as Piles, Fistula, Fissure, Contraction, Ul- 

. ration and kindred troubles, the patient 
takes a great chance by delaying action. 

ind our advice to all afflicted is to seek (lie 

services of Drs. Thornton & Minor, special- 
ists, Kansas City and St. Louis, whose an- 
nouncement has hern in the Almanac tor 

many years without any complalnl what- 

r from the many Dunkard people 

treated by them in the past. They guaran- 

permanenl cure. Head their ad on 
page 3. 

Within the household, it is the mother 
who is first called upon to minister to the 
wants of the sick and ailing. With a bot- 
tle Of Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer at hand, 
she is prepared for most emergencies. 
Every mother should read a cqpy of the 
Surprise it will be sent free by address- 
ing Dr. Peter Pahrney & Sons Co., 112-118 
S. Hoyne Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Hob \ 

a. A. partial Eclipse of the Snn, February 23, invisible in America, visible at the South Tole and* south- 
ern portions of Australia. 

3. A partial Eclipse of the Sun, July 21, invisible in America, visible in southern Pacific Ocean. 

4. A total Eclipse of the Moon, August 4, invisible here; the beginning visible in central and western 
portions of North America, the eastern portions of Asia and Australia, the ending visible in Alaska and 
throughout Asia and Australia. 

5. A partial Eclipse of the Sun. August 19, invisible here, visible among the regions of the North 
Pole, Nothern North America and northwestern portions of the United States before sunset. 

Tpfc Aries, the Ram. 
b& Taurus, the Bull. 
U^ Gemini, the Twins. 
25*|g Cancer, the Crab. 

£1 <f$ Leo, the Lion. $ <gfi Sagittarius, Bowman. 

Tr^sf^ Virgo, the Virgin. V$f&$ Capricornus, the Goat. 
•*- $$ Libra, the Balance. ~g5%> Aquarius, the Butler. 
1T^s|g Scorpio the Scorpion. XJSS Pisces, the Fishes. 

New Moon. 

Astronomical Characters Explained. 
Full Moon. $P First Quarter. 

& Moon's Asc. Node, or Dragon's Head. 
$ Moon's Desc. Node, or Dragon's Tail. 
kJ Moon's Ascension. 

Last Quarter. 

^ Moon's Descension. 

3) Moon in Apogee, farthest from the Earth 

([ Moon in Perigee, nearest to the Earth. 

Ij Saturn. 



11 Jupiter. 



$ Mats. 






£ Moon. 



Planets and Aspects 

o* Conjunction, or planets in the same longitude. 

-^ Sextile, when they are 60 degrees apart. 

□ Quartile, when they are 90 degrees apart. 

A Trine, when they are 120 degrees apart. 

§ Opposition, when they are 180 degrees apart. 

Anatomy of Man's Body, as said to be governed by the Twelve Constellations. 

The Head and Face, 
p£ Aries. 

$fc Gemini. 

<& LEO. 

A Libra. 

4f$ Sagittarius. 

£^» Aquarius. 

^ Taurus- 

Hgg Cancer. 

Sfi Virgo. 

c|$* Scorpio. 

^ Capricornus. 

The Feet, 
3£ Pisces. 


Drs. Thornton & Minor, of Kansas City 
and St. Louis, not only guarantee a cure 
in the treatment of Piles, Fistula and dis- 
eases of the rectum, but they give the 
patients sufficient time after returning 
home that they can try and test to make 
sure that they are well before paying any 
money whatsoever. Send to-day for their 
352-page treatise. Read their ad on page 3. 


You must have a sound body. Without 
health no happiness. If you are sick, the 
first step must be to set the system right. 
The impoverished blood ,must be, nour- 
ished and its sluggish circulation quick-" 
ened. For this purpose, we know of no 
remedy which has jmet with more sue 
\ Blood Vitalizer 


cess than Dr. Pet' 

7l ) 


First Month— 31 Days. 


and Days 


I Moon's I Moon I Moon I SUN | SUN 
I pi. noon | south | r. & s. | rises | sets 
|s. d.|h. m.jh. m.|h. m .|h. m. 

4 37 
4 37 
4 38 
4 38 
4 39 

1 Mon (John H. Umstad was born, 1802:—= 

2 Tue I Surrender of Port Arthur, 1905. 

3 Wed I Enoch's day. God took him. 

4 Thu I Corrections for this department solicited. 

5 Fri [Robert Morrison was born, 1782. 

6 Sat I Joan of Arc was born, 141 2. 

5 34 


7 23 

^v 1 6 17 

a m 

7 23 


6 59 

12 27 

7 23 

## 13 

7 42 


7 22 

$i^ 26 

8 26 

2 3 

7 22 

m V 


2 57 

7 21 

/ 1st Sunday after Epiphany Luke 2 

Day's length o hours 18 


7 SunjElder Peter Nead was born, 1796. 

8 Mon I Galileo died in Italy, 1642. 

9 Tue J Florida and Mississippi seceded, 1861. 

10 Wed|C. Schwenkfeld died, Germany, 1562. 

11 Thu J Ben. Butler died, Washington, 1893. 

12 Fri I Eld. Henry Kurtz died in Ohio, 1874. 

13 Sat JMenno Simon died in the year 1559. 


4 51 7 2014 40 

5 47|7 19|441 
7 19|441 


6 16 7 
619J7 17 
6 1917 17 

4 42 
4 43 
4 43 

2 2nd Sunday after Epiphany John 2 

Day's length o hours 28 min. 

14 Sun |Benedict Arnold born in Conn,, 1741. ff 19 3 9 9 26 7 16 444 

15 Mon|Edward Everett died in Boston, 1865. & 1 3 59 10 33 7 15 445 

16 Tue |Edward Gibbon died in London, 1794. /gT^ 4 49 11 42 7 14 4 46 

17 WediBenj. Franklin was born in Mass., 1706. \^ 5 40 a m 7 14 4 46 

18 Thu (Daniel Webster was born in N. H., 1782. ^ 12 6 32 12 48 7 13 4 47 

19 Fri |Gen. R. E. Lee was born in Va., 1807. A 25 7 25 1 26 7 12 4 48 

20 Sat John Ruskin died in Brantwood, 1900. HK 5 8 21 2 30 7 11 4 49 

5 3rd Sunday after Epiphany Matthew 8 Day's length o hours 40 min. 

21 Sun I John C. Breckenridge born in Ky., 1821. 

22 Mon I Queen Victoria died, 1901. 

23 Tue j William Pitt died in Putney, 1806. 

24 Wed 

25 Thu 

26 Fri 

27 Sat 

Eld. James R. Gish was born, Va., 1826. 
Robert Burns was born, Scotland, 1759. 
Breth. church organized, Smyrna, 1896. 
James G. Blaine died, Washington, 1893. 

m is 

9 18 

3 38 

7 10 


10 16 


7 9 

11 14 
pm 1 1 

5 45 

7 8 

7 7 

*& 11 

1 4 

6 25 

7 6 

^ 25 


7 28 

7 5 

4- 10 

2 42 

8 30 

7 4 

4 50 
4 51 

4 52 
4 53 
4 54 
4 55 
4 56 

4 4th Sunday after Epiphany Matthew 8 Day 


28 Sun 

29 Mon 

30 Tue 

31 Wed 

Alex. Mack, Jr., born in Germany, 1712. 
E. Swedenborg born, Stockholm, 1688. 
Chas. I was beheaded in London, 1649. 
C. H. Spurgeon died in France, 1892. 

o hours 54 min. 

24 58 
1|4 50 



3 27 

9 27 




10 29 



4 53 




1 5 36 

a m 


First Quarter, 2nd, . . . 

Pull Moon. 
Last Quarter, 
New Moon. 

Eastern States. 

. !•: f,2 A. M.. . 

loth 11 : :u; A. M.. . 

17th 8:48 l'. M. . 

24th 12: 09 P. M. . . 

Central States. 

!t: 12 A. .\1.. . 

10: ft A. M.. . 

W: OS I'. M.. . 

11: 29 A. M. . . 

Western States. 

. . . . S: :>2 A. M. 
. . ..10: 26 A. M. 

2: 2S I' M. 

10: 4!) A. M. 


to have known hottor. Tie frittered away valuable time in trying free medicines of 
tsttonable value in a desperate effort to gel well. He finally wondered at his own 

credulity — that lie could expect to uri something for nothing. Discouraged, but a wiser 
man. he eornmeneed the use of that old reliable herb-remedy, Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer 
and is to-day ent hnsiast ie over the resnlts. Nothing will restore falling health, noth- 
ing will so qu.ckly bring relief and strength as Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer. It is cheap- 
er than all other medicines when measured by results. 





Bro. Reese, well known to the general 
Brotherhood of the Brethren church as a 
writer of rare ability, personally to the 
public as a skillful physician and sur- 
geon, to the church as a scholarly, court- 
eous, affable minister and elder, died at 
his home in Kansas 
City, Kans., Sept. 6, 
1905. His body was 
laid to rest by the side 
of his youngest daugh- 
ter, in the cemetery of 
the Brethren church 
near Warrensburg, 

Mo., his former home. 

Bro. Reese was born 
in Jefferson county, 
Indiana, Aug. 18, 1828. 
Concerning his an- 
cestry the following 
dates and facts are of 
interest, given, as re- 
corded by Bro. Reese: 
His grandfather, John 
Reese, born at Hesse 
Cassel, Germany, was 
a soldier of the Revo- 
lutionary War. He 
settled in Kentucky 
and was engaged in 
many of the Indian 
battles that gave to 
that country the title 
of the " dark and 
bloody ground." 

He was one of the garrison at " Bry- 
ants Station " which was attacked and 
afterwards besieged by a band of six 
hundred Indian warriors headed by Si- 
mon Girty, — and it was here he met his 
wife, a maiden who helped melt the 
lead and mould bullets for the defense 
of the fort. She was one of the ten 
women who volunteered to go outside of 
the fort for water for the suffering men. 
They had to go out of the stockade sev- 

eral hundred yards, but returned in safe- 

He died in December, 1825, in Clark 
county, Indiana. In later life he became 
a minister of the Baptist church, and 
was known as the Dutch preacher. 

Eld. A. W. Reese. 

Bro. Reese's father, John Reese, born 
in Kentucky, served under General Jack- 
son and was a great admirer of " Old 
Hickory." In later years he was con- 
verted and became a minister of the 
Baptist church. He was a blacksmith by 
trade. His mother, Elizabeth Syming- 
ton, was of Scotch descent, belonging to 
the Scotch Presbyterian church. 

It may thus be seen that Bro. Reese 
came of a stock calculated to transmit 


Second Month — 28 Days. 


and Days 


1 Thu 

2 Fri 

3 Sat 

Eld. Quinter born, Philadelphia, 1816. 

Mexican War ended, 1848. 

Horace Greeley, born in N. H., 181 1. 

I Moon's I Moon I Moon I SUN | SUN 

pi. noon I south | r. &s. | rises | sets 

Is- d.|h. m.|h. m.|h. m.|h. m. 


P^ 8 

7 4 
7 51 

12 19 6 59 

12 18 6 58 

1 41 6 57 

5 1 
5 2 
5 3 

5 5th Sunday after Epiphany Matthew jj Day's length 10 hours 8 min. 

4 Sun 

5 Mon 

6 Tue 

7 Wed 

8 Thu 

9 Fri 
10 Sat 

Eld. Daniel Vaniman was born, 1835. 

D. L. Moody was born in Mass., 1837. 

Chas. II died in London, 1685. 

Chas. Dickens, born in England, 1812. 

Russo-Japanese war begun, 1904. 

W. H. Harrison was born in Va., 1773. 

Fall of Roanoke Island, 1862. 

V^ 21 

8 39 

2 38 

6 56 

M 3 

9 30 

3 32 

6 55 

M 15 

10 22 

4 30 

6 54 

M 28 

11 15 

5 29 

6 53 

a m 

6 7 

6 52 


12 8 

<X ris 


*# 1 

1 1 

7 3 



6 Septiiagesima Sunday Matthew 20 Day's length 10 hours 24 min. 

11 Sun 1 Daniel Boone was born in Pa., 1735. 

12 Mon [Abraham Lincoln was born in Ky., 1809. 

13 Tue 

14 Wed 

15 Thu 

16 Fri 

17 Sat 

Admiral Porter died, Washington, 1891. 
Wm. T. Sherman died, N. Y. Cy., 1891 
Galileo was born in Italy, 1564. 
Philip Melanchthon born, Baden, 1497. 
Columbia was burned, 1865. 

fl# 14 


8 22 

6 48 

$£* 26 

2 45 

9 33 

6 47 

& 10 

3 37 

10 41 

6 46 


4 29 


6 45 


5 22 

a m 

6 43 

A 23 


12 45 

6 42 

Hi£ 3 

7 12 


6 40 

5 12 
5 13 
5 14 
5 15 
5 17 
5 18 
5 20 

7 Sexagesima Sunday Luke 8 

Days length 10 hours 42 min. 

18 Sun 

19 Mon 

20 Tue 

21 Wed 

22 Thu 

23 Fri 

24 Sat 

Martin Luther died in Saxony, 1546. 
Alex. Mack, Sr., died in Pa., 1735. 
Henry Drummond died in Surrey, i860. 
Santa Ana born in Jalapa, Mex., 1795. 
Geo. Washington born in Va., 1732. 
John Q. Adams died, Washington, 1848. 
Christopher Sower was baptized, 1737. 

4K 15 

8 9 

2 34 

6 30 

m 28 

9 5 

3 37 

6 38 

£r 10 

10 1 

4 33 

6 37 

* 24 

10 54 

5 24 

6 36 


6 7 

6 34 



<L s. 

6 33 

A 5 



6 32 

5 21 

5 22 
5 23 
5 24 
5 26 
5 27 
5 28 

8 Quinquagesima Sunday Luke 18 

Day's length 10 hours 58 min. 

25 Sun I Fulton died (day before) N. Y., 181 5. 

26 Mon I Victor M. Hugo was born, 1802. 

27 Tue J Longfellow was born in Maine, 1807. 

28 Wed|Biela's Comet was discovered, 1826. 

A 17 

2 4 

8 14 


«©► A 

2 48 


6 29 

3B 17 

3 30 

10 9 

6 28 

fi^ 3 


11 6 

6 27 

5 29 
5 31 
5 32 
5 33 


First Quarter, 1st, 

Eastern States. 
. . 7: 30 A. M... 
. . 2: 45 A. M... 

Central States. < Western States. 

. 6: 50 A. M 6: 10 A. M. 

. 2: 05 A. M 1: 25 A. M. 

Full Moon, 

Last Quarter, 15th 11:22 P. M 10:42 P. M 10:02 P. M. 

New Moon, 23rd 2:57 A. M 2: 17 A. M 1:37 A. M. 


Should certainly convince all Dunkard 
people that the institution of Drs. Thornton 
& Minor, rectal specialists, Kansas City and 
St. Louis, is thoroughly well established 
and reliable in every respect. Their ad- 
vertising has been in the Almanac for a 
great many years, and hundreds of our 
people have gone to them for treatment 
with satisfactory results. Read their ad 
on page 3. 

Mrs. Theresa M. Alexander, of Kendall- 
ville, Ind., writes: "Grandma is now 
eighty-four years old and almost too old 
to hold an agency for medicines, but she 
says she cannot live without the Blood 
Vitalizer in the house. It has done wonders 
for her. She wanted me to write and tell 


vigorous constitution and strong quali- 
ties of' character. He grew up in the 
country, was taught in the faith of the 
Baptist church, but was unable to " get 
religion " by the emotional experiences 
thought to be essential, and for a time 
was much depressed on that account. 
But" later he united with the Presby- 
terian church, with which he held a nom- 
inal connection. 

The moral training under which he 
was cultured was of the highest stand- 
ard. Being gifted intellectually he made 
the most of his early opportunities for 
securing an education. On Nov. 7, 1845, 
he entered the now famous Hanover Col- 
lege, and graduated June 18, 1849. He 
taught one term of school and entered 
the Kentucky School of Medicine at 
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 1, 1850, from which 
he graduated March 1, 1855. 

He made his way through Hanover 
a^d medical colleges largely by his own 
efforts. Early becoming a fine penman 
and expert bookkeeper, he took work in 
the office of a publisher, taught writing 
school, and by various ways of students 
determined to go through school, he^ 
made his way. 

As a student, fidelity to his work, at- 
tention to details and completeness were 
fixed rules that became part of his train- 
ing and habits for life. 

At medical college, good habits, en- 
thusiastic devotion to work, courteous 
helpfulness, and pleasing address won 
the favor of the head of the institution, 
Dr. Samuel B. Richardson, who made a 
place in his own home for him, taking 
him directly into his own medical life, 
making him assistant in important sur- 
gical operations, affording most superior 
advantages that proved of great value. 
Shortly after graduating he went West 
and began his professional career at 
Pleasant Hill, Mo., about twenty-five 
miles east of Kansas City, where he im- 
mediately acquired a large practice. 

Sept. 13, 1857, he married Mrs. Ella 
Cobb. The following year he removed 

to Saline county, Missouri, where among 
wealthy farmers and hemp growers of 
southern plantation style he enjoyed a 
very lucrative practice till the country 
was rent by the rebellion and the call to 
arms from the north and from the south. 

He enlisted as surgeon of the 31st 
Volunteers of Missouri, commanded by 
Governor Fletcher, and served through 
the war. He was with Sherman's army 
during his memorable march to the sea. 
Observing the butchery of war, he said, 
at the battle of Atlanta, after two and 
a half days of incessant work: "The 
medical station had a pile of arms and 
legs as big as a smoke house." 

Nov. 24 he was placed in charge of 
the military hospital at Warrensburg, 
Mo., where he remained till mustered 
out, July 22, 1865. He then opened an 
office in Warrensburg, and continued in 
the practice of medicine until 1892, when 
he went to Leavenworth, Kans., where 
he reentered the United States service 
as assistant surgeon of the Military 
Home. In this service he had charge 
of administering the " Keely cure " — for 
drunkenness and the opium habit — to the 
old soldiers, inmates of the home. 

His term expired in August, 1897. 
Then, in the service of the Keely Com- 
pany, he was stationed successively at 
Pittsburg, Pa.; Fargo, N. Dak.; Scranton, 
Pa.; Detroit, Mich.; Memphis, Tenn., — 
covering a period of nearly five years, — 
and then, after a short stay at Warrens- 
burg, Mo., he settled at Kansas City, in 
1902, where with a goodly competence 
he lived with his family until he died 
from Bright's disease that had been in 
progress for a number of years. His 
age was 77 years and 18 days. 

From his first marriage two children 
were born — Lizzie and Gertrude. The 
former only is now living, and is the 
wife of William Mohler, of Falls City", 
Nebr. His wife died in 1865. Oct. 22, 
1867, he married Susanna E. Baile, of 
Preble county, Ohio, who survives him, 
living with two daughters at their home 


Third Month— -31 Days. 


and Days 


Moon's I Moon I Moon I SUN | SUN 
pi. noon I south | r. &s. | rises | sets 
s. d.|h. m.|h. m.]h. m.|h. m. 

1 Thu 

2 Fri 

3 Sat 

David, the King of Israel. 

John Wesley died in London, 1791. 

[Data for this department solicited.] 

a m 

6 26 

12 29 

6 24 


6 23 

5 34 
5 36 

5 37 

1st Sunday in Lent Matthew 4 

Day's length 11 hours 18 min. 


8 Thu 

9 Fri 
10 Sat 

Alex. Campbell died in W. Va., 1866. 
[Subscribe for the Messenger, $1.50.] 
P. H. Sheridan was born in N. Y., 1831 
British & For. Bible Soc. organ., 1804. 
R. H. Miller died, Mt. Morris, 1892. 
Battle Monitor and Merrimac, 1862. 
Battle of Mukden ended, 1905. 



2 8 

6 21 

! ff 14 

8 10 

3 7 

6 20 

M v 

9 2 

3 58 


HE 7 

9 55 



HB 20 

10 48 

5 25 

6 16 



6 5 


IJI/c. 1 a m 

<L ris 


5 39 
5 40 
5 41 
5 43 
5 44 
5 45 
5 47 

2nd Sunday in Lent Matthew 13 Day's length 11 hours 36 min 

11 Sun J 

12 Mon 

13 Tue 

14 Wed 

15 Thu 

16 Fri 

17 Sat 

Tasso (Italian poet) born, Italy, 1544. 
[The Inglenook. Sample copy free.] 
Benj. Harrison died, Indianapolis, 1901. 
[Send for Missionary Visitor, 50 cents.] 
Julius Caesar died in Rome, 44 B. C. 
Eld. Peter Nead died near Dayton, 1877. 
St. Patrick's Day. 

12 34 

2 21 

3 15 

5 7 

6 4 


8 24 

9 33 
10 48 

a m 
12 43 

6 10 
6 8 
6 7 
6 6 
6 4 

5 48 
5 49 
5 50 

5 52 
5 53 
5 54 
5 56 

3rd Sunday in Lent Luke 11 

Day's length 11 hours 54 min. 





20 Tue 



22 Thu 



24 Sat 

John C. Calhoun born in S. C, 1782. 
Livingstone was born in Scotland, 181 3. 
Alex. Mack, Jr., died in Pa., 1803. 
Gen. Johnston died, Washington, 1891. 
Jonathan Edwards died in N. J!, 1758. 
Battle of Winchester, Va., 1862. 
Longfellow died in Mass., 1882. 

HE 28 

7 1 


6 3 

# 10 

7 56 

2 29 

6 2 

ftr 23 

8 50 

3 20 

6 1 

**■■ 9 

9 40 

4 6 


4fc 22 

10 29 

4 45 

5 58 

11 15 

5 21 

5 57 


p m 3 

D s. 

5 55 

5 57 
5 58 

5 59 

6 2 
6 3 
6 5 

4th Sunday in Lent John 8 

Day's length 12 hours 12 min. 

25 Sun 

26 Mon 

27 Tue 

28 Wed 

29 Thu 

30 Fri 

31 Sat 

John Anderson died in Madras, 1855. 
Beethoven died in Vienna, 1827. 
Vera Cruz was captured, 1847. 
Raphael was born in Italy, 1483. 
Chas. Wesley died in London, 1788. 
Earthquake in Peru, S. America, 1828. 
J. C. Calhoun died in Washington, 1850. 

12 43 

7 2 

5 54 

«■*» 10 


7 59 

5 53 

tfftf 5 

2 9 

8 59 

5 51 

/fif^ 18 

2 53 


5 49 

p$ 4 

3 37 

10 48 

5 48 

'm 17 

4 24 


5 47 

f$ 2| 5 XI 1 am 

5 45 


MOON'S PHASES. Eastern States. Central States. 

First Quarter, 3rd, 4 : 28 A. M 3 : 48 A. M. . . 

Full Moon, 10th, 3:17 P. M 2:37 P. M. . . 

Last Quarter, 17th, 6 : 57 A. M 6 : 17 A. M. . . 

Western States. 

3: 08 A. M. 

1: 57 P. M. 

5: 37 A. M. 

New Moon, 


6: 57 P. M. 

6: 11 P. M 5: 31 P. M. 


is, as a rule, never entirely free from sickness of some kind. One day it is this one, 
and another day that one who is ailing, so that it keeps the poor mother almost wor- 
ried to death. The presence of a reliable home remedy, in which she has perfect con- 
fidence, relieves her of a great deal of this worry. Mrs. C. Bassant, of 648 Burnett Ave., 
Syracuse, N. Y., says: "I am very thankful for what the Blood Vitalizer has done for 
our little girl six years old. She was sickly for a long time. No medicine did her any 
good. We thought that maybe she had worms and gave her worm medicine, but without 
results. Your Blood Vitalizer has built her up, and rid her of the worms too." 



in Kansas City, Kans., and is an active 
worker in the church. 

From his last marriage there were 
born to him seven children — six now liv- 
ing, Mrs. Sallie Eby 4 of Summerville, 
Ohio; Mrs. Minnie Burket, Topeka, Kan- 
sas; Mark Reese, Scranton, Pa.; Paul, 
Effie and Nannie — unmarried — and Susie, 
the youngest, who died at Kansas City, 
Feb. 22, 1904. 

Dr. Reese's acquaintance with the 
Brethren church began with his second 
marriage, his wife's people being mem- 
bers of the church. About this time, 
by emigration, the Mineral Creek, Wal- 
nut Creek, and Centreview churches, out 
from the city, and the nucleus of a church 
at Warrensburg were formed. 

While he was a cultured man of so- 
ciety and of the world, he was a man 
of well-defined and settled principles, of 
open heart and sterling honesty with 
himself and his convictions. 

Through his wife and her people he 
acquired an intimate knowledge of the 
doctrine and practice of the church, 
which led to his embracing the faith of 
the German Baptist Brethren. He was 
baptized in the Mineral Creek church, 
Nov. 1, 1876; was elected to the min- 
istry in the Centreview church, which 
then embraced Warrensburg, in July, 
1877; was ordained to the eldership in 

As minister and elder he faithfully en- 
deavored to be true to his charge. He 
had the courage of his convictions, and 
as an open book his faith and principles 
could be known and read of all men. 

He preached impromptu; his style was 
scholarly, ornate, often eloquent. He 
brought into the work a trained mind, 
stored with knowledge from many 
fields, and a heart set to do his Master's 
will. He was a close observer of every- 
thing, an extensive reader of current 
literature and of books; was fond of 
history, especially ancient history, also 
of poetry. 

He had a very superior memory and 
fine descriptive powers. His mind had 

much of the poetical cast, to sweep the 
fields of knowledge at a glance, and with 
ease and nice distinction to gather the 
materials of thought, and shape them in 
forms of strength, beauty and grandeur. 

He wrote with ease, and contributed to 
literary, scientific and professional jour- 
nals; and after his connection with the 
Brethren church he wrote occasionally 
for the church papers. His articles were 
very highly appreciated for their strength 
of thought, luminous description, schol- 
arly and accurate presentation of truth. 
His pen carried conviction to the heart. 

Personally he was of sunny temper, a 
genial companion and staunch friend to 
his friends; was fond of his family and 
home life and took great pleasure in his 

He was a fine conversationalist, had a 
large fund of stories drawn from events 
in his own life. He enjoyed his friends 
and social relations, rather than to take 
interest in pursuit of personal ambitions. 

As his life drew towards the close he 
looked forward into the unknown future 
and from the standpoint of scholar, 
philosopher and Christian talked and 
meditated much upon the problems 01 s 
the soul and upon his own deep, present, 
personal interest in the change from the 
scenes of time to eternity. 

About two years before his death, 
when as physician with, knowledge of his 
own symptoms, he regarded himself very 
near the end, he called for the elders of 
the church and was anointed with oil 
in the name of the Lord. Symptoms of 
approaching dissolution subsided, and 
like Hezekiah of old, he believed that 
the Lord gave to him a goodly addition 
to his days. 

His views on the subject of anointing, 
his faith in its virtue and power, were 
expressed in an article on the subject in 
the Gospel Messenger. 

As the days of the end drew nigh, in 
much prayer and communion with God, 
with deep regrets that comparatively a 
remnant only of his time was given 



Fourth Month — 30 Days. 


and Days 


Moon's I Moon I Moon I SUN | SUN 
pi. noon I south ( r. &s. | rises | sets 
3. d.|h. m.|h. m.|h. m.|h. m. 

13 5th Sunday in Lent John 

Day's length 12 hours 32 min. 








Gospel Visitor started, 1851. 
Thomas Jefferson born in Va., 1743. 
Washington Irving born in N. Y., 1783. 
W. H. Harrison died, Washington, 1 841. 
Easter! R. Rakes died, England, 181 1. 
Raphael died in Rome, 1520. 
Wordsworth born in England, 1770. 



12 37 

5 44 


12 58 

5 43 

His 10 

7 42 


5 41 

ma 22 

8 34 

2 34 

5 40 

t? 9 

9 26 

3 18 

5 39 

f# 23 

10 19 

3 58 

5 38 

%■ 3 

11 12 

4 35 

5 37 

6 20 
6 22 
6 23 

14 Palm Sunday Matthew 21 

Day's length 12 hours 50 min. 








14 Sat 

Fall of Island No. 10, 1862. 
Payne, author, Sweet Home, died, 1852. 
Ft. Pulaski was captured, 1862. 
Civil War in America began, 1861. 
Adoniram Judson died at sea, 1850. 

Assassination of Lincoln, 1865. 


a m 

5 10 

5 35 

X^tj 12 6 

D ris 

5 34 

A 5 

1 1 

8 29 

5 33 

A 19 


9 38 

5 32 

* 4 

2 57 


5 30 

* 17 

3 56 


5 29 


4 55 

a m 

5 28 

6 25 
6 26 
6 27 
6 28 
6 30 
6 32 

75 Easter Sunday Mark 16 

Day's length 13 hours 6 min. 

15 Sun 

16 Mon 

17 Tue 

18 Wed 

19 Thu 

20 Fri 

21 Sat 

Lincoln died in Washington, 1865. 
Philip Yonce died in Ohio, 1864. 
Franklin died in Philadelphia, 1790. 
Battle of Cerro. Gordo, 1847. 
P. Melanchthon died, Germany, 1560. 
Brainerd, missionary, born, Conn., 1718. 
Spanish- American War began, 1898. 


5 52 

12 56 

5 27 


6 46 


5 25 

<« 10 

7 38 

2 5 

5 24 

&. 23 

8 27 

2 48 

5 23 

A § 

9 14 

3 24 

5 22 

A 22 

9 54 

3 56 

5 21 

10 41 

4 24 

5 20 

6 33 
6 35 
6 36 
6 37 
6 38 
6 39 
6 40 

16 1st Sunday after Easter John 20 

Day's length jj hours 22 min. 



-24 Tue 

25 Wed 

26 Thu 

27 Fri 

28 Sat 

James Buchanan born in Pa., 1791. 

Shakespeare died in England, 1616. 

New Orleans taken, 1862. 

First eleven baptisms at Bulsar, 1897. 

John H. Umstad died, 1873. 

U. S. Grant was born in Ohio, 1822. 

James Monroe was born in Va., 1758. 


p m 7 

12 50 


2 20 

3 V 
3 55 

4 55 
D s. 

8 43 

9 36 
10 30 

5 19 
5 18 
5 16 
5 14 
5 13 
5 12 

6 41 
6 42 
6 44 
6 46 
6 47 
6 48 
6 49 

17 2nd Sunday after Easter John 10 Day's length 13 hours 40 min. 

29 Sun I Parson Brownlow died in Tenn., 1877. 

30 Mon I fames R. Gish died, Arkansas, 1896. 


4 44| am 

5 10 
5 9 

6 50 

MOON'S PHASES. Eastern States. Central States. 

First Quarter, 1st 11:02 P.M..... 10:22 P.M... 

Full Moon, 9th, 1:12 A. M 12:32 A. M. . . 

Last Quarter, 15th 3:36 P. M 2:56 P. M. . . 

New Moon, 23rd, 11:06 A. M 10:26 A. M. . . 

Western States. 

9: 42 P. M. 

11: 52 P. M. 

2r 16 P. M. 

. ... 9: 46 A. M. 


There is a positive cure for Piles, Fistula 
and all diseases of the rectum by the Thorn- 
ton & Minor System of Treatment, which 
we knew has been absolutely successful in 
the treatment of hundreds of Dunkard peo- 
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ad on page 3. 


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actively to the service of the Lord, he 
committed himself to the mercy and love 
of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, 
who was his hope. 

And thus closed the life of a strong 
man, who like his father and grandfather 
fought the battles of carnal warfare in 
early life, later to take the sword of the 

Spirit and fight the battles of the Lord 
by preaching and teaching his Word, 
and in personal life by triumphing over 
sin, the world and the flesh, — in the at- 
tainment of righteousness, peace, and 
eternal life through our Lord and Sav- 
ior Jesus Christ. 
McPherson, Kans. 



It was in the year 1708 that the Breth- 
ren began their reformatory movement 
in Germany. One morning, the exact 
date is not known, five men and three 
women went down to the river Eder, 

From the start Bro. Mack and those 
who stood with him discarded all creeds 
and settled on the New Testament as 
their rule of faith and practice. They 
agreed to study the Word of God prayer- 

The River Eder. 

near the little village of Schwartzenau, 
and were baptized by trine immersion. 
The baptism took place probably just be- 
low the bridge shown in this picture. 

Soon after this the little band of be- 
lievers organized by selecting Bro. Alex- 
ander Mack for their minister. Mack 
was a man of good mental culture, thor- 
oughly read in church history, a fine Bi- 
ble student and possessed considerable 
property. He at once threw himself into 
the work of the ministry and in the 
course of a few years established a num- 
ber of churches in different parts of Eu- 

fully and accept the divine light as fast 
as it came to them. This led to the ac- 
cepting of all the commandments en- 
joined by Christ and the apostles. Not 
one command would they knowingly dis- 
card. • 

In time bitter persecutions arose, and 
for safety the members of the church 
commenced emigrating to America. 
Those who came first settled in and 
around Germantown, Pa. Many of those 
who emigrated later settled in other parts 
of the State. Alexander Mack came in 
1729, just twenty-one years after he be- 
gan his reformatory work. In America 



and Days 

Fifth Month— 31 Days. 



Moon's I Moon I Moon I SUN | SUN 
pi. noon I south | r. & s. | rises | sets 
s. d.|h. m.|h. m.|h. m.|h. m. 

1 Tue | Battle of Manila, I 

2 Wed | Bishop Coke buried, Indian Ocean, 1814. 

3 Thu j 

4 Fri I Thomas Huxley born in London, 1825. 

5 Sat [Napoleon died at St. Helena, 1821. 

6 24 

7 15 

8 6 

8 57 

9 49 

1 12 

2 35 

3 5 
3 41 

6 52 
6 53 
6 54 
6 56 
6 57 

18 3rd Sunday after Easter John 16 

Day's length 13 hours 56 min. 

6 Sun 

7 Mon 

8 Tue 

9 Wed 

10 Thu 

11 Fri 

12 Sat 

Robespierre (Frenchman) born, 1758. 
Robert Browning born, London, 181 2. 
Earthquake at Martinique, 1902. 
Bunyan licenced to preach, Eng., 1672. 
Pacific Railroad completed, 1869. 
William Pitt died, 1778. 
]. E. B. Stuart died in Va., 1864. 

1? 27 10 44 


5 2 

A 11 

10 40 

5 54 

5 1 

|tl^ 1 a m 

J> ris 



12 39 

8 30 

4 59 

m 22 


9 40 

4 58 

#• 2 

2 41 

10 46 

4 57 

# 1* 

3 41 


4 56 

6 58 

6 59 

7 1 
7 2 
7 3 
7 4 

ip 4th Sunday after Easter John 16 

Day's length 14 hours 10 min. 



14 Mon 



16 Wed 

17 Thu 





Vienna taken by the French, 


A. M. at Bismark Grove, Kans., 1883. 

Wm. H. Seward was born, N. Y., 1801. 

John Jay died in N. Y., 1829. 

A. M. at Covington, Ohio, 1875. 

Quinter died, North Manchester, 1 

#• 28 

4 39 

a m 

4 55 

<&. 9 

5 33 

12 48 

4 54 

6 24 


4 53 


7 12 


4 52 

A 20 

7 59 

2 28 

4 52 

«©» 1 

8 41 

2 58 


9 23 

3 26 

4 50 

7 10 



5th Sunday after Easter John 16 

Day's length 14 hours 22 min. 


22 Tue 

23 Wed 

24 Thu 

25 Fri 

26 Sat 

I A. M. at Harrisburg, Pa., 1902. 
I A. M. in Wayne county, Ohio, 1872 
14. M., North Manchester, Ind., 1 
A. M. at Muncie, Ind., '93 ; Roanoke, 
A. M. at Carthage, Mo., 1904. 
Arlington Heights captured, 1861. 
A. M., Illinois, '74; Pa., '77; Kans., 


10 6 
10 48 

1 4 

2 41 

3 51 

4 23 
4 56 

D s. 

8 27 

9 18 
10 7 

4 49 
4 48 
4 48 
4 47 
4 46 
4 44 



21 6th 

Sunday after Easter John 15 Day's length 14 hour 

s 34 


27 Sun 

A. M. at Pertle Springs, Mo., 1890. 

*§& 1 

3 31 

10 54 

4 43 


28 Mon 

A.M. at Lincoln, Nebr., 1901. 

ma 15 

4 20 


4 43 

7 17 

29 Tue 

A.M. at Meversdale, Pa., 1894. 

*m 27 

5 10 

a m 

4 42 

7 18 

30 Wed 

A.M. at Milford, Ind., 1882. 


5 59 

12 33 

4 42 

7 18 

31 Thu 

A.M. Ottawa, '87, Bur'ton Pk, '98. 


1 5 



First Quarter 
Full Moon, 
Last Quarter, 
New Moon, 
First Quarter, 

Eastern States. Central States. Western States. 

1st .V 2:06 P. M.. 1:26 P. M 12:46 P. M. 

8th 9:09 A. M 8:29 A. M 7:49 A. M. 

15th, 2:02 A. M 1:22 A. M 12:42 A. M. 

23rd 3 : 00 A. M. . . 2:20 A. M 1 : 40 A. M. 

31st ,. 1:23 A. M 12:43 A. M 12:03 A. M. 


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he found a safe and secure retreat from 
persecution, but he did not live long to 
enjoy the blessings of a free country. 
Six years after settling at Germantown 
he died a poor man, all of his wealth 
having been swept away. 

But the church, transplanted to Amer- 
ica, grew in number and many congrega- 
tions were formed, all of them adhering 
to the original claim of recognizing the 
New Testament as the one fixed rule of 
faith and practice. • Points of differences 
of course arose, and the Brethren came 
together, from time to time, to com- 
pare views and unite on that which they 
thought the Scriptures taught. Their 
only appeal in those days was to the 
written Word. By this they endeavored 
to settle every question that disturbed 

But it was not until the year 1742 that 
annual conferences were deemed advis- 
able. , The first meeting was a called 
conference, having for its purpose the 
unifying of the churches on the New 
Testament teachings and the protecting 
of the members against outside influ- 
ences. As these meetings were arranged 
for from year to year no one ever 
dreamed of creed making. The object 
was not to formulate rules of faith and 
practice, but to study the Scriptures on 
disputed points and unite on their teach- 
ings. Minutes were kept of the proceed- 
ings, and that is why we happen to have 
the Minutes of the Annual Meeting. 

Below will be found a list of these 
Annual Meetings, and the places where 
they were held, so far as facts concern- 
ing places and dates could be procured. 
This is probably the most complete list 
of the Annual Meetings yet published. 

The first meeting was held in 1742, 
probably in the Coventry church, Pa. 
From that date to 1777 we have no rec- 
ord of the meetings whatever. 

1777, Conestoga, Pa. 

1778, Pipe Creek, Md. 

1779, May 30, . Conewago, Pa. 

1780, Conestoga, Pa. 

1781, Conestoga, Pa. 


1783, June 7, Pipe Creek, Md. 


1785, May 15 Big Conewago, Pa. 


1787, Pipe Creek, Md. 

1788, Conestoga, Pa. 

1789, May 30, Great Conestoga, Pa. 

1790, May 22, Coventry, Pa. 



1793, Great Conewago, Pa. 

1784, Oct. 20, Shenandoah, Va. 



1797, Oct. 26, Black Water, Va. 

1798, May 26, Little Conewago, Pa. 

1799, Pipe Creek, Md. 

1800, : 




1804, Pipe Creek, Md. 



1807, ■ 



1810, May 30, Antietam, Pa. 

1811, - 


1813, Coventry, Pa. 

1814, May 18, Pipe Creek, Md. 

1815, May 13, White Oak, Pa. 




1819, Great Conewago, Pa, 

1820, May 19, Conestoga, Pa. 

1821, Glade, Somerset Co., Pa. 

1822, Canton, Ohio. 

1822, Special fall, Montgomery Co., Ohio. 



1825, ..D. Mohler's, Cumberland Co., Pa. 

1826, Washington County, Md. 

1827, Lancaster County, Pa. 

1828, York County, Pa. 

1829, Antietam, Pa. 

1830, Pipe Creek, Md. 

1831, Conestoga, Pa. 

1832, Rockingham County, Va. 

1833, Lost Creek, Juniata County, Pa. 

1834, Stark County, Ohio. 

1835, Cumberland County, Pa. 

1835, Special fall, Montgomery Co., Ohio. 
1836, Cumberland County, Pa. 

1837, May 15, ..Rockingham County, Pa. 

1838, June 1, . . .Washington County, Md. 

1839, Huntingdon County, Pa. 

1840, June 5, . . . .Morrison County, Ohio. 

1840, Special fall, Montgomery Co., Ohio. 

1841, May 28, . . .Somerset County, Ohio. 

1842, May 13, Beaver Dam, Md. 

1843, June 2, Wayne County, Ohio. 



Sixth Month— 30 Days. 


and Days 

1 Fri 

2 Sat 


James Buchanan died in Pa., 1868. 
A. M. at Hagerstown, Md., 1891. 

.Moon's Moon I Moon | SUN | SUN 
pi. noon I south | r. & s. j rises | sets 
5. ■ d.|h. m.|h. m .|h. m.lh^m. 


7 20 



7 38 

8 36 

129|4 40 
2 10|4 40 

22 Whit Sunday 

John 14 

Day's length 14 hours 42 min. 

3 Sun 

4 Mon 

5 Tue 

6 Wed 

7 Thu 

8 Fri 

9 Sat 

A. M., Myersdale, '73 ; Broadway, '79. 

A. M. at Decatur, 111., 1895. 

A. M. Lanark, 1880, Springfield, 1906. 

A. M. at Bristol, Tenn., 1905. 

A. M. at Ashland, Ohio, 1881. 

A. M. at Frederick, Md., 1897. 

Chas. Dickens died in England, 1870. 

9 23 

2 47 

4 39 

10 20 

3 17 

4 39 

11 19 

4 8 

4 39 

a m 

D ris 

4 38 

12 20 

8 25 

4 38 


9 26 

4 38 

2 24 

10 19 

4 37 

7 21 

7 22 
7 22 
7 22 
7 23 



Trinity Sunday 

John 3 

Day's length 14 hours 46 min. 






Fri . 


Judson volunteered for missions, 1810. 
A. M. at North Manchester,' Ind., 1878. 
Wm. C. Bryant died in N, Y., 1878. 
Winfield Scott b. Petersburg, Va., 1786. 
Benedict Arnold died in London, 1801. 
Eld. John Kline killed in Va., 1864. 
Battle at Petersburg, Va., 1864. 

m s 

3 22 

11 6 

4 37 

<aft 18 



4 36 


5 7 

a m 

4 36 


5 54 

12 31 

4 36 


6 39 

1 1 

4 36 

7 22 


4 35 

«©> 97 

8 4 


4 35 

7 23 
7 24 
7 24 

7 24 
7 24 

7 25 
7 25 



1st Sunday after Trinity Luke 16 Day's length 14 hours 50 









Eld. John Kline was born, 1797. 

Battle of Waterloo, 1815. 

Council of Nice, 325. 

Accession of Queen Victoria, 1837. 

Santa Ana died in Mexico City, .1876. 

Memory, body of Christ. 

D. P. Saylor, b. 1811, d. June 6, 1885. 

flfp 11 

8 47 

2 26 

4 35 

j #iff^ 25 

9 30 


4 35 

IP* 9 

10 15 

3 33 

4 35 


11 1 

4 10 

4 35 



D s. 

4 35 

\n 15 


8 5 

4 34 

Iff 28 


8 46 

4 35 

7 25 
7 25 
7 25 
7 25 
7 25 
7 26 
7 25 



2nd Sunday after Trinity Luke 14 Day's 

14 hours 50 min. 








Henry Ward Beecher born, Conn., 1813. 
P'olk appointed Maj. Gen., 1861. 
Pizarro, Spanish soldier, died, 1541. 
Joseph Smith died, Nauvoo, 111., 1844. 
John Wesley born in England, 1703. 
Henry C!ay died in Washington, 1852. 
Chas. Guiteau hanged, Washington, '82. 

ma 10 

2 18 

9 36 

4 35 

*«#S 22 

3 7 

10 15 

4 35 

^p 6 

3 57 

10 52 

4 35 

$jp 18 

4 45 


4 35 


5 34 


4 35 

sj> 1 623| am 

4 36 

& 27 

7 14 

12 46 

4 36 

7 25 
7 25 
7 25 
7 25 
7 25 
7 24 
7 24 


Full Moon, 6th 

Last Quarter 
New Moon, 

Eastern States. Central States. Western States. 

4:11 P. M 3:31 P. M 2:51 P. M. 

13th 2:34 P. M 1:54 P. M 1:14 P. M. 

21st, 6:05 P. M 5:25 P. M 4:45 P. M. 

First Quarter, 29th, 

18 A. M. 

38 A. M 7: 58 A. M. 


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sole proprietors, Dr. Peter Pahrney & Sons Co., 112-118 S. Hoyne Ave., Chicago, 111. 



1844, May 24, Conewago, Pa. 

1845, May 9, Roanoke County, Va. 

1845, Sept. 20, Elkhart, Ind. 

1846, May 29, Lancaster County, Pa. 

1846, Sept. 4, Knob Creek, Tenn. 

1847, May 21, Franklin County, Pa. 

1848, June 12, Wayne County, Ohio. 

1848, Sept. 24, Near Delphi, Ind. 

1849, May 28, Somerset County, Pa. 

1850, Montgomery County, Ohio. 

1851, Augusta County, Va. 

1852, June 1, Elkhart County, Ind. 

1853, May 17, Beaver Dam, Md. 

1854, June 4, Ashland County, Ohio. 

1855, May 28, . . .Huntingdon County, Pa. 

1856, May 10, Waddams Grove, 111. 

1857, May 31, 

Manor Church, Washington Co., Md. 

1858, May 22, Carroll County, Ind. 

1859, June 12, Summit Mills, Pa. 

1860, May 29, Washington County, Tenn. 

1861, May 20, . .Rockingham County, Va. 

1862, June 7, Montgomery County, Ohio. 

1863, May 23, Blair County, Pa. 

1864, May 24, Wayne County, Ind. 

1865, June 3, .... Rock River Church, 111. 

1866, May 19, Antietam, Pa. 

1867, June 11, . . .Pipe Creek Church, Md. 

1868, June 2, Elkhart County, Ind. 

1869, May 18, Peters Creek, Va. 

1870, June 7, Waterloo, Iowa. 

1871, May 30, Berks County, Pa. 

1872, May 21, Wayne County, Ohio. 

1873, June 3, Meyersdale, Pa, 

1874, May 26, Macoupin County, 111. 

1875, May 18, Covington, Ohio. 

1876, June 6, Logan County, Ohio. 

1877, May 22, New Enterprise, Pa. 

1878, June 11, . . .North Manchester, Ind. 

1879, June 3, Broadway, Va. 

1880, June 9, Lanark, 111. 

1881, June 7, Ashland, Ohio. 

1882, May 30, Milf ord, Ind. 

1883, May 15, Bismark Grove, Kans. 

1884, June 3, Dayton, Ohio. 

1885, May 26, Mexico, Pa. 

1886, June 15, Pitsburg, Ohio. 

1887, May 31, Ottawa, Kans. 

1888, May 22, ... North Manchester, Ind, 

1889, June 11, Harrisonburg, Va. 

1890, May 27, Warrensburg, Mo, 

1891, June 2, .Hagerstown, Md, 

1892, June 7, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 

1893, May 23, Muncie, Ind. 

1894, May 29, Meyersdale, Pa. 

1895, June 4, Decatur, 111. 

1896, May 26, Ottawa, Kans. 

1897, June 8, Frederick, Md. 

1898, May 31, Naperville, 111. 

1899, May 23, Roanoke, Va. 

1900, June 5, North Manchester, Ind. 

1901, May 28, Lincoln, Nebr. 

1902, May 20, Harrisonburg, Pa. 

1903, June 2 Bellefontaine, Ohio. 

1904, May 24, Carthage, Mo. 

1905, June 6, Bristol, Tenn. 

1906, (Appointed) June 5, Springfield, 111. 

♦ <♦ *> 


[When being initiated into some of the 
secret societies men are sometimes ac- 
cused of riding the dummy goat. Be that 
as it may, the performance is such as to 
make it rather rough for a new member 
now and then. Here is an instance as 
poetically portrayed by a writer in the Bal- 
timore American. — Ed.] 

The house is full of arnica, 

And mystery profound; 
We do not dare to run about 

Or make the slightest sound; 
We leave the big piano shut 

And do not strike a note; 
The doctor's been here seven times 

Since father rode the goat. 

He joined the lodge a week ago — 

Got in at 4 A. M., 
And sixteen brethren brought him home. 

Though he says he brought them. 
His wrist was sprained and one big rip 

Had rent his Sunday coat — 
There must have been a lively time 

When father rode the goat. 

He's resting on the couch to-day 

And practicing his signs — 
The hailing signal, working grip, 

And other monkeyshines; 
He mutters passwords 'neath his breath, 
. And other things he'll quote — 
They surely had an evening's work 

When father rode the goat. 

He has a gorgeous uniform, 

All gold and red and blue, 
A hat with plumes and yellow braid, 

And golden badges, too. 
But, somehow, when we mention it, 

He wears a look so grim 
We wonder if he rode the goat 

Or if the goat rode him. 



Seventh Month — 31 Days. 


and Days 


Moon's Moon Moon I SUN | SUN 
pi. noon I south | r. & s. | rises | sets 
s. d.jh. m.|h. m.|h. m.|h. m. 

26 3rd Sunday after Trinity Luke 15 Day's length 14 hours 48 min. 

1 Sun 

2 Mon 

3 Tue 

4 Wed 

5 Thu 

6 Fri 

7 Sat 

I Battle of Gettysburg, 1863. 
I Garfield shot in Washington, 1881. 
I P. C. & B. at W. consolidated, 1883. 
I Declaration of Independence, 1776. 
I Battle of Chippewa, 1814. 
Huss born in Bohemia, 1369, died, 141 5. 
Thomas Hooker died in Conn., 1647. 

A 11 

8 7 


4 36 

A 25 

9 3 

2 1 

4 36 

Hi£ 11 

10 3 

2 45 

4 37 

SE 23 

11 3 

3 36 

4 37 

0jfj&h\ I ' a m 

D ris 

4 38 

•(|J^ | 12 5 

8 6 

4 38 

vififc'- 8| 1 5| 856 

4 39 

7 24 
7 24 
7 23 
7 23 

7 22 
7 22 
7 21 

27 4th Sunday after Trinity Luke 6 Days length 14 hours 42 min. 
8 Sun IP. B. Shelly died in Italy, 1822. 

9 Mon 

10 Tue 

11 Wed 

12 Thu 

13 Fri 

14 Sat 

Braddock's Defeat, 1755. 
John Calvin born in France, 1509. 
John Q. Adams born in Mass., 1767. 
Julius Caesar was born, roo B. C. 
Gen. Braddock died, 1755. 
Judson arrived at Burmah, 181 3. 

«& 20 

2 3 

9 40 

4 39 

A 2 

2 56 

10 17 

4 40 

$& 15 

3 46 

10 47 

4 40 

d 2 ? 

4 33 


4 41 

X 10 

5 18 


4 41 


6 1 

a m 

4 42 


6 44 

12 30 

4 42 

7 21 

7 20 
7 20 
7 18 
7 18 

28 $th Sunday after Trinity Luke 5 Day's length 14 hours 34 


15 Sun 

16 Mon 

17 Tue 

18 Wed 

19 Thu 


Rembrandt born, 1607. 
Isaac Watts born (following day) 1674. 
Adam Smith died in Edinburg, 1790. 
Godefroy de Bouillon died in 1100. 
Battle of. Winchester, Va., 1864. 
Petrarch (Italian poet) born, 1304. 
Battle of Bull Run, 1861. 

fffp 21 

7 7 


4 43 

P$ 6 




p$ 19|8 57 

2 9 

4 44 

tf 5 

9 44 

2 49 

4 45 

tt 18 

10 33 

4 34 

4 46 


4 36 

4 46 

||P | P ml4 

D s. 

4 47 

29 6th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 5 Day's length 14 hours 24 

7 17 
7 16 
7 14 
7 13 


22 Sun )Eld. Flenry Kurtz born, Germany, 1796. 

23 Mon|U. S. Grant died in N. Y., 1885. 

24 Tue I Martin Van Buren died in N. Y., 1862. 

25 Wedl Samuel Mohler died in Ohio, 1891. 

26 Thu 

27 Fri 

28 Sat 

St. Anne. 

Battle, Atlanta, Ga., (fol. day), 1864. 

Robespierre died, 1794. 


1 4 

8 15 

4 48 

$$* 13 


8 53 


$$* 26 

2 43 

9 28 

4 50 

& 8 

3 32 

10 00 

4 51 

& 20 

4 21 

10 37 



5 10 

11 7 

4 52 

6 1 


4 53 

7 12 
7 11 

7 9 
7 9 
7 8 

7 7 

30 fth Sunday after Trinity Mark 8 Day's length 14 hours 12 min. 

29 Sun I Win. Wilberforce died in London, 1833. | $% 27 

30 Mon J William Penn died in England, 171 8. j # 9 

31 Tue I Christian Hope died in Kansas, 1899. j <ffr 22 

7 6 

7 5 
7 4 

MOON'S PHASES. Eastern States. 

Full Moon, 5th 11:27 P.M... 

Last Quarter, 13th, 5:12 A. M. . . 

New Moon, 21st, 7:59 A. M. . . 

First Quarter, 28th, 2:56 P. M. . . 

Central States. Western States. 

.10:47 P. M 10:07 P. M. 

. 4: 32 A. M 3:52 A. M. 

. 7: 19 A. M 6: 39 A M. 

. 2:16 P. M 1:36 P. M. 


There is no use in dealing with high-sounding names. The doctor may tell you that 
you are the victim of an attack of Cholelithia Icterus, when the plain, unvarnished truth 
is that you are suffering from an inactive liver and that the bile is, as a result, enter- 
ing your blood and poisoning your system. Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer is the standard 
remedy for all forms of liver trouble. It ceased to be an experiment over one hundred 
years ago. Send for a little booklet containing testimonials from every state and terri- 
tory in the Union. Address the sole proprietors, Dr. Peter Pahrney & Sons Co., 112-118 
S. Hoyne Ave., Chicago, 111. 




The Annual Meeting for 1906 is to 
be held at Springfield, 111., commencing 
on Tuesday morning, June 5. The Stand- 
ing Committee will meet on Thursday 
morning, May 31. Each State district 
is entitled to one elder on this commit- 
tee. Districts having thirty-five hundred 
or more members may send two elders. 

In the open conference each congre- 
gation, however small, may be represent- 
ed by one delegate, either from the laity 
or official body. Congregations having 
two hundred members have the privilege 
of sending two delegates. Sisters may 
serve as delegates, but not on the Stand- 
ing Committee. Only regularly ordained 
elders or bishops can serve on this com- 
mittee. It requires a two-thirds vote of 
the delegates and Standing Committee to 
carry a question in the open conference. 

The week before the conference there 
will be a Bible Normal to be conducted 
by brethren fully qualified for that line 
of work. Sunday, June 3, there will be 
some grand meetings in the tabernacle, 
and the sermons are to be delivered by 
some of the best speakers to be had. 

On Monday forenoon the Annual Sun- 
day-school meeting will take place. The 
afternoon, in part at least, will be de- 
voted to a large and enthusiastic mis- 
sionary meeting, to be followed by the 
Annual Meeting collection. It will be 
the aim of the mission workers to make 
this the largest collection that we have 
yet had. In this collection every con- 
gregation should be represented. 

Springfield, where the meeting is to 
be held, is the capital of the State of 
Illinois, has a population of about 35,000, 
is centrally located and enjoys excellent 
railroad facilities. The conference is to 
be held on the State Fair Grounds, where 
there are ample buildings for every pur- 
pose. So far as the meeting is concerned, 
it will make little difference whether it 
rains or not. Nearly one hundred thou- 
sand people can find shelter and accom- 
modations. The grounds are to one side 

of the city, but connected by an excellent 
trolley line. Then there is a special 
track that the different railroads can use 
in running car loads of people direct to 
the place of meeting. Ample provision 
will be made for feeding and lodging all 
who may have a desire to attend this 
meeting. In due time special announce- 
ments concerning railroad arrangements, 
etc., will appear in the Messenger. 

The Committee of Arrangements con- 
sists of: Jacob Hershberger, foreman, 
Salem, 111., I. D. Heckman, secretary, 
Oakley, 111., J. C. Wine, treasurer, Cer- 
rogordo, 111., S. S. Brubaker, Virden, 111., 
J. W. Switzer, Roanoke, 111. There is 
also a ministerial committee, whose duty 
it is to arrange for all the services to 
be held on the grounds. That committee 
is as follows: J. H. Baker, foreman and 
platform spokesman, Astoria, 111., J. W. 
Lear, secretary, Cerrogordo, 111., M. 
Flory, Girard, 111. This committee has 
in view a revival meeting immediately 
after the conference. 


After receiving its meals the baby 
sometimes becomes fretful. It can often 
be quieted with a few raisins. In a piece 
of soft muslin secure two or three fat, 
juicy raisins and let the little one have 
them in his mouth. He will suck and 
chew the sack and soon become quiet. 
The sweet juice will do him good, while 
the chewing will make his gums feel 
easy. Of course the little sack of rai- 
sins should be so formed that the baby 
cannot swallpw it. The chewing of rai- 
sins in this manner may be better for the 
child's gums than biting on a rubber. 

" Oh, Johnny," said the Sunday-school 
teacher, " you mustn't take money from 
the plate. Why did you try to do such a 

" I thought you said it was fer the 
heathen, and maw says I'm one," 



Eighth Month — 31 Days. 


and Days 


Moon's I Moon I Moon I SUN | SUN 
pi. noon I south | r. &s. | rises | sets 
s. d.]h. m.|h. m.|h. m.|h. m. 

1 Wed | Robert Morrison died in China, 1834. 

2 Thu J 

3 Fri I First miss, meeting, Yokohama, 1873. 

4 Sat (First steamboat trip by Fulton, 1807. 

9 49 
10 49 

31 8th Sunday after Easter Matthew 7 Day's 

2 18 

3 18 

D ris 

4 22 

4 57 

4 58 

4 59 

7 3 

7 2 


7 1 

13 hours 58 min. 

5 Sun [Battle of Baton Rouge, La., 1862. 

6 Monl Alfred Tennyson born in England, 1809. 

7 Tue j). Caspar Aquila was born, 1 

8 Wed! Robert Moffat died, 1883. 

9 Thu 

10 Fri 

11 Sat 

Adoniram Judson born in Mass., 1788. 

Richard Cecil died, 18 10. 

Robert G. Ingersoll born, N. Y., 1833. 

v& 27 

12 43 


5 1 

$k 9 


8 47 

5 2 

d 22 

2 24 

9 18 

5 3 

»»» 7 

3 10 


5 4 

& 20 

3 55 

10 17 

5 5 


4 39 

10 45 

5 6 


5 22 

11 17 

5 7 

6 59 
6 58 
6 57 
6 56 
6 55 
6 54 
6 53 

32 pth Sunday after Trinity Luke 16 Day's ler 

,gth 13 hours 44 


12 Sun 1 James Russell Lowell died, Mass., 1891. 

fifP 29 

6 6 


5 8 

6 52 

13 Mon|Hildebert. 

pa? 11 


a m 

5 9 


14 Tue Farragut died in N. H., 1870. 

pu? 26 

7 37 

12 44 

5 10 

6 50 

15 Wed 1 Napoleon was born, Corsica, 1769. 

M 10 

8 26 


5 11 


16 Thu 

Waldensian return to Piedmont, 1689. 

M 25 

9 15 

2 16 

5 13 

6 47 

17 Fri 

William Carey born, 1761. 

A 8 

10 6 

3 14 

5 14 

6 46 

18 Sat 

Confederate Congress met, 1862. 

A 20 

10 57 


5 15 

6 45 

33 10th Sunday after Trinity Luke 19 Day's length 13 hours 28 min. 

19 Sun I Blaise Pascal died, Paris, 1662. 

20 Mon|Mt. Morris College opened, 1879. 

21 Tue jjohn Tyndall born in Ireland, 182a 

22 WedjBattle of Catlett's Station, 1862. 

23 Thu I Louis XVI was born in France, 1754. 

24 Fri I Wm. Wilberforce born in England, 1759. 

25 Sat |FIerschel died in England, 1822. 



D s. 

5 16 



7 29 

5 17 

$$* 28 


8 1 

5 18 

& 10 

2 17 

8 35 

5 20 

& 22 

3 7 

9 9 

5 21 

A 8 

3 58 

9 43 

5 22 

A 21 



5 23 

6 44 
6 43 
6 40 
6 39 
6 38 
6 37 

34 nth Sunday after Trinity Luke 18 Day's length 13 hours 12 min. 

26 Sun 

Christopher Sower II, died in Pa., 1784. 


5 45 

10 59J5 24 

6 36 

27 Mon 

Battle of Long Island, 1776. 


6 42 

1149|5 25 

6 35 

28 Tue 

Ira D. Sankey was born in Pa., 1840. 

#• 0| 740| am|5 27 

6 33 

29 Wed 

Russo-Japanese war ended, 1905. 

fr 13| 8 38|12 42|5 28 

6 32 

30 Thu 1 

Mark Antony died, 30 B. C. 

$r 25 9 36 139|5 29 

6 31 

31 Fri 

John Bunyan died in London, 1688. 

,^ 7|1031| 229|531 

6 29 

MOON'S PHASES. Eastern States. 

Full Moon, 4th,.- 7:59 A. M. . . 

Last Quarter, 11th, 9:47 P. M... 

New Moon, 19th 8:27 P. M... 

First Quarter, 26th, 7:42 P. M. . . 

Central States. 

. 7: 19 A. M.. . 
. 9:07 P.M... 
. 7: 47 P. M.. . 
. 7: 02 P. M... 

Western States. 

39 A. M. 
27 P. M. 
07 P. M. 
22 P. M. 


Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer may have its imitations, but it has no substitute. Mr. 
W. F. Clawson, Anderson, Ind., writes: "We have tried using other and cheaper (?) 
medicines than the Blood Vitalizer, but find that they do not give the satisfaction, neither 
can they do the work that the Blood Vitalizer does. Therefore please send us another 
box of the Blood Vitalizer." Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer is distinctly different from other 
medicines. It is put up, not as an article of commercial traffic, but for the cure of sick 
people and is supplied at a reasonable cost. It is the least expensive of all medicine? 
when measured by results, 





The history of the Black River con- 
gregation dates back to about the year 
1846, when brethren Ephraim and Jo- 
seph Swinehart with their families lo- 
cated near Black River, Chatham town- 
ship, Medina county, Ohio. Other im- 
migrant members were 
brethren John White 
in 1849 and Joseph Rit- 
tenhouse in 1850, who, 
with their wives, were 
included in the first 
membership. The ter- 
ritory at first was a 
part of the Mohican 
congregation, in Wayne 
county, of which Bro. 
Jacob Garver was then 
presiding elder. 

Sept. 30, 1855, the 
congregation was or- 
ganized at the home of 
Bro. Joseph Ritten- 
house, at which time he 
was elected to the min- 
istry, and brethren Ephraim Brovant and 
John White were chosen deacons. Eld- 
ers Elias Dickey, of Ashland, Ohio, and 
Joseph Showalter, of Stark county, Ohio, 
conducted the organization. 

Among the charter members we find 
brethren Joseph Rittenhouse, John 
White, George Heestand, John Robinson, 
Jacob Brovant, Ephraim Brovant, Gideon 
Bollinger, Samuel Garver, John Wertz, 
Ephraim Swinehart, their wives, and Sis- 
'ter Mary Pittenger. 

On the evening of this day the first 
love feast was held in the same house, 
which is still standing. A few years 
later Bro. Samuel Garver was elected to 
the ministry. About the year 1867 Bro. 
Joseph Rittenhouse was ordained to the 
eldership and given charge of the con- 
gregation. In 1870 Bro. Gideon Bolling- 
er was elected to the ministry and served 

the congregation in that capacity until 
1880, when he emigrated to Missouri. 
May 3, 1873, brethren John Pittenger (a 
deacon) and Tobias Hoover were elected 
to the ministry, and advanced to the sec- 
ond degree Aug. 1, 1874. 

Black River Church, Ohio. 

About this time Bro. Samuel Garver 
was ordained to the eldership and pre- 
sided over the congregation until Feb- 
ruary, 1904, when Bro. Tobias Hoover, 
who was ordained to the eldership in 
1893, was chosen presiding elder. Aug. 
2, 1879, Bro. Henry Homan was chosen 

The membership at this time consist- 
ed of 132 persons, but the " division " of 
1881-'82 reduced it to about 93 members 
loyal to the Brotherhood. From this 
time until 1896 the number decreased to' 
about fifty members, but the spirit of ac- 
tivity and zeal was still strongly mani- 
fest in spite of discouraging reverses. 

April 7, 1883, brethren Wm. Shoe- 
maker and Tobias Browand were elected 
deacons, the latter, however, not accept- 
ing the charge until May 1, 1886. Nov. 
7, 1887, Bro, Charles M. Woods was 


Ninth Month — 30 Days. 


and Days 


Moon's I Moon I Moon I SUN | SUN 
pi. noon I south | r. & s. | rises | sets 
3. d.jh. m.|h. m.|h. m.|h. m. 

1 Sat | Battle of Sedan, 1870. 


12th Sunday after Trinity Mark 7 Day's length 12 

n11ti Atlanta rantnrprl \\\t 'sliprman t8^^ ^??%\ I a m 

^2 0111 24 1 2 53[5 32]628 
hours 54 min. 



8 Sat 

Atlanta captured by Sherman, 1864. 
Oliver Cromwell died in London, 1658. 
Phebe Carey was born in Ohio, 1824. 
Publishing House moved to Elgin, 1899. 
Lafayette was born in France, 1757. 
John G. Whittier died in N. H., 1892. 
Galveston flood, 1900. 


| a m 

D ris 

5 33 

12 14 

7 16 

5 34 

A 27 

1 2 

7 46 

5 36 

*$&> Q 

4&k y 


8 16 

5 37 

2 32 

8 44 

5 38 

/fBfP 8 

3 16 

9 14 

5 40 

tlptff 21 


9 47 

5 41 

6 27 
6 26 
6 24 
6 23 
6 22 
6 20 
6 19 

36 13th Sunday after Trinity Luke 10 Day's length 12 hours j(5 min. 

9 Sun |Mosheim (church historian) died, 1755. 

10 Mon| 

11 Tue {Battle of Lake Champlain, 1814. 

12 Wed 

13 Thu 

14 Fri 

15 Sat 

Alex. Campbell born in Ireland, 1788. 
Great flood in Spain, 3,000 lost, 1891. 
Brethren at Work started, Lanark, 1876. 
Postal convention in Berne, 1874. 

P^ 1 


10 23 

5 42 

5 30 

11 1 

5 44 


6 18 


5 45 

M 11 

7 6 

a m 

5 46 

M 25 

7 56 

12 58 

5 47 

m a 

8 46 


5 48 

ms 20 

9 37 

2 55 

5 50 

6 18 
6 16 
6 15 
6 14 
6 12 
6 10 

veil 1 usicu cuiiveiiLiuii 111 JDCine, 10/4. p*fp< ^\j y 0/ z, jj j okj u ja 

14th Sunday after Trinity Luke 17 Day's length 12 hours 18 min 

Inn I T?/=^rr>1iitirm in f^iiatAmala tRat <(!fr4!fo ? 1 O 98 A. 1 ^ ^1 f\ C 


16 Sun | Revolution in Guatemala, 1891. 

17 Mon|U. S. Constitution adopted, 1787. 

18 Tue I Fugitive Slave Law signed, 1850. 

19 Wed! Fames A. Garfield died in N. J., 1881. 

20 Thu 

21 Fri 

22 Sat 

Battle of Chickamauga, 1863. 
Savonarola born in Italy, 1452. 
London Miss. Society organized, 1795. 

^# 2 

10 28 

4 1 

5 51 

$& 15 

11 19 

5 6 

5 53 

p m 9 

D s. 

5 54 



7 6 

5 55 

§;: 25 


7 41 


A 9 

2 45 


5 58 

A 24 

3 40 

8 59 

5 59 

38 15th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 6 Day's length 12 hours 00 min. 





25 Tue 

26 Wed 

27 Thu 





Neptune discovered, 1846. 
Gen. D..H. Hill died in N. C, 1889. 
Benedict Arnold deserted, 1780. 
Christopher Sower, 2nd, born, 1721. 
Breth. church organized in Colo., 1873. 
Frances E. Willard born in N. Y., 1839 
Lord Nelson born in England, 1758. 

ffg. 7 


9 44 


*ȣ 23 

5 35 

10 36 

6 2 


6 33 


6 3 

7 30 

a m 

6 4 


8 25 

12 33 

6 5 

«& 12 


1 18 

6 7 

«& 25 

10 8 


6 8 


5 58 
5 57 
5 56 

5 55 
5 53 

5 52 

39 16th Sunday after Trinity Luke 7 

Day's length n hours 40 min. 

30 Sun Geo. Whitefield died in Mass., 1770. 

| 4$ 8|10 58| 3 12|610|5 50 

MOON'S PHASES. Eastern States. 

Full Moon, 2nd 6:36 P. M 

Central States. Western States. 
. . 5: 56 P. M 5: 16 P. M. 

Last Quarter, 10th, 3:53 P. M 

New Moon, 18th, 7:33 A. M 

. . 3: 13 P. M 2: 33 P. M. 

. . 6:53 A. M 6:13 A. M. 

First Quarter, 25th, 1:11 A. M 

...12:31 A. M 11:51 P. M. 


that every ailment exists as the result of 
an infraction of Nature's law, is poor com- 
fort to the man who is sick and ailing. 
Better speak to him of the joy of getting 
well and show him the road through Dr. 
Peter's Bloqa Vitalize*, 


of a medicine is the testimony of those who 
have used it. Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer 

is acknowledged to be a blood medicine 
which has few, if any equals. Send for a 
copy of the Surprise* and learn what the 
people say about it. 



elected to the ministry and did accept- 
able preaching for some time, but de- 
clined to serve after about eight years 
of very "commendable effort. 

Nov. 5, 1892, brethren Isaac Myers and 
George Hart were elected deacons. Bro. 
Hart was killed by an accident in 1894, 
but Bro. Myers still faithfully magnifies 
his office. 

May 1, 1897, Bro. Henry Kilmer was 
chosen deacon. From 1896 to 1905 nine- 
teen members were added by immigra- 
tion and twenty-four by baptism. 

Oct. 14, 1899, brethren Levi Dague and 
Henry Heestand were chosen deacons 
and Bro. A. B. Horst was elected to the 
ministry, and advanced to the second de- 
gree the following year. 

April 1, 1902, Bro. John Yoder (a min- 
ister in first degree) moved into the con- 
gregation and was advanced to the sec- 
ond degree in October of the same year. 

Sept. 24, 1904, brethren S. M. Friend 
and M. C. Horst were elected to the 
ministry and installed by Eld. T. S. Mo- 
herman. The first meetinghouse was 
built in 1867 in Homer township and is 
now owned by the Progressive Brethren. 
In 1868 the second meetinghouse was 
built in Chatham township, near Black 
River, which served as a place of wor- 
ship until September, 1900, when the one 
shown in the photograph was dedicated. 
Meetings are held here and at two other 
places in the congregation. 

An interesting feature which has ever 
inspired the congregation to Christian 
activity is the fact that she has been 
blessed with such elders as Jacob Garv- 
er, Joseph Rittenhouse, Samuel Garver 
and Tobias Hoover, who have always en- 
couraged every good work. 

A Sunday school was organized soon 
after 1868, with Bro. Joseph Rittenhouse 
as superintendent. This being discon- 
tinued at the church for a time, Sister 
Mary Hoover conducted one in her own 

From 1879 to 1887 the following breth- 
ren had charge of the Sunday school, 

viz.: W. F. England, Henry Homan, 
John Dague, J. B. Wine, Tobias Hoover 
and John Pittenger. 

April 10, 1887, Bro. C. M. Woods was 
elected superintendent, and reelected 
nearly every year until September, 1903, 
when Bro. S. M. Friend was chosen as 
his successor. 

May 3, 1903, a Missionary Reading 
Circle was organized, which has devel- 
oped a Christian Workers' meeting that 
aspires for recognition as a help to ev- 
ery member. 

Two India orphans are supported, one 
(Mackli) by Sunday-school class No. 5, 
and another (Chatm Jaruji) by the Sis- 
ters' Aid Society, which was organized 
June 22, 1895. The present congregation 
consists of eighty-four members of whom 
two are elders, three ministers in the 
second degree and two in the first de- 
gree, and four deacons. 

Age has ended the active labors of 
two of our ministers — Eld. Samuel Gar- 
ver and Bro. John Pittenger — and it re- 
mains with the rising church to fulfill 
the faith so nobly manifested by our 
loyal fathers. Heb. 11: 40. 

Lodi, Ohio. 


A North Dakota boy, the precocious 
son of a Baptist clergyman, has inher- 
ited all the traditional baptism-by-im- 
mersion principles, and by close atten- 
tion given to the ceremony, as performed 
by his parents, he is able to repeat it 
word for word. A few days ago he had 
a tub of water in the kitchen, and catch- 
ing the family cat and her two kittens, 
he proceeded to teach them one of the 
essential rites of the Baptist church. 
The kittens underwent the ordeal with- 
out protest, but the cat showed her dis- 
pleasure by scratching the boy's face. 
Throwing the offending animal down, he 
said, in disgust: "Then be a Methodist 
if you want to." — Lakota (N. D.) Herald. 


Tenth Month— 31 Days. 


and Days 

1 Mon 


Elgin church organized, 1899. 

2 Tue I First railroad in United States, 1833. 

3 Wed Miles Standish died in Mass., 1656. 

4 Thu Brooklyn ch. N. Y., organized, 1899. 

5 Fri Jonathan Edwards born in Conn., 1703. 

6 Sat William Tyndale executed, 1536. 

Moon's I Moon I Moon | SUN | SUN 
pi. noon I south | r. & s. | rises | sets 
3. d.jh. m.|h. m .lh. m.|h._m. 

" 6 11 


a m 

12 26 

1 10 

2 39 

4 14 
D ris 

6 44 

7 12 

7 46 

8 19 

6 12 
6 13 
6 15 
6 16 
6 17 

5 49 
5 48 
5 47 
5 45 
5 44 
5 43 

40 17th Sunday after Trinity Luke 14 Day's length 11 hours 42 min. 

7 Sun Edgar Allen Poe died, Baltimore, 1849. 

8 Mon 

9 Tue 

10 Wed 

11 Thu 

12 Fri 

13 Sat 

The great Chicago fire, 1871. 
David Brainerd (Miss.) died, 1747. 
W. H. Seward died in N. Y., 1872. 
Eld. Samuel Zigler was born, 1816. 
Columbus discovered America, 1492. 

8 59 

9 39 

10 25 

11 15 
a m 

12 41 

6 19 
6 20 
6 21 
6 23 
6 24 
6 25 
6 27 

5 41 
5 40 
5 39 
5 37 
5 36 
5 35 
5 33 

41 1 8th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 22 Day's length 11 hours 4 min. 

14 Sun 

15 Mon 

16 Tue 

17 Wed 

18 Thu 

19 Fri 

20 Sat 

William Penn was born in London, 1644. 

First Breth. Miss., to India sailed 1894. 
Burgoyne's surrender, 1777. 
Moffat embarked for S. Africa, 181 6. 
Cornwallis surrendered, 1781. 
Battle of Navorina, 1827. 

$gft 13 

9 6 

2 44 

6 28 

f# 27 

9 56 

3 52 

6 29 


10 47 

5 12 

6 30 


D s. 

6 32 

A 7 



6 33 

A 22 


6 54 

6 34 

* 4 

2 28 

7 42 

6 35 

5 32 

5 30 
5 28 
5 27 
5 26 

5 25 

42 19th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 9 Day's length 10 hours 46 min. 

21 Sun 

Battle of Trafalgar, 1805. 

m i6 

3 27 

8 30 

6 37 

6 23 

22 Mon 


* 28 

4 27 

9 26 

6 38 

5 22 

•23 Tue 

Surrender of Metz, 1870. 


5 26 

10 26 

6 39 

5 21 

24 Wed 

Daniel Webster died in Mass., 1852. 

6 22 


6 41 

5 19 

25 Thu 

Christian Hope baptized, 1874. 

4fc 3 

7 15 

a m 

6 42 

5 18 

26 Fri 

Hope, pastor Brooklyn ch., N. Y., 1896. 

*S 13 

8 6 

12 33 

6 43 

5 17 

27 Sat 

Theodore Roosevelt born in N. Y., 1858. 

«* 27 

8 53 

1 7 


5 16 

4 3 20th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 22 Day's length 10 hours 30 mm. 

28 Sun I John Locke died, 1704. 

29 Mon I Sir Walter Raleigh died, London, 1618. 

30 Tue jjohn Adams was born in Mass., 1735. 

31 Wed I Luther nailed thesis to door, 15 17. 

A 11 

9 39 

2 7 

6 45 

A 24 

10 23 

3 9 

6 47 

11 17 

4 6 

6 48 



}) ris 


5 15 
5 13 
5 12 
5 11 


Full Moon, 2nd, 

Last Quarter, 
New Moon, 
First Quarter 
Full Moon, 

Eastern States. Central States. Western States. 

.. 7: 48 A. M 7:08 A. M 6:28 A. M. 

10th, 10:39 A. M ' 9:59 A. M 9:19 A. M. 

17th 5:42 P. M 5:02 P. M 4:22 P. M. 

24th, 8:49 A. M 7:09 A. M 6:29 A. M. 

31st, 11:45 P. M 11:05 P. M 10:25 P. M. 


Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer was first pre- 
pared in the year 1780, by the great-grand- 
father of the present proprietors. It has 
been in constant use ever since, and has 
stood the test of time. 


who were sick and in distress have found 
help in the use of Dr. Peter's Blood Vital- 
izer. Thousands of others, equally needy, 
have not yet tried it. Are you one of 





[From "Love Lyrics" copyrighted 1899. 
Used by special permission of the publish- 
ers, The Bobbs-Merrill Co.] 

I crave, dear Lord, 
No boundless hoard 
Of gold and gear, 

Nor jewels fine, 

Nor lands, nor kine, 

With but the tiny coverlet 
And pillow for the baby's head; 

And pray thou, may 

The door stand open and the day 
Send ever in a gentle breeze, 
With fragrance from the locust-trees, 
And drowsy moan of doves, and blur 

Nor treasure-heaps of anything. — 

Let but a little hut be mine 
Where at the hearthstone I may hear 

The cricket sing, 
Of one glad woman's eyes to make, 
And have the shine 
For my poor sake, 

Our simple home a place divine; — 
Just the wee cot — the cricket's chirr- 
Love, and the smiling face of her. 

I pray not for 
Great riches, nor 

For vast estates, and castle-halls, — 
Give me to hear the bare footfalls 
Of children o'er 
An oaken floor, 
New-rinsed with sunshine, or bespread 

Of robin-chirps, and drone of bees, 

With afterhushes of the stir 
Of intermingling sounds, and then 

The good-wife and the smile of her 
Filling the silences again — 
The cricket's call, 

And the wee cot, 
Dear Lord of all, 
Deny me not! 

I pray not that 

Men tremble at 
My power of place 
And lordly sway, — 

I only pray for simple grace 

To look my neighbor in the face 
Full honestly from day to day — 
Yield me his thorny palm to hold, 



Eleventh Month— 30 Days. 


and Days 

1 Thu 

2 Fri 

3 Sat 


All Saints Day. 

James K. Polk born in N. C, 1795. 

Wm. Cullen Bryant born, Mass., 1794. 

I Moon's I Moon I Moon I SUN | SUN 
.pi. noon I south I r. &s. | rises | sets 
Is. d.jh. m.|h. m.|h. m.|h. m. 

44 21st Sunday after Trinity John 4 

Day's length 10 hours 12 min. 

4 Sun 

Brethren arrived S. California, 1884. 

P$ 20 

2 16 

7 33 

6 54 

5 6 

5 Mon 

B. F. Butler was born in N. H., 1818. 

» 5 

2 53 

8 18 

6 55 

5 5 

6 Tue 


» 19 

3 41 

9 6 

6 56 

5 4 

7 Wed 

Battle of Belmont, Mo., 1861. 

HE 1 

4 30 

9 57 

6 57 

5 3 

8 Thu 

John Milton died in London, 1674. 

ma 13 

5 18 

10 57 

6 58 

5 2 

9 Fri 

Mohammed born (day fol.) 570. 


6 7 


6 59 

5 1 

10 Sat 

Luther was born in Saxony, 1483. 

■ \L^ 

6 56 

a m 



45 22nd Sunday after, Trinity Matthew 18 Day's length 9 hours 58 min. 















Alfred de Musset born in Paris, 1810. 
Danish mission started, 1875. 
Meteoric showers of 1833 and 1837. 
Jean Paul Richter died, 1825. 
Eld. Daniel Vaniman died, Kans., 1903. 
Eld. Geo. Wolfe died in Illinois, 1865. 
S. M. E. China Con. organized, 1886. 

$$* 23 


12 59 

7 1 

^ : 8 

8 34 


7 2 

& 20 

9 34 

2 38 

7 3 


10 17 

3 45 

7 4 

A 15 

11 12 

4 58 

7 5 


1 11 

D s. 

7 6 

7 7 

4 59 
4 58 
4 57 
4 56 
4 54 
4 54 
4 53 

46 23rd Sunday after Trinity Matthew 22 Day's length 9 hours 44 min. 


Sun I Chester A. Arthur died in N. Y., 1886. 
Mon ! James A. Garfield born in Ohio, 1831. 


22 Thu 

23 Fri 

24 Sat 

Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, 1857. 
Voltaire was born in Paris, 1694. 
S. Ottumwa church organized, 1900. 
Franklin Pierce born in N. H., 1804. 
John Knox died in Scotland, 1572. 

* 26. 

2 13 

7 12|7 8 

§t 8 

3 15 

8 15|7 9 

k 24 

4 14 

9 18|7 10 

m 7 


10 24|7 11 


6 3 


sJJ/ | 6 52"| am|713 

A 22| 738|1233|7 13 

4 52 
4 50 
4 49 
4 48 
4 47 
4 47 

4/ 24th Sunday after Trinity Matthezv 9 Day's length 9 hours 32 min. 

25 Sun I Isaac Watts died in England, 1748. gj 2 8 22 1 2 7 14 446 

26 Mon I Great tempest of 1703. ^ 15 9 5 2 9 7 15 445 

27 Tue J George B. Crittenden died in Ky., 1880. ^< 27 9 49 3 5 7 16 4 44 

28 Wed I Washington Irving died in N. Y., 1859. ## 9 10 32 4 2 7 17 4 43 

29 Thu Horace Greeley died in N. Y., 1872. ' J©t^ 11 17 5 1 7 17 4 43 

30 Fri [John Bunyan baptized in England, 1628. xij 1 am]) ris 7 18-4 42 

MOON'S PHASES. Eastern States. 

Last Quarter, 9th, 4:44 A. M. . . 

New Moon, 16th 3:36 A. M. . . 

First Quarter, 22nd, 7:39 P. M. . . 

Pull Moon, 30th, 6:07 P.M... 

Central States. Western States. 

. 4:04 A. M...-. 3:24 A. M. 

. 2:56 A.M..' 2:16 A. M. 

. 6:59 P. M 6: 19 P. M. 

. 5: 27 P. M 4: 47 P. M. 


sometimes sneer at certain old remedies 
and sarcastically term them " grandmoth- 
er " cures, and yet how often do they not 
themselves have to administer them as a 
last resort? Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer 
has often brought relief when so-cal]9d sci- 
entific treatment has failed, 



Any of the Brethren who have Piles, 
Fistula or other rectal diseases should not 
fail to send a postal card to-day to Drs. 
Thornton & Minor, 1020 Oak Street, Kansas 
City, Mo., and 3969 Olive Street, St. Louis, 
Mo., and ask them for a copy of the large, 
illustrated free treatise on rectal diseases, 
which is mailed postpaid and without any 
obligation whatsoever to any one who is 
afflicted. Head their ad on page 3. 


And I'll not pray 
For gold; — 
The tanned face, garlanded with mirth, 
It hath the kingliest smile' on earth— 
The swart brow, diamonded with sweat, 
Hath never need of coronet. 
And so I reach, 

Dear Lord, to thee, 
And do beseech 
Thou givest me 
The wee cot, and the cricket's chirr, 
Love, and the glad sweet face of her! 




Part I. 

A few families of the Brethren came 
to the Miami Valley in the last years of 
the eighteenth century. The first min- 
ister was Eld. Jacob Miller, who settled 
about four miles southwest of Dayton 
in 1800, near what is now called the 
Lower Miami churchhouse. He preached 
to. the whites and Indians, the latter 
styling him " the good man the Great 
Spirit sent from the east." He died in 
1815 near the " Holler church." 

The first church was organized in 1805, 
in early August. It was called " The 
Miami church," being the first church or- 
ganized west of the Great Miami and 
the third ' in Ohio. It possibly had 
twenty members. The last survivor of 
those present at the organization was 
Eld. Elias Caylor, who was then a babe 
about four months old in. his mother's 
arms, and who was instrumental in build- 
ing up the Arcadia church, Ind., and in 
the conversion of Eld. R. H. Miller. 

The church prospered, settlers stream- 
ed in from the east, many Brethren com- 
ing from eastern and middle Pennsyl- 
vania, from Maryland, and from the Val- 
ley of Virginia. In six years we find 
over a hundred members with at least 

eight preachers, and " a cloud " that 
threatened the life of the Miami church. 
A committee of four elders came from 
the East into whose hands everything 
was committed, promising to abide by 
their decision. Everything was happily 
adjusted and the Miami church was di- 
vided into four churches, viz., Miami, 
Bear Creek, Wolf Creek, and Stillwater, 
each church having at least two minis- 
ters and a good, active membership. 

After the war of 1812 the tide of emi- 
gration flowed with renewed vigor, the 
families of the Brethren multiplied after 
the primitive manner, the ministers were 
zealous and energetic in teaching their 
flocks and the church prospered. Fif- 
teen churches were organized before the 
year 1850, and perhaps as many meeting- 
houses built. Some of the earlier 
churches worshiped in their houses and 
barns many years before they erected 
their meetinghouses. Some of the mem- 
bers built their houses not only as homes 
for their families, but arranging for pub- 
lic worship. One of the best known is 
the Old Hay Home now owned by Bro. 
Greely Pfoutz, near Brookville, where 
the special conference of 1845 and the 
Annual Conference of 1862 were held. 



IBER Twelfth Month— 31 Days. 


and Days 


Is. d. 

h. m. 


r. &s. 

h. m. 

rises | sets 
h. m.|h. m. 

1 Sat 

Siege of Quebec, 1775. | p$ 24 

12 2 

5 31 7 19|441 

1st Sunday in Advent Matthew 21 

Day's length 9 hours 22 min. 








John Brown was executed in Va., 1859. 
Samuel Cooper died, 1876. 
Thomas Hobbes of England died, 1679. 
Martin Van Buren born in N. Y., 1782. 
Jefferson Davis died in La., 1889. 
Christian Hope born in Denmark, 1844. 
Eli Whitney was born in Mass., 1765 

12 49 

2 26 

3 15 

4 3 

4 50 

5 38 

6 15 

7 1 

7 50 

8 48 

9 47 
10 47 

7 19 

7 20 
7 20 
7 21 
7 21 

7 22 
7 22 

4 41 
4 40 
4 40 
4 39 
4 39 
4 38 
4 38 

2nd Sunday in Advent Luke 21 Day's length 9 hours 14 min 


9 Sun 

10 Mon 

11 Tue 

12 Wed 

13 Thu 

14 Fri 

15 Sat 

John Milton born in London, 1608. 


Great fire in Charleston, 1861. 

Robert Browning died in Italy, 1889. 

Battle of Fredericksburg, 1862. 

Washington died, Mt. Vernon, 1799. 

Nero (Roman emperor) born, Italy, 37. 

& 10 

6 25 

a m 

7 23 

& 22 

7 13 

12 35 

7 23 

sH 8 

8 2 


7 23 

A 21 

8 54 

2 31 

7 24 

* 1 

9 49 

3 44 

7 24 


10 48 

5 7 

7 24 


D s. 

7 24 

4 37 
4 37 
4 37 
4 36 
4 36 
4 36 
4 36 

50 3rd Sunday in Advent Matthew 11 

Day's length 9 hours 10 min. 

16 Sun 

17 Mon 

18 Tue 

19 Wed 

20 Thu 

21 Fri 

22 Sat 

The great New York fire, 1835. 

John G. Whittier born in Mass., 1807. . 

Battle of Lexington, Ky., 1862. 

Eld. Robert Calvin died, 1851. 

South Carolina seceded, i860. 

Robert Moffat was born in 1795. 

Pilgrims landed, Plymouth Rock, 1620. 

&r 10|pm54 

5 51 

7 25 

*f 24 


6 57 

7 25 

4fc 8 

2 58 

8 6 

7 25 

«& 22 

3 54 

9 15 

7 25 

A 7 

4 46 

10 19 

7 25 


5 35 

11 12 

7 25. 

6 20 

a m 

7 26 

4 35 
4 35 
4 35 
4 35 
4 35 
4 35 
4 34 

51 4th Sunday in Advent John 1 Day's length 9 

hours 10 


23 Sun 

Joseph Smith was born, 1805. 

$ 20 

7 4 

12 26 

7 25 

4 35 

24 Mon 

Thackeray died in London, 1863. 

(§K/f 1 


12 59 

7 25 

4 35 

25 Tue 


Qtff 13 

8 31 


7 25 

4 35 

26 Wed 

Texas admitted, 1845. 

§i$? 27 

9 14 

2 52 

7 25 

4 35 

27 Thu 

Geo. Whitefield born in England, 1714. 

P$ 9 


3 51 

7 25 

4 3b 

28 Fri 

Chas. Wesley born in England, 1708. 


10 46 

4 46 

7 25 

4 3b 

29 Sat 

Wm. Gladstone born in Liverpool, 1809. 

M 2 


5 42 

7 25 

4 3b 

52 Sunday after Christmas Luke 2 

Day's length p hours 12 min. 

I a m| 

12 231 

D ns 
5 58 

7 24 
7 24 

4 36 
4 36 

30 Sun I Battle of Savannah, 1778. 

31 Mon [John Wy cliff e died, 1384. 

MOON'S PHASES. Eastern States. Central States. Western States. 

Last Quarter, 8th 8:45 P. M 8:05 P. M 7:25 P. M. 

New Moon, 15th, 1:54 P. M 1:14 P. M 12:34 P. M. 

First Quarter, 22nd, 10:03 A. M 9: 23 A. M 8: 43 A. M. 

Full Moon, 30th, 1:45 P. M 1:05 P. M 12:25 P. M. 


The baby in the cradle, the man in the 
noonday of life, the aged at the passing of 
the day, all find in Dr. Peter's Blood Vital- 
izer a blessed spring of health and vigor. 

Start a Sunday School Library NOW. 

Scores of our schools are procuring books 
of us for that purpose. Write for our spe- 
cial prices on carefully-selected lists of 
books for Sunday-school libraries. Breth- 
ren Publishing House, Elgin, Illinois. 



To these old-time home meetings every- 
body went and everybody was invited to 
stay for dinner. And the larger the 
purse and the heart, especially the heart, 
the oftener was the joy experienced of 
dispensing their hospitality to their 
brethren and friends. And some of the 
families kept up this home meeting at 
least once a -year for twenty-five years 
after they had a meetinghouse. Those 
earlier sanctuaries were furnished with 
seats without backs, with the exception 
of the minister's. 

The German and English were both 
used until 1879. In the earlier history 
the German was the more extensively 
used and often there were two sermons 
at the same meeting, sometimes by the 
same minister. The German began to 
decline as early as 1850 in some of the 

The Brethren's settlements increased, 
and at the close of the century we have 
twenty-seven churches in the Miami Val- 
ley. Four more have been organized in 
the twentieth century. 

A few Sunday schools were introduced 
in the sixties, quite a number in the sev- 
enties, in all the churches in the eighties 
and nearly all took on an evergreen hue 
in the nineties. 

Annual Meetings were held in 1850, 
1862, 1875, 1884, 1886. At the 1850 meet- 
ing free use was made of the interpreter, 
Eld. F. P. Loehr, who translated the 
queries and answers into German or 
English as required, as well as the sa- 
lient points in the arguments. 

Prominent among our brethren in the 
earliest half of the century we mention 
Eld. David Bowman, Sr., who preached 
for over half a century. He was per- 
haps the second minister in the Miami 
Valley and labored mostly in the Ger- 
man. He and two brothers and a sister 
gave the Brotherhood about forty min- 
isters. Six of our Miami Dunker elders 
are of this Bowman relation. 

Among the elders whose names are 
prominent in our history in the latter 
half of the nineteenth century were Pe- 

ter Nead, who gave the Miami churches 
twenty-five years of active service and 
was quite an author for his day; moder- 
ator of our Annual Meeting for twelve 
years in -succession; James Quinter, clerk 
of Annual Meeting for thirty years; 
Samuel Garber author of Miami Valley 
Petition of 1880 and of the resolutions 
of 1881. 

Standing in the foreground of our work 
in the beginning of the new century we 
name elders Jacob Garber and John 
Smith, nearing the Jordan of translation, 
with -Eld. Jesse Stutsman ripe with years 
but yet in the arena of active work, with 
mental and physical vigor not abated. 
Eld. I. J. Rosenberger, well known to 
the Brotherhood, is our oldest elder in 

Part II. 

In the counties east of Cincinnati, not 
of the Miami Valley, but a part of South- 
ern Ohio, there were at least ten 
churches organized, seven of which sur- 
vive. The Stone Lick church, in Cler- 
mont county, is the oldest church in 
Ohio, being organized in 1795. The 
most active elder of this region before 
1850 was Robert Calvert. Four of his 
sons were ministers, Mills receiving the 
mantle from his father and laboring in 
the same field for the next twenty-five 
years. His mantle fell on W. Q. Calvert, 
his son, who also labored in the same 
churches with much acceptance for the 
next twenty-five years. Eld. Thomas 
Major and his wife, the eloquent sister 
preacher of our Brotherhood, spent their 
riper years here. Eld. James Quinter 
had the college at New Vienna in the 
early sixties. Eld. Landon West came 
out of these hills also and spent the best 
of his " life in proclaiming the Truth. 
These churches never received much ad- 
dition by immigration, lost considerable 
by emigration, suffered some innova- 
tions to come among them that were 
hurtful and hence did not prosper as 
much as desired. However, it should be 
said that some of them always practiced 
the gospel mode of feet-washing. 



Part III. 

Eld. Peter Nead baptized a slave, 
Samuei Wier, in Virginia in the forties. 
He got his freedom, came to Ohio, was 
appointed to the ministry and after years 
of preaching started churches at Frank- 
fort and Circleville, Ohio. Some of 
these members also came from Virginia 
and some from the blackest part of 

South Carolina. Bro. Wier willed his 
home for a sanctuary, and others of the 
negro race took up the work. Bro. West 
" watered " the seed most assiduously. 
They represent at our district confer- 
ence. Brethren and sisters, let us be 
thankful for the past, active in the pres- 
ent and hopeful for the future. 
Dayton, Ohio. 


In the Brethren Evangelist, 1904, J. 
B. Wampler publishes some statistics 
regarding the form of baptism in dif- 
ferent countries that are worth preserv- 
ing for reference. 

Population of the world, ...1,415,552,199 

Supposed Christians, 477,080,158 

Number heathen, 938,472,041 

Those Who Practice Triune Dipping 

Greek Church, 98,616,000 

Orthodox Hebrews, 7,000,000 

Abyssinian Church, 3,000,000 

Armenian, 1,600,000 

Moravian Church, 82,971 

Brethren and others, . : 300,000 

Seventh Day Baptists (prob- 
ably), . _... 50,000 

Copts, Nestorians, Spanish, 
and the Catholics at Milan 

(probably), 50,000,000 

Liberal Churches, who give 
the subjects their choice 

(probably), _ 10,000 

Total observing "Sacra- 
ment " by triune dipping,. . 160,058,971 

Those Who Practice Triune Pouring 

Mennonites, 75,000 

Roman Catholics, 180,000,000 

Liberal Churches, who give 
the subjects their choice 

(probably), 10,000 

Total number who practice 

triune pouring, 180,085,000' 

Those Who Practice Triune Sprinkling 
Are : 

Lutheran Church, 50,000,000 

Reformed, 20,000,900 

The Rubric of the Episcopal 
Church is Triune Dipping, 

but like the Roman Catho- 
lics and others have de- 
parted from the apostolic 
mode. Episcopalians, 23,253,000 

Scotch Presbyterians and 

others (probably), 300,000 

Covenanters, 200,000 

Total number who practice 

triune sprinkling, ,. 93,753,000 

Number of supposed Chris- 
tians, 477,080,158 

Total number of Triune Ac- 
tionists, 433,896,971 

Leaving for Single Action- 
ists, 43,183,187 

Those Who Practice Single Dipping 

Baptists, Disciples and Oth- 
ers, 9,220,000 

Single Actionists by Sprink- 
ling and Pouring, 33,933,187 

Triune Dipping Above Single 

Dipping, 150,808,971 

Triune Actionists Above Sin- 
gle, 290,713,984 

From these approximate statistics the 
kind reader will readily observe that 
there are nearly eighteen times as many 
Trine Immersionists in the world as 
there are Single. There are also nearly 
ten times as many Trine Actionists as 
there are single. 

Whatever evidence there is in all this 
is wholly on the side of the threefold 
immersion. Those who have been try- 
ing to make it appear that the number 
practicing trine immersion is too small 
to be of any weight in the scale of evi- 
dence can see by these figures how bad- 
ly mistaken they are. 





A swarm of bees reminds me of a 
congregation of live Christians all at 
work. All of them seem to know their 
place, their work, and are satisfied to do 
their part well. -They all see and know 
that there is work to do, and their wis- 
dom gives the field' and the work to the 
workers. And all not thus employed 
give space. 

While all seem to have an eye on the 
future, and the life of their families, yet 
there seems to be no wrangling or quar- 
reling, or even counseling at that time 
on work days, for the one object sought 
is to fill their hive with honey. 

In fact, all seem to be in love, in union 
and in peace. You will notice very little 
confusion or opposition among them. 
They seem to know what is right for 
themselves and to be strong believers in 
the doctrine that places all workers where 
they have equal rights of " life, liberty 
and the pursuit of happiness." And this 
one feature in bees' conduct should be 
admired and followed by all people, for 
bees have their troubles, their differ- 
ences, and dissatisfactions. Yet we 
never hear of anything like a lynching 
or a mobbing in order to settle their 
troubles. They seek not to spread them. 
There may be bitterness and jealousy 
among them, but if so it is all in private; 
and here many religious people could get 

I notice, too, that bees all seem to 
have due regard for their fellow-workers. 
They seem never to get in each other's 
way, or to hinder the efforts of their 
fellow-workers. This one trait is an 
ornament in any one of humanity, and 
should be sought for and acquired by 
all, for it would save time now being 
lost in merely talking and worrying 
about the faults and blunders of other 

The bees have little to disturb or ex- 
cite them. Hence their home is one of 

abiding peace, or love, of agreement, of 
labor, and of contentment. Each bee 
seems to mind his own business, and to 
see that his work is well done. From 
this we can all learn. 

Bees may have councils, in springtime 
especially, but these are all in private; 
they may be on wet days, or at night, 
but never on work days. So no time is 
lost merely for the sound of it. And 
this one spirit, if adopted by humanity, 
would prove a blessing in the whole 
world, in the churches, in the States and 
in the nations. 

Bees all seem to wish for, to seek for 
and to labor with the best material at 
hand, doing the best they can. Hence 
their work is always a good work, while 
the bee still bears the name of being an 
honest worker. He has done on his part 
all that circumstances would allow. So 
there is no need of turning off good 
worlcmen in his case. The bee as a 
worker is the best example that we can 
get. May all people take lessons. 

The bees have no strikes or difficulties 
as to higher wages, etc. Each one seems 
willing to do all he can and is satisfied 
with what he gets. 

Another thing I notice is, that bees do 
nothing for show or display, merely to 
please the eye. With them there is no 
such a thing as " lust of the eye," or of 
doing things for fashion's sake. They 
do it not thus; but all they can do is 
done to try to make the most good out 
of everything. Here some people leave 
their old path and duties, from now on, 
call them into a new way, for they see, 
as the bee, that it is better to get a little 
of the sweet than none. 

May all look around us and see our 
many blessings, and may all seek to 
make good use of the many opportuni- 
ties now at hand, that the one object 
of man's creation may be attained, and 
God's name may be glorified. Isa. 43:7. 
Yours in love. 

Pleasant Hill, Ohio. 





I give the history of a few of the very 
popular hymns of the day. To know the 
history of a hymn has always added a 
new interest to it, and this ought also to 
help us in our singing of the hymn to 
make it more spiritual. 

The world-renowned hymn, " Just as I 
am, without one plea," was written in 
1836 by Charlotte Elliot. It is spoken of 
as " the divinest of heart utterances in 
song that modern times have bestowed 
upon us." It is one of those hymns that 
are suited to all ages, characters and con- 
ditions of life. 

"Just as I am" was an epitome of 
Miss Elliot's experience. She became 
deeply conscious of the evil of her own 
heart, and having not yet fully realized 
the fulness and freeness of the grace of 
God in the Lord Jesus Christ, she suf- 
fered much mental distress under the 
uncertainty whether it was possible that 
such a one as she felt herself could 
be saved. 

After groping her way through dark- 
ness for a year, Dr. Caesar Milan visited 
her father's house on the 9th of May, 
1822. He found her trying to work out 
her own salvation, and unwilling to trust 
entirely in Christ, thus being held back 
from the Savior by her own self-saving 
efforts. He said to her, " Dear Char- 
lotte, cut the cable, it will take too long 
to unloose it; cut it, it is a small loss. 
The wind blows, and the ocean is before 
you, the Spirit of God and eternity." 
And then bidding her to give " one look, 
silent but continuous at the cross of Je- 
sus," she was enabled at once freely to 
say, " Just as I am," etc. 

" From that time," says her sister, " for 
forty years his correspondence was just- 
ly esteemed the greatest blessing of her 
life. The anniversary of that day was al- 
ways kept as a festal day; and on that 

day, so long as Dr. Milan, lived, com- 
memorative letters passed from one to 
the other, as upon the birthday of her 
soul to true spiritual life and peace." ! 
"My Faith Looks Up to Thee." 

This hymn was written by Dr. Ray 
Palmer, in New York City, in December, 
1830. He was pursuing his education, 
and was, " between his college and the- 
ological studies," at the same time being 
employed as a teacher in a ladies' school. 
His health was very poor, and his world- 
ly prospects were clouded. He felt that 
the world could promise him nothing, 
and in an hour of seeming despondency, 
the young student turned to his only help 
and resource, to the promises of God. 
Comforted in spirit by him " to whom all 
things are possible," he tells his experi- 
ence and expresses his hope for the fu- 
ture in the lines of his hymn. The hymn 
at first seems not to have been intended 
for publication, for it was carried about 
in the author's pocket for a considerable 

Dr. Palmer says: "I gave form to 
what I felt, by writing with little effort 
the stanzas. I recollect I wrote them 
with tender emotion and ended the last 
line with tears." 

It remained for the musician, Dr. Low- 
ell Mason, to discover its true worth and 
to bring it to the eyes of the public. 
Mason and Hastings were compiling a 
new song book called " Spiritual Songs 
for Social Worship." It was a passing 
request by Dr. Mason that Dr. Palmer 
would contribute to this book, which 
brought out the hitherto unknown piece 
of poetry, in the recesses of the pocket- 
book. They were in Boston at the time 
and they stepped into a store together 
and a copy was made of the piece with- 
out any further comment. Then each 
proceeded on his way. On carefully re- 



reading the hymri at home, Dr. Mason 
was so much interested in it that he 
wrote at once the tune " Olivet " which 
has kept its company for all these wed- 
ded years with a sweet fidelity that no 
living man has ever dared to disturb. 

Two or three days later the authors 
met on the street and scarcely waiting to 
salute Dr. Palmer, Dr. Mason said in 
substance, " Dr. Palmer, you may live 
many years, and do many good things, 
but I believe you will be best known to 
posterity as the author of ' My Faith 
Looks Up to Thee,' " a prophecy liter- 
ally true years ago. It has been sung as 
far as the English language extends and 
has been translated into many foreign 

"Blest Be the Tie That Binds." 

This sweet hymn was written by Rev. 
John Fawcett, D.D., in 1772. 

After he had been a few years in the 
ministry, his family increasing more rap- 
idly than his income, he thought it was 
his duty to settle as pastor of a Baptist 
church in London, to succeed the cele- 
brated Dr. Gill. He preached his fare- 
well sermon to his church in Yorkshire. 
Six or seven wagons were loaded with 
his furniture, books, etc., ready to be car- 
ried to his new residence. But his lov- 
ing people were not ready, for all this 
time the members of his poor church 
were almost broken-hearted, and fer- 
vently prayed that even now he might 
not leave them; and as the time for de- 
parture ^arrived, men, women and chil- 
dren clung around him and his family 
in perfect agony of soul. The last wag- 
on was being loaded, when the good man 
and his wife sat down on one of his 
packing cases to weep; and bitterly they 
wept. Looking into his tearful face, 
while tears likewise ran down her own 
cheeks, his devoted wife said, "John, I 
cannot bear this! I know not how to 
go!" "Nor I either," said the good 
man, " nor will we go. Unload the wag- 
ons and put everything in place where it 
was before." The people cried for joy. 
A letter was sent to the church in Lon- 

don to tell them that his coming to 
them was impossible; and the good man 
buckled on his armor for renewed labors, 
on a salary of less than three hundred 
dollars a year. "English hymns" say at 
less than two hundred. Then he took 
his pen and wrote the words of this beau- 
tiful hymn as expressive of the golden 
bond of union that knit pastor and peo- 
ple so closely and tenderly together. 

John Fawcett was born at Lidget 
Green, in Yorkshire, Jan. 17, 1739; died 
July 25, 1817. 

"Abide With Me," 

the last poetic utterance of Francis Lyte, 
was written as the shadows of the dark 
valley were closing his labors on earth. 
Though he was " scarcely able to 
crawl " he made one more attempt to 
preach and to administer the holy com- 
munion. " O brethren," said he, " I 
can speak feelingly, experimentally, on 
this point, and I ctand before you sea- 
sonably to-day, as alive from the dead, 
if I may hope to impress it upon you, 
and induce you to prepare for that sol- 
emn hour which must come to all, by a 
timely acquaintance with, appreciation 
of, and a dependence on the death of 

Many tearful eyes witnessed the distri- 
bution of the sacred elements, as, given 
out by one who was already standing 
with one foot in the grave. 

Having given with his dying breath a 
last adieu to his surrounding flock, he 
retired to his chamber fully aware of his 
near approach to the end of time. As 
the evening of the sad day gathered its 
darkness, he handed to a near and dear 
relative this immortal hymn, with music 
accompanying, which he had composed. 

The Master did abide with him the 
few more days he spent on earth. His 
end is described as that of " the happy 
Christian poet, singing while strength 
lasted," and while entering the dark val- 
ley, pointing upwards, with smiling coun- 
tenance, he whispered, " Peace, joy." 

He died on the way home, some say. 



He " made hymns for his little ones, for 
his sturdy, hardy fishermen, and hymns 
for sufferers like himself. Rev. Henry F. 
Lyte, born 1816; died 1847. 

"Jesus, and Shall it Ever Be," 

found in nearly all the church hymn 
books, was written by Joseph Grigg 
when but ten years old. It had for its 
heading when first published: "Shame 
of Jesus conquered by love, by a child 
ten years old." 

It was first published in the " Gospel 
Magazine," and afterwards in a little 
pamphlet containing nineteen hymns, in 
which collection is also found the beau- 
tiful and much loved hymn, beginning, 
" Behold a stranger at the door." 

In early life he was a mechanic, and 
afterwards became a minister, and 
preached in Silver street, London, mar- 
rying a widow of considerable wealth. 
He was " the friend of the poor, the 
charm of the social circle, and an at- 
tractive and useful preacher." 

" Asleep in Jesus." 

This hymn originated in a visit paid 
by the authoress to a burying ground in 
the west of England. The suggestion 
was gotten from the words on a tomb- 
stone, " Sleeping in Jesus." This simple 
inscription is carved on a tombstone in 
the retired rural burying ground of Pen- 
nycross Chapel, Devonshire. Distant 
only a few miles from a bustling and 
crowded seaport town, reached through 
a succession of those lovely green lanes 
for which Devonshire is so remarkable, 
the quiet aspect of Pennycross comes 
soothingly over the mind. " Sleeping 
with Jesus " seems in keeping with all 

Here was no elaborate ornament, no 
unsightly decay. The trim gravel walk 
led to the house of prayer, itself boast- 
ing of no architectural embellishment to 
distinguish it, and a few trees were plant- 
ed irregularly to mark some favored 
spots. Written in 1832, by Margaret 



Population (census of 1901) 1,005,000 

Area in square miles, 7,500 

Average number of people to the 

square mile, 134 

Counties and districts, 20 

Towns and villages, 2,860 

Towns with over 20,000 popula- 
tion, 1 

Towns with over 10,000 and less 

than 20,000 3 

Towns with over 5,000 and less 

than 10,000 3 

Towns with over 3,000 and less 

than 5,000 7 

Towns with over 1,000 and less 

than 3,000 150 

Miles of railroad, 140 

Missionaries, 26 

Stations where missionaries live,.. 8 
Average number of people to each 

missionary, 38,650 

Native workers, 28 

Stations where native workers live, 15 

Total baptisms, 963 

Present number of Christians 800 

Average number of people to each 

Christian 1,250 

Christian families, 50 

Families partly Christian, 200 

Villages in which Christians live,. . 50 

Children in the orphanages 294 

Orphan children married, 45 

Organized congregations, 3 

Elders, 3 

Ministers in the second degree, ... 9 

Deacons, ' 4 

Day schools, 16 

Night schools 4 

Sunday schools, 9 

Sunday-school teac^er-3 35 

Sunday-school scholars 520 

Bulsar, India. 




Corrected up to and Including Nov. 7, 1905. 

For the convenience of the Gish Fund Department we have found it necessary to arrange the Ministe- 
rial List alphabetically instead of under States. 

Kept in our large fire-proof vaults is a systematically-arranged file, containing a card, 4x6 inches, for 
each minister in the Brotherhood. On each minister's card are his name and address. If he changes his 
address, the change is noted on his card. If he orders a book, as provided for by the Gish Fund, that is 
entered. When a minister dies, or is relieved of his office, his card is removed from the file. If a brothet 
is elected to the ministry a new card, containing his name and address, is placed in the file. 

The following list is set up from these cards. Should any mistakes be discovered, write us so we can 
correct the card list. The corrections made will appear in the Almanac list for 1907. 


Biniatoglon, Prodromus . .Rhodes. 

Chirighotis, Demetrius Smyrna, via London. 


Bare, John Cowley, Alberta, N. W. T. 

B-own, Chas. H Wolseley, Assa. 

Buck, Abram Francis, Assa., N. W. T. 

Irvin, David M Francis, Assa. 

Kenepp, Samuel J Ty van, Assa. 

Lanham, Ocia C, Tyvan, Assa. 

Shamherger, George A Nanton, Alberta. 

Shock, D. Warren Osage, Assa. 

Stauffer, Harvey Tyven, Assa. 

Tigner, Wm. H. . . . Nanton, Alberta, West Canada. 


Eskildsen, C. C Hirshalsvej 17, Hjorring. 

Hansen, Christian Bethesda, Bronderslev. 

Jespersen, P St. Hundborg, Sjorring. 

Johansen, Martin Sovany per Bedsted 

Poulsen, P. C Munkegade 3, Frederickshavn. 


Fercken, G. J Montreal (Ain). 


Berkebile, S. P Bulsar. 

Blough, J. M B. B. Ry., Bulsar. 

Ebey, Adam B. B. Ry., Dahanu. 

Eby, E. H Bulsar. 

Emmert. Jesse B. B. Ry., Bulsar. 

Lichty, D. J B. B. Ry., Bulsar. 

Long, Isaac S '. B. B. Ry., Jalalpor. 

McCann, S. N B. B. Ry., Anklesvar. 

Pittenger, J. M Bulsar. 

Ross, Amos W Bulsar. 

Stover, Wilbur B. B. Ry., Bulsar. 

Yereman, O. H Poste Restante, Bombay. 


Anderson, Andreas Limhamn. 

Johanson, Olof Nicopia, Nykoping 

Jonson, Per Wanneberga-Winslof. 

Lysell, Carl Ferlof. 

Olin, O. P Sodervidding. 

Pettersson, Joh . Bromsten. 

Risberg, J. M Kjeflinge. 

Weiler. H. O Drottninggatan ig, Landskrona. 

Pellet, A. 

2 Pont Neuf Carouge, Geneva. 


Abernathy, 1. W Wilson, W. Va. 

Adams, David M., Roaring Spring, Pa. 

Ahner, Jacob Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Akers, Dr. R. T Alumridge, Va. 

Akers, Wash Carthage, Va. 

Albaugh, H. P. 

13 69 Monticello Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Albaugh, J. E Bannister, Mich. 

Allbright, Wm. H Kesley, Iowa. 

Alldredge, J. S Anderson, Ind. 

Allen, H. C Snowflake, Term. 

Allen, J. R Hampton, Iovva. 

Allen, Thomas York, N. Dak. 

Allison, David W Shippensburg, Pa. 

Altland, Chas > . . . . Bigmount, Pa. 

Amick, Joseph Elgin, 111. 

/vnderson, G Snowflake, Tenn. 

Anderson, V .Birmingham, Iowa. 

Andes, Levi Newton, Kans. 

Andrews, M. E., Bangor, Cal. 

Angle, Lee Wirtz, Va. 

Anglemyer, D. H Nappanee, Ind. 

Anglemyer, Jesse J Nappanee, Ind. 

Annon, G. W Thornton, W. Va. 

Annon, S. M 

..712 Acme Driveway, Morgantown, W. Va. 

Annon, Zech Thornton, W. Va. 

Anthony, F. D Waynesboro, Pa. 

Anthony, Wm. A Shady Grove, Pa. 

Appleman, Jacob Hydro, Okla. 

Appleman, John F. . . Mexico, Ind. 

Argabright, J. H, Mountaingrove, Mo. 

Armentrout, G. W Dighton, Kans. 

Arnold, Albert S Eglon, W. Va. 

Arnold, A. W Augusta, W. Va. 

Arnold, Charley M New Paris, Ind. 

Arnold, D. B Burlington, W. Va. 

Arnold, D. E Purgitsville, W. Va. 

Arnold, G. S Burlington, W. Va. 

Arnold, John Lintner, 111. 

Arnold, John A Eglon, W. Va. 

Arnold, Perry A Ogden Center, Mich. 

Arnold, Peter Burlington, W. Va. 

Arnold, W Somerset, Ohio. 

Atkins, J. M.. Cabool, Mo. 

Atkinson, R . . Kingsley, Iowa. 

Auker, J. C Morrill, Minn. 

Ausherman, C. F R. R. 50, Myersville, Md. 

Ausherman, D . Burkittsville, Md. 

Austin, A. VV Cushing, Okla. 

Auvilj A. C Junior, W. Va. 

Babylon, E., R. F. D. No. 3, Hanover, Pa. 

Badger, Robert Panther, Iowa. 

Badger, Samuel Panther, Iowa. 

Bagwell, E. B Bremen, Ohio. 

Bahr, Jacob Talent, Oregon. 

Bailey, John P Mt. Etna, Iowa. 

Bakener, Fred Leaf River, 111. 

Baker, C. L East Berlin, Pa. 

Baker, D Carson City, Mich. 

Baker, David S. Wautauga, Tenn. 

Baker, D. H Hanover, Pa. 

Baker, D. M . Waynesboro, Pa. 

Baker, F. L Handley, Mo. 

Baker, Henry, . . R. F. D. No. 3, Greenville, Ohio. 

Baker, H. C Mondovi, Wis. 

Baker, H. Jesse 

R. F. D. No. 1, New Weston, Ohio. 

Baker, H. M North Star, Ohio. 



Baker, J. H „ .." Astoria, 111. 

Baker, John K Antioch, W. Va. 

Baker, J. S Everett, Pa. 

Baker, Lawrence Curtice, Ohio 

Baker, Levi R. F. D., Elsie, Mich. 

Baker, N. E Arkansas City, Kans. 

Baker, N. R Whistler, Ala. 

Baker, Raphael Gormania, W. Va. 

Baker, S. H., Box 1185, Spokane, Wash. 

Baltimore, A. H. .R. F. D. No. i, Lebanon, Oregon. 

Bame, Chas. A 25 Antioch St., Dayton, Ohio. 

Bantz, C. M Huntingdon, Term. 

Barkdoll, H. M R. D. 3, Naperville, 111. 

Barklow, B. F Myrtlepoint, Ore. 

Barklow, C. H Myrtlepoint, Oregon. 

Barklow, T Myrtlepoint, Oregon. 

Barnes, F Brandonville, W. Va. 

Barnett, J. W Myrtlepoint, Oregon. 

Barnhart, A Helms, Va. 

Barnhart, A. B. . .62 E. Wash. St., Hagerstown, Md. 

Barnhart, D. B R. R. No. 1, Overbrook, Kans. 

Barnhart, G Carthage, Mo. 

Barnhart, G. A Wirtz, Va. 

Barnhart, J R. R. 1, Boones Mill, Va. 

Barnhart, John Mansfield, 111. 

Barnhart, J. E R. R. No. 1, Springfield, Ohio. 

Barnhart, J. W R. R. 3, Wirtz, Va. 

Barnhart, O Willis, Va. 

Barnhart, Walter J Huntington, Ind. 

Barnhart, W. W. . North Manchester, Ind. 

Barnthouse, Jasper 

8, cor. Craig St. & Lawn Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Barrette, James S Baileytown, Tenn. 

Barto, I . Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Barwick, H. M McPherson, Kans. 

Basehore, G. H. .702 W. 17th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Bashor, A McAlisterville, Pa. 

Bashor, A. M Lawrenceburg, Tenn. 

Bashor, D . . . Holmesville, Nebr. 

Bashor, J. D Tonkawa, Okla. 

Bashor, John C Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Bashor, Joseph Platteville, Colo. 

Bashor, M. M., Albany, Oregon. 

Bashore, John R., Martinsburg, Pa. 

Baugher, A. S., R. R. 22, Lineboro, Md. 

Baugher, G. M Brodbecks, Pa. 

Baugher, Henry M.,..R. R. 1, Spring Forge, Pa. 

Baum, H. L Shannon, 111. 

Beagle, Eli Herring, Ohio. 

Beahm, I. N. H Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Beahm, J. C Accident, Md. 

Beahm, S. P Bedford City, Va. 

Beale, Jesse Waterloo, Iowa. 

Beam, Joseph R. F. D. No. 3, Somerset, Pa. 

Bean, E. G .> Indian Camp, W. Va. 

Bean, Wm. M Bellefontaine, Ohio. 

Beanblossom, D. W. 3109 Olive St., St. Joseph, Mo. 

Beard, David R R. R. 6, Westminster, Md. 

Beaver, I R. D. 3, Lewisburg, Pa. 

Beaver, O. T Lake Park, Iowa. 

Beaver, S. S 600 W. Pine St., Shamokin, Pa. 

Beckner, Perry McPherson, Kans. 

Beckner, W. O McPherson, Kans. 

Beeghly, James W Accident, Md. 

Beeghly, Jer Accident, Md. 

Beeghly, John W R. D., Dayton, Ohio. 

Beeghly, S. A . . Coalport, Pa. 

Beelman, Adam Chicago, Ohio. 

Beelman, Henry Dillsburg, Pa. 

Beer, J. H Denton, Md. 

Beery, C. 1803 Adams Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 

Beery, Jacob D .Augusta, W. Va. 

Beery, P. H Covington, Ohio. 

Beery, Salem R. R. 4, McCune, Kans. 

Benner, Levi B Duncansville, Pa. 

Bennet, D. H Minneapolis, Kans. 

Bennett, David I 

Cor. 14th & Washington Sts., Huntingdon, Pa. 

Mennett, John Artemas, Pa. 

Berkebile, D . . ; Delta, Ohio. 

Berkebile, D. G Wauseon, Ohio. 

Berkey, I. L Goshen, Ind. 

Berkey, Joseph Hillsboro, Pa. 

Berkeybile, Aaron Dubois, Nebr.' 

Berkley, Albert Derby St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Berkley, J Kimmei, Pa. 

Berkley, Norman W., 

29 Sell St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Berkman, D. G Lanesburg, Ark. 

Berkman, Hiram Fredric, Iowa. 

Betts, David Caldwell, Idaho. 

Betts, I. F Dinuba, Cal. 

Betts, Jacob, R. R. No. 2, Nampa, Idaho. 

Beverage, Josiah Monterey, Va. 

Beverage, J. W Monterey, Va. 

Bible, J. W Mouth of Seneca, W. Va. 

Bilger, W. Frank, Grampian, Pa. 

Billheimer, I Edna Mills, Ind. 

Bingaman, A. L Cerrogordo, 111. 

Binkley, N. W.,..R. F. D. No. 4, Arcanum, Ohio. 

Biser, M. M Burlington, W. Va. 

Biser, Solomon Headsville, W. Va. 

Bishop, Nathan Knobsville, Pa. 

Bixler, E. C Westminster, Md. 

Bixler, U Westminster, Md. 

Bixler, Wm R. R., East Akron, Ohio. 

Bjorkland, John, 404 S. 9th St., Rockyford, Colo. 

Blessing, S. A West Milton, Ohio. 

Blevins, J. C Parsons, N. Car. 

Blickenstaff, D. J R. F. D. No. 1, Oakley, 111. 

Blickenstaff, Jesse, Girard, Kans. 

Blocher, Amos H York, N. Dak. 

Blocher, Ira G R. R. 4, Greenville, Ohio. 

Blocher, Michael Perth, N. Dak. 

Blocher, S. W R. R. No. 4, Greenville, Ohio. 

Blough, A. P Waterloo, Iowa. 

Blough, E. J R. F. D. 1, Holsopple, Pa. 

Blough, J. E R. F. D. 1, Holsopple, Pa. 

Blough, J. W Hooversville, Pa. 

Blough, P. J Hooversville, Pa. 

Blough, S. S 

1 120 Greenfield Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Blough, W. W Beachdale, Pa. 

Bock, Daniel .' Kokomo, Ind. 

Bogue. Frank M Windfall, Ind. 

Bohn, J. S Peru, Ind. 

Bollinger, B. B Shipshewana, Ind. 

Bollinger, D. D Middlebury, Ind. 

Bollinger, I. M R. R. 2, South Whitley, Ind. 

Bollinger, R. B R. R., South Whitley, Ind. 

Bollinger, Samuel Ferris, Mich. 

Bollinger, S R. F. D. No. 6, Wooster, Ohio. 

Bollman, Jetse G. ..R. F. D. No. 3, Nappanee, Ind. 

Bomberger, Cyrus R. R. 4, Lebanon, Pa. 

Bond, Wm White, Pa. 

Bonebrake, David Altenwald, Pa. 

Bonewitz, J., Weston, Oregon. 

Bonsack, Chas. D Westminster, Md. 

Book, Edmund Blain, Pa. 

Book, I. B North Manchester, Ind. 

Book, Wm. I Gettysburg, Pa. 

Bookwalter, L. A R. R. No. 10, Dayton, Ohio. 

Bookwalter, Sylvan.. R. F. D. 2, New Paris,- Ohio. 

Boon, Samuel Alumine, Va. 

Boone, John O : Ferrum, Va. 

Booth e, Jesse R. F. D. No. 3, Floyd, Va. 

Boothe, Noah R Dulany, Va. 

Booz, Jacob Salfordville, Pa. 

Booze, H Aline, Okla. 

Borough, Samuel, ........ North Manchester, Ind. 

Borough, Wm ..188 Elder St., South Bend, Ind. 

Bosely, J. F Bulltown, W. Va. 

Bosely, J. W Bulltown, W. Va. 

Bosserman, Eleazer R. F. D. No. 18, Rawson, Ohio. 

Bosserman, Levi D Bagley, Iowa. 

Bosserman, W. P Lambert, Okla. 

Bowen, Francis Stoystown, Pa. 

Bowers, A. J Colfax, Ind. 

Bowers, Geo. F Taneytown, Md. 

Bowers, Peter Parkersburg, 111. 

Bowlus, John S Broad Run, Md. 

Bowman, A Hagerstown, Ind. 

Bowman, Asa R. R. 5, Floyd, Va. 

Bowman, C. A ... .Johnson City, Tenn. 

Bowman, D Dillons Mills, Va. 

Bowman, D R. R. 3, Versailles, Mo. 



Bowman, Daniel Altamont, Kans. 

Bowman, D. E iiagerstown, Ind. 

Bowman, Daniel F Johnson City, Tenn. 

Bowman, Geo R. 1'. D. No. i, Callaway, Va. 

Bowman, Isaac R. R. i, Boone Mill, Va. 

Bowman, Joseph R. R. No. i, Callaway, Va. 

Bowman, Jos. B Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Bowman, J. J Dayton, Ohio. 

Bowman, J. P Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Bowman, J. W Hagerstown, Ind. 

Bowman, L. A R. F. D. No. i, Callaway, Va. 

Bowman, Michael. . . .. Topeka, Ind. 

Bowman, R. F 1235. James St. Carthage, Mo. 

Bowman, S. I Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bowman, S. J R. R. No. 4, Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Bowman, S. L., Daphna, Va. 

Bowser, G. W Arcadia, Ind. 

Bowser, Israel M York, Pa. 

Bowser, John Tatesville, Pa. 

Bowser, J. J Cleveland, Kans. 

Bowser, Samuel Maxwell, Iowa. 

Boyd, A. L Cordell, Okla. 

Boyd, C. F Newville, N. Dak. 

Boyer, Allen Lena, 111. 

Bradley, E. J Saluda, N. C. 

Bradley, F. H Surrey, N. Dak. 

Bradshaw, John Brummett, N. C. 

Brallier, Chester A.... Pierceton, Ind. 

Brallier, D. S 213 Seventh St., Altoona, Pa. 

Brallier, Geo. H Greenyille, Iowa. 

Brallier, H. H Pierceton, Ind. 

Brammell, H. L Ozawkie, Kans. 

Branscom, Geo. A Melvin Hill, N. C. 

Branson, I. E.,....R. R. No. 1, Yorktown, Ind. 

Braucher, U. D Somerset, Fa. 

Bray, W. T R. F. D. No. 3, Montrose, Mo. 

Breshears, Burr E Chesaw, Wash. 

Bricker, Jacob, 2135 Walbrook Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Brickey, Allen Jenson, Ark. 

Bridge, Albert Monticello, Ind. 

Bridge, G. O Idaville, Ind. 

Bright, J. C R. R. No. 4, Dayton, Ohio. 

Bright, J. Homer R. R. No. 1, Union, Ohio. 

Brilhart, D R. R. 2, York, Pa. 

Brindle, J. H Kauff man, Pa. 

Britton, J. F Manassas, Va. 

Broadwater, J R. R., Preston, Minn. 

Brooks, J. W Newville, N. Dak. 

Brouse, W. P Nampa, Idaho. 

Brower, Alfred, Panora, Iowa. 

Brower, C. M South English, Iowa. 

Brower, D. M Ashland, Oregon. 

Brower, J. A Mayville, N. Dak. 

Brower, J. D -South English, Iowa. 

Brower, T. J Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Brower, Peter .South English, Iowa. 

Brower, S. F R. D. 1, Meridian, Idaho. 

Brown, Charles C Abilene, Kans. 

Brown, C. H R. D. 2, Hope, Kans. 

Brown, E. C Westminster, Md. 

Brown, Jer New Windsor, Md. 

Brown, J. K Woodbury, Pa. 

Brown, S. M...1554 Riddell Ave., Wichita, Kans. 

Brown, Wm. F.,. . Limestone, Tenn. 

Brubacher, A. H., R. R. No. 7, Lebanon, Pa. 

Brubaker, A Gratis, Ohio. 

Brubaker, A. C...1108 Vine St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Brubaker, B. F R. R. No. 4, Lyons, Kans. 

Brubaker, C. C. . McPherson, Kans. 

Brubaker, Chas. H 

2628 Durant Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Brubaker, D Perryville, Ohio. 

Brubaker, D. E Mt. Morris, 111. 

Brubaker, D. M Liberty, 111. 

Brubaker, D. R • . Roanoke, Va. 

Brubaker, E. B Brubaker, Pa. 

Brubaker, Ellis S R. R. 9, Wabash, Ind. 

Brubaker, H Coyle, Okla. 

Brubaker, H. T R. R. No. 2, Sterling, Kans. 

Brubaker, Isaac S McPherson, Kans. 

Brubaker, I. W R. R. No. 2, Monroe, Iowa. 

Brubaker, Jonathan Virden, 111. 

Brubaker, J. A Gotebo, Okla. 

Brubaker, J. F West Alexandria, Ohio. 

Brubaker, J. H Virden, 111. 

Brubaker, J. O Minot, N. Dak. 

Brubaker, J. S R. D., Azusa, Cal. 

Brubaker, J. H Surrey, N. Dak. 

Brubaker, L. E Hickman, Va 

Brubaker, N. F Fruita, Colo. 

Brubaker, Peter Minneapolis, Minn. 

BrubaSer, S. F Girard, 111. 

Brubaker, W. N., Rockton, Pa. 

Brubaker, W. R Surrey, N. Dak. 

Brumbaugh, A Greenville, Ohio. 

Brumbaugh, Elmer, 

..R. R. No. 1, Tippecanoe City, Oh'o. 

Brumbaugh, G. B James Creek, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, G. W Clovercreek, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, H. B Huntingdon, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, Henry H Defiance, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, I. Harvey Huntingdon, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, Irvin B.- James Creek, Pa. 

Brumbaugh. J. B Bellwood, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, J. B Huntingdon, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, James D Martinsburg, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, J. H Barbara, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, J. H...R. R. No. 3, Brookville, Ohio. 

Brumbaugh, J. K West Milton, Ohio. 

Brumbaugh, J. R . . . . R. R. No. 2, Arcanum, Ohio. 

Brumbaugh, L. R Denton, Md. 

Brumbaugh, M. G Huntingdon, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, Reuben II James Creek, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, S. I Saxton, Pa. 

Brunk, E. E Stet, Mo. 

Brunk, Henry Greentown, Ind. 

Brunner, Edward A Frederick, Md. 

Brunton, Walter New Plymouth, Idaho. 

Bryant, J. E Grand Junction, Colo. 

Bucher, Allen Annville, Pa. 

Bucher, C R. D. 6, Lebanon, Pa. 

Bucher, Cyrus Astoria, 111. 

Bucher, G Quarryville, Pa. 

Bucher, Rufus P Mechanic Grove, Pa. 

Bucher, S. G Astoria, 111. 

Buck, C. L New Enterprise, Pa. 

Buck, O. D Franklin Grove, 111. 

Buckingham, W. I Laplace, 111. 

Bucklew, William Clayton, Ohio. 

Bucklew, Solomon Canton, 111. 

Buckley, J. S Sterling, 111. 

Buckmaster, G. W Reck, Ind. T. 

Budd, Amos Corunna, Ind. 

Bueghly, Martin Waterloo, Iowa. 

Bullion, Earl Phoenix, Arizona. 

Buntain, George W Newtonsville, Ohio. 

Burall, J. M Ij^msville, Md. 

Burcham, W Noblesville, Ind. 

Burger, R. E • Allerton, 111. 

Burger, S. J Brighton, Ind. 

Burger, S. J Baltic, Ohio. 

Burget, A. B Clovercreek, Pa. 

Burghart, P Warrensburg, Mo. 

Burgin, George W McPherson, Kans. 

Burkepile, C. E R- D. No. 1, Butler, Ohio. 

Burkhart, J. S R. F. D. No. 2, Johnstown, Pa. 

Burkholder, C. K Richland, Nebr. 

Burkholder, J R. R. 3, Harmony, Minn. 

Burkholder, J. H Holland, Kans. 

Burns, I. S Wakarusa, Ind. 

Burns, W. H., Flora, Ind. 

Burrow, G. P Waynesville, Mo 

Bussard, John M R. R. 50, Myersville, Md. 

Bussard, W T m New Paris, Ind. 

Butcher, E. C R. D. 7, Caldwell, Kans. 

Buterbaugh, J. O West Beaver Creek, Md. 

Butler, Henry Richland, Iowa. 

Butterbaugh, J. W • • - 

R. D. 2, Chickasha, Ind. Ter. 

Button, O. O Ramona, Kans. 

Byer, W. D '■ . . Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

Byer, W. H Cando, N. Dak. 

Byerly, David Lima, Ohio. 

Byerly, D. M Magley, Ind. 

Byerly, Jesse S R. D. 2, Decatur, Ind. 

Byers, Calvin S R. D. 7, Hagerstown, Md. 

Byers, David Canton, Ohio. 



Cakerice, J. H. . . 
Caldwell, L. D . . . 
Calhoun, Allen. . . 

Calvert, J. G 

Calvert, Noah H. . 

. R. D., Whitten, Iowa. 

Mathias, VV. Va. 

Boyer, W. Va. 

Inglewood, Cal. 

Cando, N. Dak. 

Calvert, \v m Bell, Ohio. 

Calvert, W. Q., Roanoke, 111. 

Campbell, D. C R. R. No. i, Colfax, Ind. 

Campbell, J. A Fristoe, Mo. 

Campbell, J. F., Parsons, Kans. 

Campbell, U. S R. F. D. No. i, Bryant, Va. 

Carl, Geo. C. 1125 Albina Ave., Portland, Oregon. 

Carr, John, R. R. 1, McComb, Okla. 

Caruso, John 

205 Twenty-first St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Caslow, Ellis F Yale, Iowa. 

Cassady, Flarry J Huntingdon, Pa. 

Cassel," F. P Lansdale, Pa. 

Cassel, I Fairview Village, Pa. 

Castle, N. P Brownsville, MA 

Chambers, A Midland, V a. 

Chambers, D . Middleton, Mich. 

Chambers, Geo. W Locust Grove, Va. 

Chambers, J. W Middleton, Mich. 

Chandler, William Myrtlepoint, Oregon. 

Charles, Warren Grampian, Pa. 

Chemberlen, G. F Covina, Cal. 

Childers, W. H Crumpler, N. Car. 

Christian, J. H R. R. 5, Huntington, Ind. 

Christian, J. H Gettysburg, Ohio. 

Christner; Am:s Mt. Pleasant, fa. 

Christner, A. D R. F. D., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Claar, Abram J Queen, J/a. 

Claar, J. C Queen, Pa. 

Claar, Michael McKees, Pa. 

Clair, A. L. Mt. Morris, 111. 

Clanahan, John Edith, Va. 

Clapper, Daniel Ellerslie, Md. 

Clapper, D. S Everett, Pa 

Clapper, G. M Carrington, N. Dak. 

Clapper, John Larned, Kans. 

Clapper, Sherman Chewelah, Wash. 

Clark, B. O Sheridan, Mo. 

Clark, Dennis Maysville, W. Va. 

Clark, D. C. (colored) Palestine, Ark. 

Clark, E. F Denton, Md. 

Clark, Jesse D Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Clark, John S..2531 Stevens Ave., Parsons, Kans. 

Cleaver, Geo. D Curwinsville, Pa. 

Clem, Amsey E New Paris, Ind. 

Clemens, G. W Stet, Mo. 

Click, Daniel M Tekoa, Wash. 

Click, D. M Grand Junction, Colo. 

Click, J. W Bridgewater, Va. 

Click, Samuel Sumner, Wash. 

Cline, Geo Kempton, Ind. 

Cline, J. F McPherson, Kans. 

Cline, John W Mt. Sidney, Va. 

Cline, Joseph M Knightly, Va. 

Cline, Justus H Bridgewater, Va. 

Cline, J. W. ..129 E. Lake Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Cline, M. J Dayton, Va. 

Cline, Samuel West Newton, Pa. 

Coate, A. David Celina, Ohio. 

Cobb, E. M Elgin, 111. 

Cober, Ephraim Sabetha, Kans. 

Cochran, Martin Tollgate, W. Va. 

Cockley, N. B., Longsdorf, Pa. 

Coffman, H. C. N South English, Iowa. 

Coffman, J. D Grand Junction, Colo. 

Coffman, J. M..R. F. D. No. 1, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Coffman, Luther C Daleville, Va. 

Coffman, N. Walter Barren Ridge, Va. 

Coffman, T. R Parkerford, Pa. 

Colbert, George Ottawa, Kans. 

Collins, Benjamin Hosterman, W. Va. 

Collins, John R. R. 9, Laporte, Ind. 

Collyer, Harry, S. St. Joseph, Mo. 

Conner, Abram , Manassas, Va. 

Conner, W. K Newport News, Va. 

Connor, J Graters Ford, Pa. 

Cook, Amos R. R. 39, Union City, Ind. 

Cook, A. L Barnum, W. Va. 

Cook, Hezekiah Dillsburg, Pa. 

Cook, O. W Dillsburg, Pa. 

Coolc," S. G., Dorcas, W. Va. 

Cook, W. G R. F. D. No. 4, Billings, Okla. 

Cool, A. S Rolla, N. Dak. 

Cool, N. D., Winchester, Va. 

Cool, N. J R. F. D. No._ 2, Beaverdam, Ohio. 

Coppock, Jacob Tippecanoe City, Ohio. 

Cordier, F. P Celina, Ohio. 

Corle, O. S New Paris, Pa. 

Correll, P. M R. R. 1, Mosheim, Tenn 

Cosner, T. T Bismarck, W. Va. 

Cosner, Wm. H Wilson, W. Va. 

Cottrell, D. Owen.... Box 104, Union Bridge, Md. 

Couser, D. G R. R. No. 3, Lincoln, Nebr. 

Couser, J. A. R ' Mayhill, Ohio. 

Cover, Samuel C Crafton, Pa. 

Cox, John M Lordsburg, Cal. 

Cox, Samuel M Kipple, Pa. 

Coy, Aaron R. R. No. 8, Dayton, Ohio. 

Cramer, E. R., Alvada, Ohio. 

Cripe, Charles C R. R. 2, North Liberty, Ind. 

Cripe, David B Dunlap, Kans. 

Cripe, D. C Brethren, Mich. 

Cripe, D. E Mounds, Ind. Ter. 

Cripe, D. S . . . . R. R. No. 2, South Bend, Ind. 

Cripe, Israel Mt. Carroll, 111. 

Cripe, Jacob R. R. 13, Galveston, Ind. 

Cripe, John Tamalco, 111. 

Cripe, Jonathan R. R. 2, North Liberty, Ind. 

Cripe, John W Goshen, Ind. 

Cripe, Nath Hillisburg, Ind. 

Crissman, G. W St. John, Kans. 

Crissman, John Hortons, Pa. 

Crist, A. D Gardner, Kans. 

Crist, D. A •. Quinter, Kans. 

Crist, D. W., Motind City, Mo. 

Crist, Henry F R. R. No. 2, Gardner, Kans. 

Crist, Isaac H,, 

23 S. Bochee St., Kansas City, Kans. 

Crist, J. E R. R. No. 1, Paola, Kans. 

Cross, J. J R. R. 1, Michigan City, Ind 

Cross.white, A. G Flora, Ind. 

Crouch, E. M North Manchester, Ind. 

Crouse, J. H Wacker, 111. 

Crouse, J. M Oakhill, W. Va. 

Crouthamel, Flillery Line Lexington, Pa. 

Crowell, Devolt Bradford, Ohio. 

Cruea, Moses Slater, Mo. 

Crumpacker, A. II Redfield, Kans. 

Crumpacker, Emory C Bonsacks, Va, 

Crumpacker, F. H McPherson, Kans. 

Crumpacker, S Bonsacks, Va. 

Crumpacker, S. P Redfield, Kans. 

Crumrine, N. W Wabash, Ind. 

Culler, D. D Mt. Morris, 111. 

Culler, Geo R. F. D. No. 1, Woodland, Mich. 

Culp, Chas 112 Champa Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 

Culp, Fred, York, N. Dak. 

Cummings, E. B Joppa, W. Va. 

Cummings, James F Naffs, Va. 

Custer, Frank C Mayhill, Ohio. 

Czigans, Milton Spurgeon, W. Va. 

Daggett, A. C Covert, Kans. 

Daggett, C. F Belleville, Kans. 

Dale, N. S Calhoun, 111. 

Darr, John J Gideon, Pa. 

Davis, C. W....R. R. No. 1, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. 

Davis, D. C Trade, Tenn. 

Davis, John F Route No. 1, Jonesville, • Va. 

Davis, J. N Springs, Pa. 

Davis, Wm Morrill, Kans. 

Dawson, M. M Jenson, Ark. 

Deal, John Rosedale, N. Dak. 

Deanor, H. C Brownsville, Md. 

Deardorff, Geo. E Brethren, Mich. 

Deardorff, Henry Argos, Ind. 

Deardorff, Isaac Brethren, Mich. 

Deardorff, John D. W Gettysburg, Pa. 

Deardorff, J. W Hyland, N. Dak. 

Deary, James E Alvada, Ohio. 

Deaton, J. F West Alexandria, Ohio. 

Debolt, A Mason town, Pa. 



Decker, S. E Ashland, Oregon. 

Deeter, Manly Milf ord, Ind. 

Deeter, W. R Milford, Ind. 

Deleplain, J Waynesville, Mo. 

Dell, Jacob S Holmesville, Nebr. 

Delp, Chas. E Aurelia, Iowa. 

Delp, Jacob Pearl City, 111. 

Delp, S. E New Murdock, Kans. 

Demmy, John C Astoria, 111. 

Denton, T. C Daleville, Va. 

Dessenburg, Wm Ashland, Ohio. 

Detrick A. J Cushing, Okla. 

Detweiler, A. J Larke, Pa. 

Detweiler, Andrew S Larke, Pa. 

Detweiler, D. T New Enterprise, Pa. 

Devilbiss, W. B Ottawa, Kans. 

Dibert, D. W Everett, Pa. 

Dickerson, Moses Epperly, Va. 

Dickey, A. M McPherson, Kans. 

Dickey, J. P 

R. F. D. No. 5, North Manchester, Ind. 

Dickey, J. S R. R. No. i, Tiosa, Ind. 

Dickey, L. H Fostoria, Ohio 

Diehl, Austin, R. R. 5, Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Diehl, C. H Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Diehl, D. A Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Diehl, John I Reading, Minn. 

Diehl, J. B Carroll, Iowa. 

Diehl, J. W Panora, Iowa. 

Dierdorff, D. T Kingsley, Iowa. 

Dierdorff, J. W Lanark, 111. 

Dierdorff, M Yale, Iowa. 

Dietz, J. F 41 Sell St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Digman, S. P Barnum, W. Va. 

Digman, T. B Berkley Springs, W. Va. 

Diller, Aaron Nashville, Okla. 

Dilling, David Monticello, Ind. 

Dilling, L. S Hagerstown, Ind. 

Dillman, Morris Peru, Ind. 

Dively, Fred C 

R. F, 1). No. 1, Roaring Springs, Pa. 

Dorer, Solomon Johnstown, Pa. 

Dove, Addison Dovesville, Va. 

Dove, F. W Cabool, Mo. 

Dove, Geo. A Hotchkiss, Colo. 

Dove, Geo. L Dovesville, Va. 

Dove, J. A Clpverdale, Va. 

Downing, A. S., '.''Basil, Kans. 

Dredge, D. S R. D. No. 7, Springfield, Ohio. 

Driver, C. M Barrenndge, Va. 

Driver, J. F Timberville, Va. 

Driver, S R .F. D. No. 4, Waynesboro, Va. 

Driver, Samuel . R. F. D. No. 2, Lima, Ohio. 

Driver, S. I R. D > 2, Herring, Ohio. 

Dunbar, L. M Darlington, Ind. 

Duncan, A. H McMinnville, Tenn. 

Duncan, N. A Norwood, Mo. 

Duncan, Preston Sydney, Va. 

Dupler, A. W Thornville, Ohio. 

Early, A. B Newhope, Va. 

Early, H. C Penn Laird, Va. 

Early, Isaac North Liberty, Ind. 

Early, John, Monf ord, Mont. 

Early, Mark D. Elgin, 111. 

Early, M. G ! Nokesville, Va. 

Early, S. P Union Bridge, Md. 

Eastwood, Albert, R. No. 5, 

Rose Hill Sta., Kansas City, Kans. 

Eavey, George W . . . . R. F. D. No. 7, Lima, Ohio. 

Ebersole, Martin . Kinzer, Pa. 

Eby, B. Z Manheim, Pa. 

Eby, D. B Sunnyside, Wash. 

Eby, D. F Mogadore, Ohio. 

Eby, Enoch Lena, 111. 

Eby, Henry H Eldorado, Ohio. 

Eby, Ira P Poplar Bluff, Mo. 

Eby, J. G Beattie, Kans. 

Eby, Josiah , Dayton, Ohio. 

Eby, L. H 2438 Smith St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Ecker, G R. R. 15, Linwood, Md. 

Eckerle, P. F Lanark, 111. 

Edgecomb, S Ripley, Okla. 

Edmister, J. F. Nezperce, Idaho. 

Edris, E. W. . Fredericksburg, Pa. 

Edwards, F. G Chanute, Kans. 

Edwards, Robert Erwin, Tenn. 

Eicher, J. K Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Eikenberry, Edward Greene, Iowa. 

Eikenberry, Harvey, Glendale, Ariz. 

Eikenberry, I. M 18 Aberdeen St., Chicago, 111. 

Eikenberry, J R. R. No. 6, Warren, Ind. 

Eikenberry, J. E R. R. 2, Gowrie, Iowa. 

Eikenberry, J. F Greene, Iowa. 

Eikenberry, J. W Mound Valley, Kans. 

Eikenberry, Morris W Dallas Center, Iowa. 

Eikenberry, W. H Reading, Minn. 

Eikenberry, W. L • 

4233 Russel Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Eiler. Calvin F., Magley, Ind. 

Eisenberg, J. L. I Royersford, Pa. 

Eisenberg, J. Y Royersford, Pa. 

Eisenbise, John Morrill, Kans. 

Eisenbise, P. J Sabetha, Kans. 

Eisenbise, T. A Morrill, Kans. 

Eisenbise, W. G Waddams Grove, 111. 

Eisenbise, W. II Mt. Carroll, 111. 

Eisenhour, M. A Nappanee, Ind. 

Eldridge, William S Rose Hill, Va. 

Elgin, William Charity, Va. 

Ellenberger, G. W Turney, Mo. 

Ellenberger, J. E Polo, Mo. 

Ellenberger, W. S . Prowers, Colo. 

Eller, C. E Salem, Va. 

Eller, D. Newton Daleville, Va. 

Eller, G. R R. R. 3, Moline, Kans. 

Elliott, G. VV Nickerson, Kans. 

Elliott, J. M Rockyford, Colo. 

Elliott, L. E Welsh Run, Pa. 

Ellis, J. J 2-.Z7 York Road, Baltimore, Md. 

Ellis, O. C R. F. D. No. 2, Huntington, Ind. 

Elrod, S. L Climax, Kans. 

Elson, J. H , Wawaka, Ind. 

Emerick, I Strinestown, Pa. 

Emley, B. F Huntington, Ind. 

Emmert, Harvey: Huntingdon, Pa. 

Emmert, M. W Mt. Morris, 111. 

England, W. F Ashland, Ohio. 

Englar, W. P R. R. 15, Linwood, Md. 

Engler, Samuel E. .R. F. D. 32, New Windsor, Md. 

Ennis, David E Olathe, Mo. 

Ennis, M. M Darlow, Kans. 

Erbaugh, G.,..R. R. No. 2, New Lebanon. Ohio. 

Ernst, John J R. R. No. 3, Burroak, Kans. 

Eshelman, D. E Avon, 111. 

Eshelman, D. M . R. R. 3, Mt. Joy, Pa. 

Etter, Henry p ccky Comfort, Mo. 

Evans, Alex., . ....Wikel, W. Va. 

Eversole, S. N Wakarusa. Ind. 

Eversole, S. P Lapaz, Ind. 

Everson, T Whitesville, Ind. 

Everts, J. D Wilsons Mills, W. Va. 

Fadely, H. L R. R. No. 2, Middletown, Ind. 

Fahnestock, N. B Manheim, Pa. 

Fahnestock, S. B Manheim, Pa. 

Fahrney, Calio Prairie City, Iowa. 

Fahrney, L. E Sterling, Kans. 

Fahrney, P. D Frederick, Md. 

Fair, C. G Dekalb, Ind. 

Falkenstein, Geo. N Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Fasnacht, Urias C Quarryville, Pa. 

Faw, C. R Salem, N. C. 

Faw, Enoch, Eltopia, Wash. 

Feightner, Levi Box 25, Brethren, Mich. 

Felthouse, J. V Elkhart/ Ind. 

Ferguson, I. B R. F. D., Somerset, Pa. 

Ferrel, A. J . -. Culver, Ind. 

F'esler, Frederick Anderson, Ind. 

Fidler, J. W Brookville, Ohio. 

Field, Louis Pilgrim, Ky. 

Figgers, Robert Buenavista, Va. 

Fike, Aaron, R. F. D. No. 2, Oakland, Md. 

Fike, B. J Nezperce, Idaho. 

Fike, D. M., Carleton, Nebr. 

Fike, Emra T R. F\ D. No. 2, Oakland, Md. 

Fike, Geo. D , Nampa, Idaho. 


Fike, J. H Middlebury, Ind. 

Fike, Jonas Eglon, W. Va. 

Fike, John S Eglon, W. Va. 

Fike, Moses Eglon, W. Va. 

Fike, S. K Grantsville, Md. 

Fike, S. W Elliottsville, Pa. 

Fike, Tobias S Elklick, Pa. 

Filbrun, B. F Auburn, 111. 

Filbrun, D. S R. D. 1, Tippecanoe City, Ohio. 

Filbrun, J. J R. R. i, Reading, Minn. 

Fillmore, A. G Stanford, Okla. 

Fink, S ..... ■. Geneva, Ind. 

Finnell, Virgil C. . . . R. F.'D. 17, Scenery Hill, Pa. 

Finney, Wm Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Fiscel, Emmery Yale, Iowa. 

Fishbaugher, H R. R. No. 1, Preston, Minn. 

Fishblirn, Geo. A Overbrook, Kans. 

Fisher, Enos South Haven, Mich. 

Fisher, Frank Mexico, Ind. 

Fisher, Ira Darlington, Ind. 

Fisher, Irvin Mexico, Ind. 

Fisher, Noah Andrews, Ind. 

Fisher, Silas Mexico, Ind. 

Fisher, Wm. D Bible Institute, Canton, Ohio. 

Fitz, Conrad Boulder, Colo. 

Fitzwater, L. W Beverly, Kans. 

Fitzwater, P. B North Manchester, Ind. 

Fitzwater, S. W Dovesville, Va. 

Flack, L. H Ottawa, Kans. 

Flanagan, Robert Red Creek, W. Va. 

Fleming, Jas. W Purgitsville, W. Va. 

Fleshman, L. A Lindside, W. Va. 

Flohr, John R R. F. D. No. 3, Fairfield, Pa. 

Flohr, Leonard t Thurmont, Md. 

Flora, A. W. ..*..". Maxwell, Iowa. 

Flora, George B R. F. D. No. 3, Wirtz, Va. 

Flora, John W R. R. 2, Kappa, Ind. 

Flora, Riley Bringhurst, Ind. 

Flora, Riley Dugwell, Va. 

Flory, David Nashville, Mich. 

Flory, D. C, R. F. D. No. 4, Waynesboro, Va. 

Flory, Ezra R. F. D. No. 1, Union, Ohio. 

Flory, Geo. B..R. F. D. No. 1, Stuarts Draft, Va. 
Flory, Geo. W Bridgewater, Va. 

Flory, Henry Defiance, Ohio. 

Flory, Jacob Jewell, Ohio. 

Flory, James Shickley, Nebr. 

Flory, John Jewell, Ohio. 

Flory, J. S Box 1022, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Flory, Michael Girard, 111. 

Flory, N. B Pleasantdale, W. Va. 

Flory, Samuel South English, Iowa. 

Florv, S. H Nokesville, Va. 

Flory, S. I . Stuarts Draft, Va. 

Fluck, J. B Loysburg, Pa. 

Fogelsanger, J. R Shippensburg, Pa. 

Folger, W. W R. R. 1, Osceola, Iowa. 

Follis, John Lenox, Iowa. 

Foltz, S. M Bostetter, Md. 

Forney, Ben j Navarre, Kans. 

Forney, D. H Arcadia, Nebr. 

Forney, D. L Lordsburg, Cal. 

Forney, E Lordsburg, Cal. 

Forney, Henry Chenoa, 111. 

Forney, Hiram Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Forney, J. C Kenmare, N. Dak. 

Forney, Milton G R. D. 8, Lancaster, Pa. 

Forney, Peter Glendale, Ariz. 

Forney, S. M Kearney, Nebr. 

Forrer, John Stuarts Draft, Va. 

Forrer. Samuel Herington, Kans. 

Foss, Louis Lagrange, N. C. 

Foster, Joseph F Luray, Va. 

Foster, J. M., *.R. F. D. No. 3, Luray, Va. 

Foster, Jos., Jr .^ Luray, Va. 

Foster, O. D North Manchester, Ind. 

Foust, Alvin G, . . . . Scalp Level, Pa. 

Foust, Daniel Johnson City, Tenn. 

Foust, D. A R. F. D. No. 1, Williamson, Pa. 

Fouts, S. S Salem, 111. 

Fox, E. S., R. F. D. No. 2, Larned, Kans. 

Francis, J. G 139 Walnut Alley, Lebanon, Pa. 

Franklin, W. K .Lordsburg, Cal. 

Frantz, Abram Dawson, W. Va. 

Frantz, E McPherson, Kans. 

Frantz, Elmer E North Manchester, Ind. 

Frantz, H. A Firth, Nebr. 

Frantz, Isaac. , . . k . .Pleasant Hill, Ohio. 

Frantz, John F • Wabash, Ind. 

Frantz, J. L Belief ontaine, Ohio. 

Frantz, J. R Beattie, Kans. 

Frederic, C Grundy Center, Iowa. 

Frederick, John D Goshen, Ind. 

Frederick, J. E Rodney, Mich. 

Freeman, D. R Winamac, Ind. 

Fretz, William South Hatfield, Pa. 

Friedly, John Gooseneck, W. Va. 

Friend, G. H Edmond, Kans. 

Friend, S. M R. F. D. No. 2, Spencer, Ohio. 

Fruit, G. L R. R. No. 2, Viola, Wis. 

Fry, Henry Cornell, Nebr. 

Fry, W. H Scalp Level, Pa. 

Frye, A. B Maryville, Tenn. 

Fryfogle, Addison Wright, Kans. 

Frymoyer, C. T East Salem, Pa. 

Fulk, George H Genoa, Va. 

Fuller, Harry Oakwood, Ohio. 

Fultz, A. H Indian Camp, W. Va. 

Funderburgh, T- C Rockyford, Colo. 

Funk, Boyte H Bedford City, Va. 

Funk, J • • Wichita, Kans. 

Funk, S. W Glendora, Cal. 

Fyock, Abram R. F. D. No. 3, Johnstown, Pa. 

Fyock, J. W Purchase Line, Pa. 

Gable, Eli South Bend, Ind. 

Gaby, S. A R. D. 1, Baileytown, Tenn. 

Gans, Lewis A York, N. Dak. 

Garber, A. D Mt. Sidney, Va. 

Garber, B. B Waynesboro, Va. 

Garber, B. F Hybla, Va. 

Garber, C. S Sta. D., St. Joseph, Mo. 

Garber, D. B Hanfield, Ind. 

Garber, Jacob Dayton, Ohio. 

'Garber, Jacob A Greenmount, Va. 

Garber, Joel.R. F. D. No. 3, Grand Junction, Colo. 

Garber, John A 

220 Eighth St., S. E., Washington, D. C. 

Garber, J. C. ..23 Churchville Ave., Staunton, Va 
J. H 


Garber, J. R 

Newmarket, Va. 
R. R. 4, Norton, Kans. 

Garber, Levi Mt. Sidney, Va. 

Garber, P Weyers Cave, Va. 

Garber, Simon Fremont, Ohio. 

Garber, S. D R. R. 2, Baileytown, Tenn. 

Garber, S. H Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Garber, S. W 1744 N. Broadway, Decatur, 111. 

Garland, John C Pleasantridge, Pa. 

Garner, C. M Grundy Center, Iowa. 

Garner, Uriah R. D. 1, Walbridge, Ohio. 

Garns, J. D R. F. D. No. 3, Chambersburg, Pa. 

Garrett, Joseph W Station D, St. Joseph, Mo. 

Garst, Isaac B R. R. 1, Overbrook, Kans. 

Garst, J. H Blountville, Tenn. 

Garst, J. O R. R. No. 6, Dayton, Ohio. 

Garst, Levi R F. D. No. 1, Salem, Va. 

Garst, N. H R. D. 1, Salem, Va. 

Garst, N. N...R. F. D. No. 1, Pineyflats, Tenn. 

Garst, Samuel H Blountville, Tenn. 

Garst, T. C • Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Garver, D. M • • Farmersville, Ohio. 

Garver, J. E Cora, Pa. 

Garver, Samuel Spencer, Ohio. 

Gauby, J. M Washington, Kans. 

Gauby M. D...R. F. D. No. 2, Morrowville, Kans. 

Gault,' Samuel Bowbells, N. D*. 

Gaunt, W. A Huntingdon, Pa. 

Gearhart, Jos. A Winnebago, 111. 

Geer, E. S ••-.•• Geer Va. 

George, T. Ezra Qumter, Kans 

Gephart, T. W Arkadelphia, Ark. 

Gerdes, David R. R. 3, Morrison, 111. 

Gibble, C. R Brunnersville, 'a. 

Gibble, Hiram .Manheim, Pa. 

Gibble, Ira D Crosskill Mills, Pa. 

Gibble, Isaac S R. F. D. 3, Ehzabethtown, Pa. 



Gibbs, Chas. B Bolar, Va. 

Gibson, Chas. C Chatham, 111. 

Gibson, Cullen C Girard, 111. 

Gibson, D. B Girard, 111. 

Gibson, Javan Girard, 111. 

Gibson, Walter Tbpeka, Ind. 

Giffin, E. J Ottawa, Kans. 

Gilbert, Elmer H North Manchester, Ind. 

Gilbert, Frank Brethren, Mich. 

Gilbert, J. Z..3300 Griffin Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Gilbert, Silas Grundy Center, Iowa. 

Gillett, C- E Glendale, Ariz. 

Gillett, Ola E .Glendale, Ariz. 

Gilliam, H Fredericksburg, Iowa. 

Gingrich, A. B R. R. No. 4, Lebanon, Pa. 

Gish, J. W Holmesville, Nebr. 

Gish, R. G Nelson, Kans. 

Gish, W. B Thomas, Okia. 

Gitt, C. W Cabool, Mo. 

Glick, David Fruita, Colo. 

Glick, J. A Bridgewater, Va. 

Glick, Jacob D R. F. D. No. 19, Dayton, Va. 

Glick, Joel Carthage, Mo. 

Glick, Jos Ames, Okla. 

Glotf elty, Wm. N Batavia, Iowa. 

Gnagey, A. L Sugden, Ind. Ter. 

Gnagey, Joel Meyersdale, Pa. 

Gnagy, Harvey Garrison, Iowa. 

Gochenour, Frank Prior, Mo. 

Gochenouer, E R. F. D. No. 4, East Berlin, Pa. 

Goldizen, John C Hopeville, W. Va. 

Gordon, D. A Mansfield, Mo. 

Gordon, J. H Sterling, Colo. 

Gorham, A. L. . . Cushing, Okla. 

Goshorn, B. F Clay City, Ind. 

Goshorn, E. N Ladoga, Ind. 

Goshorn, G. V Clay City, Ind. 

Goshorn, R. R Clay City, Ind. 

Goubeau, J. C Mendon, Ohio. 

Goughnour, J. Q Ankeny, Iowa. 

Goughnour, S. M Ankeny, Iowa. 

Grabill, Peter T Roseland, Nebr. 

Grady, George W ." . Riverton, W. Va. 

Grady, Isaac S Syracuse, Ind. 

Graham, J. H Snowville, Ohio. 

Grater, A. L Royersford, Pa. 

Grater, J. W...617 N. Cushing St., So. Bend, Ind. 

Grater, W. H Morrison, 111. 

Gray, E. D Limestone, Tenn. 

Gray, S. S Warriorsmark, Pa. 

Graybill, Geo R. R. 3, Troutville, Va. 

Graybill, Israel Penn, Pa. 

Graybill, Jonas R. R. No. 3, Troutville, Va. 

Graybill, Jacob F. 1463 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Graybill, John G Bareville, Pa. 

Graybill, J. H Nampa, Idaho. 

Graybill, R. S R. R. No. 2, Lititz, Pa. 

Green, J. T Lonaconing, Md. 

Green, Louis F., Jr Cubage, Ky. 

Greenawalt, W. H Milford, Ind. 

Greenhalgh, Jonathan. .. R. D. 11, Anderson, Ind. 

Greenwood, J. W Cabool, Mo. 

Greyer, Saylor G 

117 S. Council St., Muncie, Ind. 

Griffeth, H. M Brummett, N. C. 

Gripe, N. S Thomas, Okla. 

Grisso, Jacob Catawba, Va. 

Groff, Hershey Bareville, Pa. 

Groff , Joseph Covington, Ohio. 

Groff, J. C R. F. D. No. 1, Firth, Nebr. 

Groff, Nathan D 

R. F. D. No. 1, New Weston, Ohio. 

Gross, Jesse Rogersville, Tenn. 

Grossnickle, S. P Edenton, Ohio. 

Groves, C. M Overhill, W. Va. 

Groves, J Hartford City, Ind. 

Gruber, C. A Fairfield, 111. 

Guinn, Isaiah Heath, Ind. 

Gump, H Covington, Ohio. 

Gump, Jeremiah R. R. 4. Churubusco, Ind. 

Gump, Jesse A Churubusco, Ind. 

Gump, John B 

R. F. D. No. t, Tippecanoe City, Ohio. 

Gump, S. S R. R. 4, Dayton, Ohio. 

Gustin, D. W Sulphur Springs, Ind. 

Guthrie, J. A Bluffton, Ohio. 

Guthrie, Joseph Fearer, Md. 

Guthrie, J. L R. F. D. No. 2, Nevada, Ohio. 

Guthrie, W. R Herring, Ohio. 

Guyer, Herman S Loysburg, Pa. 

Gwin, J. N Lewiston, 1 daho. 

Hagerman, Geo Toddville, Iowa. 

Hahn, J R. R. No. 2, Winamac, Ind. 

Hahn, M. L Pleasant Mound, 111. 

Hahn, M. W North Georgetown, Ohio. 

Haines, A. H Huntingdon, Pa. 

Haldeman, Samuel Morrill, Kans. 

Hall, S. D Valley, Ark. 

Hall, Wm. I... R. F. D. No. 1, Gladys, Va. 

Hamilton, W. J 

R. F. D. No. 3, Morgantown, W. Va. 

Hamm, David Rocky ford, Colo. 

Hamstead, Obed Eglon, W. Va. 

Hanawalt, Geo Lordsburg, Cal. 

Hanawalt, Harvey M Lordsburg, Cal. 

Hanawalt, W. C Lordsburg, Cal. 

Handy, Wm. H Parsons, N. C. 

Hanson, Edward M Cedar, Ind. 

Hantz, J. F Abilene, Kans. 

Harader, I. L Payette, Idaho. 

Harader, L. . j Arkansas City, Kans. 

Harden, T Hyndman, Pa. 

Hardman, Martin Bronson, Mich. 

Hardy, James Edgerton, Kans. 

Harkleroade, Christ Roseland, Nebr. 

Harman, A Falcon, Va. 

Harman, B. J Bladensburg, Iowa. 

Harman, S. P Harman, W. Va. 

Harman, Wm Tontogany, Ohio. 

Harnish, Jacob Laton, Cal. 

Harp, Geo. S . '. R. R. 50, Myersville, Md. 

Harp, James Mifflin, Ohio. 

Harrell, E. B Brummett, N. C. 

Harris, Isham Cheney, Kans. 

Harris, I. L Cabool, Mo. 

Harris, James P R. F. D. No. 2, Cabool, Mo. 

Harris, Charles J R. D. 4, Greenville, N. C. 

Harris, W. D R. R. 1, Granada, Colo. 

Harrison, John C R. R. 2, Tullahoma, Tenn. 

Harrold, A. W Columbiana, Ohio. 

Harshbarger, C. W., R. F. D. No. 2, Johnstown, Pa. 

Harshbarger, Isaac Girard, 111. 

Harshbarger, J. M.,R. F. D. No. 2, Johnstown, Pa. 

Harshbarger, J. P McPherson, Kans. 

Harshbarger, John W Jeffersonville, 111. 

Harshbarger, J . VV Girard, 111. 

Harshbarger, Wm. R Ladoga, Ind. 

Hart, David M..R. F. D. No. 4, Churubusco, Ind. 

Harter, A. L Carrier, Okla. T. 

Hartman, D. B R. D. 3, Lakeville, Ind. 

Hartman, W. H Goltry, Okla. 

Hartsough, J Nappanee, Ind. 

Hartsough, J Grand Harbor, N. Dak. 

Harvey, Amos Jasper, Mo. 

Harvey, Henry M Wilson, W. Va. 

Harvey, William Jasper, Mo. 

Hatcher, Wm. L R. R. No. 12, Marion, Ind. 

Haughtelin, Irving Panora, Iowa. 

Haughtelin, J. D Panora, Iowa. 

Hawbaker, A. W., R. F. D. No. 1, Copemish, Mich. 

Hawke, M. R Indian Springs, Tenn. 

Hay, Frank E R. R. 20, Hagerstown, Ind. 

Hays, Daniel Broadway, Va. 

Hays, J. S Cherrybox, Mo. 

Hazlett, James L North Manchester, Ind. 

Heagley, Geo. A Frederick, S. Dak. 

Heckler, J. Y Alvo, Nebr. 

Heckman, J. Hugh Cerrogordo, 111. 

Heckman, John Elgin, 111. 

Heckman, K Beaver City, Nebr. 

Heckman, S. J Michigan Valley, Kans. 

Heckman, Wm. T. .R. F. D. No. 2, Cerrogordo, 111. 

. Heestand, A. I R. R. 8, Wooster, Ohio. 

Heestand, Eli L Elkhart, Ind. 

Heeter, G. B Burnetts Creek, Ind. 



Heeter, N. B R. R. No. 3, Goshen, Ind. 

Heim, Elmer N North Liberty, Ind. 

Heistand, Jacob R. R. 1, Middlepoint, Ohio. 

Heisy, Martin I Cornwall, Pa. 

Heitz, S Cerrogordo, 111. 

Heifer, P Granger, Ohio. 

Heller, Jacob Decatur, Ind. 

Helm, C. A Ruggles, Ohio. 

Helman, Howard II 

1212 Chance Ave., Canton, Ohio. 

Heiman, J. Q R. R. 2, Union City, Ind. 

Hendrickson, D. C West Milton, Ohio. 

Henricks, S. F R. R. No. 6, Plymouth, Ind. 

Henry, Samuel Laton, Cal. 

Hensley, Joel Higgins, N. C. 

Herr, John. Myerstown, Pa. 

Hershberger, I. A. B Vinton, Va. 

Hershberger, J. S Everett, Pa. 

Hershberger, S R. R. No. 1, Everett, Pa. 

Hershey, Daniel Mt. Morris, 111. 

Hershey, E Gettysburg, Ohio. 

Hertzler, Ephraim, 141 1 Haskell, Lawrence, Kans. 

He.rtzler, S. H Elizabethtown, Fa. 

Hertzog, P. H 

112 N. Ahtanum Ave., North Yakima, Wash. 

Hess, Aaron Goshen, Ind. 

Hess, J. W t R. D. No. 2, Mt. Solon, Va. 

Hess, Wm Goshen, Ind. 

Hetrick, D. A Deanville, Pa. 

Hetrick, J. P Pottstown, Pa. 

Hiatt, Elihu Pox 104, Conrad, Iowa. 

Hicks, C. M R. F. D. 21, Williamsport, Md. 

Hicks, Oliver Z Brooklyn, 111. 

Hieshman, Geo Wardensville, W. Va. 

Highbarger, O. S Hagerstown, Md. 

Hilary, C. S Winona, Minn. 

HUbert, John B Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Hilbert, Robert Jonesboro, Tenn. 

tlildebrand, D Conemaugh, Pa. 

Hildebrand, Jacob Teegarden, Ind. 

lljlkey, J. E Overbrook, Kans. 

Hill, James R. R. 1, Arcadia, Ind. 

Hillery, Lemuel Peace Valley, Mo. 

Himes, W. B Dorrance, Kans. 

Hinegardner, B. D Lost City, W. Va. 

Hire, Wm Defiance, Ohio. 

Hochstettler, D Cove, Md. 

Hochsettler, J R. R., Millersburg, Ohio. 

Hockman, J Pleasantdale, W. Va. 

Hodge, Josiah Pineyflats, Tenn. 

Hodgden, D Huntington, Ind. 

Hodgden, M. O Galesburg, Kans. 

Hoff, C. S R. D. 1, Covert, Kans. 

Hoff, E. B 188 Hastings St., Chicago, 111. 

Hoffert, H. A Carleton, Nebr. 

Hoffman, J. P Argos, Ind. . 

Hoffman, Martin Onward, Ind. 

Hoffman, M. J Perth, N. Dak. 

Hohf, D. B Smiths Station, Pa. 

Hoke, Henry Rehoboth, Ind. 

Hoke, Jonas Leetonia, Ohio. 

Hoke, Levi Goshen, Ind. 

Holder, Daniel Batavia, Iowa. 

Holder, Joseph Hagerstown, Ind. 

Holderman, C R. F. D. No. 1, Reeds, Mo. 

Holderman, Jacob Lost Springs, Kans. 

Holler, George Huntington, Ind. 

Hollinger, Adam Allen, Pa. 

Hollinger, Albert Vienna, Va. 

Hollinger, A. M Mooredale, Pa. 

Hollinger, D Greenville, Ohio. 

Hollinger, Daniel, Bachmansville, Pa. 

Hollinger, Henry R. R. 4, Lebanon, Pa. 

Hollinger, J Greenspring, Pa. 

Hollinger, Jacob North Manchester, Ind. 

Hollinger, Jesse Berthold, N. Dak. 

Hollinger, John Russell, Kans. 

Hollinger, John A Belleview, Pa. 

Hollinger, Moses R. R. 3, Greenville, Ohio. 

Holloway, J Chanute, Kans. 

Holloway, James Centerview, Mo. 

Holmes, C. E Reeds, Mo. 

Holmes, Eli Smith ville, Ohio. 

Holsberry, J. K ; Kirt, W. Va. 

Holsinger, C. S Laton, Cal. 

Holsinger, D. R Laton, Cal. 

Holsinger, J. L Bakers Summit, Pa. 

Holsinger, J. S Nokesville, Va. 

Holsinger, L. F New Enterprise, Pa. 

Holsinger, L. T Pyrmont, Ind. 

Holsinger, M ' Pyrmont, Ind. 

Holsinger, W. H Shellytown, Pa. 

Holsopple, F. F Huntingdon, Pa. 

j Holsopple, Ira C Pottstown, Pa. 

, Holsopple, J R. R. 3, Johnstown, Pa. 

j Holsopple, Joseph ..Pennrun, Pa. 

Holsopple, W. W R. R., Versailles, Mo. 

Honberger, S. A 

838 S. Wichita St., Wichita, Kans. 

Honeyman, B. F Dayton, Ohio. 

Flood, W. H Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Hooper, C. J Oakland, Kans. 

Hooper, J. E Oakland, Kans. 

Hoover, David E Garrett, Ind. 

Hoover, David F R. R. No. 2, Middletown, Ind. 

Hoover, David P. Huntingdon, Pa. 

Hoover, Frederic Riddlesburg, Pa. 

Hoover, Isaac L Lone Star, Kans. 

Hoover, J. J Sabetha, Kans. 

Hoover, Jonathan R. R. 6, Sidney, Ohio. 

Hoover, O. P 

3938 Shenandoah Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Hoover, Silas Bills, Pa. 

Hoover, Tobias Spencer, Ohio. 

Hoover, W. I. T North Manchester, Ind. 

Hoover, W. N Holidaysburg, Pa. 

Hoppock, J. D Sergeantsville, N. J. 

Hopwood, G. W Deepriver, Iowa. 

Horn, Elijah Roseville, Ohio. 

Horner, D. D Jones Mills, Pa. 

Horner, Wilbert J Carlisle, Nebr. 

Horning, Jonas West Alexandria, Ohio. 

Horning, S R. R. 4, Brookville, Ohio. 

Horning, S. H Frederick, S. Dak. 

Horning, W. W Frederick, S. Dak. 

Horst, A. B R. F. D. No. 2, Spencer, Ohio. 

Horst, Jonas R. F. D., Calla, Ohio. 

Horst, M. Clyde 

Bi'jle Institute Bldg., Canton, Ohio. 

Hosfeld/, C. F Shippensburg, Pa. 

Hostetler, D. W Bunkerhill, Ind. 

Hostetler, E. K Pocahontas, Pa. 

Hottel, Benj Richland Center, Pa. 

Hottenstein, Amos East Petersburg, Pa. 

Hougendougler, John Harrisonville, Mo. 

Houk, Peter R. R. 1, Kappa, Ind. 

Hovatter, John Hovatter, W. Va. 

Howard, I. J Hartford City, Ind. 

Howard, L Stevensville, Mich. 

Howe, E. M Maitland, Pa. 

Howe, W. M...5901 Third Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hoxie, G. W Williams, Oregon. 

Huber, Calvin A Goshen, Ind. 

Huber, Lewis Sergius, N. Dak. 

Hudson, J. L Grand Junction, Iowa. 

Huffman, James W Stanleytown, Va. 

Huffman, J. B. F Brand, Va. 

Huffman, Lewis Mt. Zion, Ind 

Huffman, Peter Elkhart, Ind. 

Hufford, Isaac R. R. 3, Petoskey, Mich. 

Hughes, John R. . . . Ephesus, Va. 

Hull, A York Springs, Pa. 

Hull, R. T R. F. D. No. 3, Somerset, Pa. 

Humbarger, John Abilene, Kans. 

Humbarger, Loren Cokimbia City, Ind. 

Hummer, Fred R. R. No. 7, Portland, Ind. 

Hummer, S. S Colchester, 111. 

Hutchison, A McPherson, Kans. 

Hutchison, J. A .Cordova, Md. 

Hutchinson, Geo Lindside, W. Va. 

Hyer, E R. R. No. 6, Dayton, Ohio. 

Hyer, Leonard Columbia City, Ind. 

Hylton, Austin Santos, Va. 

Hylton, A. N Topeco, Va. 

Hylton, B. B Idumea, Mo. 

Hylton, C. D Trinity, Va. 



Hyltori, D. Price, Trinity, Va. 

Hylton, H. P. Jericho, Va. 

Hylton, John W. B Belpre, Kans. 

Hylton, Joseph Pax, Va. 

Hylton, Joseph B Idumea, Mo. 

Hylton, S. E Santos, Va. 

Hylton, S. P Willis, Va. 

Idleman, R. T Maysville, W. Va. 

Ihrig, L. B . . , Avery, Mo. 

Ikenberry, Chas. S Daleville, Va. 

lkenberry, Henry Wirtz, Va. 

Ikenberry, John Quinter, Kans. 

Ikenberry, J. W Daleville, Va. 

Ikenberry, L. D North Manchester, Ind. 

Ikenberry, S. M R. F. D. No. 3, Wirtz, Va. 

Imler, T. F 154 Airy St., Norristown, Pa. 

Isenburg, W. D Gillenwater, Tenn. 

Ives, Allen Centralia, Wash. 

Jamieson, B. F Delta, W. Va. 

Jamison, John Potts Creek, Va. 

Jarboe, J. W Quinter, Kans. 

Jellison, J. H R. R. 5, Vincennes, Ind. 

John, C Dymond, N. Dak. 

John, E. E Leeton, Mo. 

John, J. J Union Bridge, Md. 

John, O. O Antrim, Kans. 

Johnson, Albert Sherr, W. Va. 

Jobnson, C. C Huntingdon, Pa. 

Johnson, I. C Waterloo, Iowa. 

Johnson, Stephen Nezperce, Idaho. 

Johnson, Wm.... 154.2 Orange St., Wichita, Kans. 

Jones, Henry 

Care of Brethren's Home, Greenville, Ohio. 

Jones, Hiram Cubage, Ky. 

Jones, J. E._. Grundy Center, Iowa. 

Jones, Joseph , .■ Girard, 111. 

Jones, Lewis Walnut Hill, Va. 

Tones, S. P Brooklyn, S. C. 

Joseph, John E Riga, N. Dak. 

Jordan, John Exeter, Nebr. 

Jordan, J. L Griesel, Mo. 

Joyce, E. E Altamont, Kans. 

Julius,. Aaron Dospalos, Cal. 

Kagey, A. J Mt. Jackson, Va. 

Kagey, Jos. M Dayton, Va. 

Kahle, Walter M 

Bible Institute Bldg., Canton, Ohio. 

Kahler, J. F Louisville, Ohio. 

Karns, Gabriel . . . Eaton, Ind. 

Katherman, S. B Lawrence, Kans. 

Kauffman, H. A Williston, N. Dak. 

Kauffman, J. S R. R. 3, Nappanee, Ind. 

Kaylor, Fliiam E R. D. 1, Rheems, Pa. 

Keim, Howard H Ladoga, Ind. 

Keim, L. M R. D. 1, Shelocta, Pa. 

Keiser, E. T Lordsburg, Cal. 

Keiser, J. W 1 .R. R. 1, Alvordton, Ohio. 

Keiser, Thos Lordsburg, Cal. 

Keith, C. W Brethren, Mich. 

Keith, Jacob F Campcreek, Va. 

Keller, D. H 522 W. 7th St., Winona, Minn. 

Keller, I. B Ephrata, Pa. 

Keller, Jacob S Mercersburg, Pa- 
Keller, J. E Tipton, Iowa. 

Keller, J. H R. F. D., Cherry Box, Mo. 

Keller, John H Tolna, Pa. 

Keller, Michael R. D. 2, Larned, Kans. 

Keller, Samuel Bourbon, Ind. 

Keller, W. D Frederickstown, Ohio. 

Kelley, H. M Burlington, W. Va. 

Kelso, Jonathan Carleton, Nebr. 

Keltner,. Chas. H Mt. Morris, 111. 

Keltner, Lewis E Hygiene, Colo. 

Keltner, P. R Lena, 111. 

Keltner, W. W Williston, N. Dak. 

Kendall, Amos R. 17, McGrawsville, Ind. 

Kendig, E. D R. R. 3, Staunton, Va. 

Kennedy, James Camden, Ind. 

Kesler, B. E Leachville, Ark. 

Kesler, Jeremiah D Zion, N. Dak. 

Kessler, J. . v West Salem, Ohio. 

Key, Isaac Fowlerton, Ind. 

Kidwell, E. M Decatur, Tex. 

Kiggins, J. T Pawnee, Okla. 

Kilhefner, D. K Ephrata, Pa. 

Killian, J. W Hicksville, Ohio. 

Killingsworth, A R. R. No. 2, Collins, Mo. 

Kilpatrick, J. W Saluda, N. C. 

Kimmel, H. H. . • R. R. 3, Somerset, Pa. 

Kimmel, J. T Hartville, Ohio. 

Kimmel, Lewis Elderton, Pa. 

Kindig, J. J Roseland, Nebr. 

Kindig, J. R Waynesboro, Va. 

King, James A Castlewood, Va. 

King, Joshua Y R. F. D. No. 3, Denton, Md. 

Kinsley, Chas Hartville, Ohio. 

Kintner, Chas. L. R. D. 1, Sherwood, Ohio. 

Kintner, Edward R. D. 1, Latty, Ohio. 

Kintner, W. I Raymond, Ohio. 

Kintzel, Wm. Z Pine Grove, Pa. 

Kinzie, J. H Haxtum, Colo. 

Kinzie, W. A R. F. D. No. 1, Lone Star, Kans. 

Kirakofe, B. A Stover, Va. 

Kiriazidis, Athanas Muncie, Ind. 

Kirk, D. W Colfax, W. Va. 

Kirkham, Omra O R. R. 1, Altamont, Kans. 

Kirklin, J. R R. R. No. 7, Muncie, Ind. 

Kitchen, A. R Waukesha, Pa. 

Kitson, J. W Syracuse, Ind. 

Kitterman, G R. R. No. 3, Hartford City, Ind. 

Kittinger, B. F 

...2132 Nedrow St., Germantown, Phila., Pa. 

Klein, Jesse R Johnsville, Md. 

Klepinger, A. L R. R. 10, Dayton, Ohio. 

Klepinger, Davis P Peru, Ind. 

Klepinger, W Nickerson, Kans. 

Klepper, Peter Alumwell, Tenn. 

Kline, J. H Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Kline, J. H Broadway, Va. 

Kline, John L R. R. No. 2, Akron, Ind. 

Kline, John M Vienna, Va. 

Kline, J. Samuel R. R. 3, Hardin, Mo. 

Knavel, Peter Scalp Level, Pa. 

Kniesley, D. S Harbor Springs, Mich. 

Knopsnyder, William Freed, Pa. 

Kob, L. M Gardengrove, Iowa. 

Koch, D. P Karle, Ohio. 

Kolb, T. J Double Pipe Creek, Md. 

Kollar, G. V. . . R. F. D. No. 3, Canal Dover, Ohio. 

Kollar, P R. F. D. No. 3, Canal Dover, Ohio. 

Koontz, Jacob Loysburg, Pa. 

Koontz, Wm Shadygrove, Pa. 

Krabill, C R. F. D. No. 3, Edgerton, Ohio. 

Krabill, J. P Prairie Depot, Ohio. 

Krabill, J. W R. F. D. No. 5, Bryan, Ohio. 

Kratz, William D R. R. 3, Telford, Pa. 

Kreider, D South Whitley, Ind. 

Kreider, Frank Goshen, Ind. 

Kreider, Ira North Manchester, Ind. 

Kreider, Landa N., R. R. 1, South Whitley, Ind. 
Kreider, Lawrence.. R. R. No. 2, Arcanum, Ohio. 

Kreps, Alfred Carrington, N. Dak. 

Krieghbaum, H. W 

-.977 Vistula Ave., South Bend, Ind. 

Kuhns, Amos M Union Deposit, Pa. 

Kuhleman, August Pearl City, 111. 

Kulp, Samuel W Ephrata, Pa. 

Kuns, Geo. D Box 120, McPherson, Kans. 

Kurtz, D. W Hartville, Ohio. 

Kurtz, J. H Poland, Ohio. 

Kurtz, L. P 103 Park Ave., Logansport, Ind. 

Kutz, D. C DeTurksville, Pa. 

Lackey, W. E Charity, Va. 

Lahman, C. W Franklin Grove, 111. 

Lair, John M R. F. D. No. 2, Custer, Mich. 

Lambert, Amby H 

....4413 Huntington Ave., Newport News, Va. 

Lampin, J. C Polo, 111. 

Lampin, Wm Polo, 111. 

Landes, B White Oak, Ohio. 

Landes, H Cerrogordo, 111. 

Landis, D R. F. D. No. 2, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Landis, D ....,,.., Hollowtown, Ohio. 



Landis, D. F Williston, N. Dak. 

Landis, G. W Chtickaho, Okla. 

Landis, Henry Flora, Ind. 

Landis, J. A Manadahill, Pa. 

Lanter, G. M R. R. 35, Union City, Ind. 

Lantz, S. E Thrall, Kans. 

Lapp, Christ Farnam, Nebr. 

Larick, Henry Covina, Cal. 

Larimer, J Piney Flats, Tenn. 

Laughrun, A. M Erwin, Tenn. 

Laughrun, Marion. . . , Relief, N. C. 

Lauver, G. M Batavia, 111. 

Layman, J. T Newmarket, Va. 

Leaman, W. H Madison, Kans. 

Lear, John W Cerrogordo, 111. 

Leatherman, D New Carlisle, Ohio. 

Leatherman, E. K R. F. D. 2, Littleton, Pa. 

Leatherman, G Harmony, Md. 

Leatherman, Geo. YY Keyser, W. Va. 

Leatherman, J . B Burlington, W. Va. 

Leatherman, J. M Purgitsville, W. Va. 

Leatherman, J. N Purgitsville, W. Va. 

Leatherman, J . R Delray, Fla. 

Leatherman, R. B. . . Williamsport, W. V a. 

Leavell, O. W Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

Leckrone, Em Silverlake, Ind. 

Leckrone, Q Thornville, Ohio. 

Leckrone, S . . . North Manchester, Ind. 

Ledbetter, W. S Rogersville, Tenn. 

Leedy, Amos Leedy, Okla. 

Leer, Benjamin Shipshewana, Ind. 

Lefever, Elias B 

225 N. Mentor Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 

Lef twich, J. P Gillaspie, Va. 

Lehman, Franklin Kingsley, Iowa. 

Lehman, J Guthrie, Okla. 

Lehman, J. B . Crowson, Tenn. 

Lehmanj James 1' 

508 W. Philadelphia St., York, Pa. 

Lehman, T.. J 624 Somerset St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Lehman, Peter Chambersburg, Pa. 

Lchmer, G. G Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Lehmer, S. G 

3207 Manitou Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Lehner, John Upton, Pa. 

Lentz, Chas. A Leeton, Mo. 

Lentz, G. W Adrian, Mo. 

Leonard, Bruce Hartford City, Ind. 

Lerch, James M Knox, Ind. 

Lerew, Isaac S Portis, Kans. 

Lerew, Lewis Portis, Kans. 

Lesh, John Bowbells, N. Dak. 

Leslie, Alonzo Chanute, Kans. 

Leslie, Eli R. R. 4, Chanute, Kans. 

Lewis, A. J Medina, Va. 

Lewis, Arthur R. R. 6, Rochester, Minn. 

Lewis, C. A 506 E. Vine St., Champaign, 111. 

Lewis, David H Solitude, N. C. 

Lewis, J. G Medina, Va. 

Lewis, S. E Laurel Bloomery, Tenn. 

Lewis, W. R Damascus, Va. 

Lichtenwalter, A. B Neutral, Kans. 

Lichty, W. H R. R., Waterloo, Iowa. 

Lierly, Wm. R Clayton, 111. 

Light, Caleb Decatur, Nebr. 

Light, H. E Mountville, Pa. 

Lightner, B. F Gettysburg, Pa. 

Lilligh, Henry Mulberry Grove, 111. 

Lilly, Andrew ] Lawson, Tenn. 

Lilly, H. J. . . ." Lonoke, Ark. 

Lilly, T Johnson City, Tenn. 

Lind, Abraham Astoria, 111. 

Lingenfelter, M Canton, 111. 

Lint, C. G Meyersdale, Pa. 

Lockard, E. L Bulltown, W. Va. 

Long, Caleb Boonesboro, Md. 

Long, Daniel H Peru, Ind. 

Long, D. Victor Hagerstown, Md. 

Long, Em Bridge water, Va. 

Long, Ira E 326 Summit St., Fostoria, Ohio. 

Long, J. A 800 W. Locust St., York, Pa. 

Long, M. Alva R. R. 1, Hudson, Ind. 

Long, O. V R. R., Hanover, Pa. 

Long, Peter Lima, Ind. 

Long, W. H Garrison, Iowa. 

Long, Walter S 504 Fourth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Long, W. J R. R. No. 2, Clarence, Iowa. 

Longanecker, Daniel Paola, Kans. 

Longanecker, H. C Berthold, N. Dak. 

Longanecker, J West Manchester, Ohio. 

Longanecker, J. H Palmyra, Pa. 

Longanecker, N Hartville, Ohio. 

Loomis, Ed New Philadelphia, Ohio. 

Love, L. F Cap- 
itol Hill Station, R. F. D. No. 2, Denver, Colo. 

Lovegrove, J. W Box 90, Creighton, Mo. 

Lowry, Wm. L Marlow, W. Va. 

Lucas, H. C Prairie City, 111. 

Luke, George Fruita, Colo. 

Lutz, Ezra Lena, 111. 

Lutz, G. H., 

1216 Guaranty Loan JBldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lutz, Orman H Columbus, Texas. 

Lytle, David Deshler, Ohio. 

McAvoy, E. YV Onego, W. Va. 

McCann, W. J Carrington, N. Dak. 

McCarthy, John S..R. R. No. 2, Pendleton, Ind. 

McClane, John Knox, N. Dak. 

McCorkle, U. R R. R. No. 8, Sidney, Ohio. 

McCrea, James Berwyn, Nebr. 

McCue, B. M Garden City, Kans. 

McCune, R. F 

..Cor. 5th and Hickory Sts., Ottawa, Kans. 

McDonald, A. C Hardin, Mo. 

McDowell, C. A R. R. No. 1, Johnstown, Pa. 

McFadden, David R R. R. 1, Creston, Ohio. 

McKeehan, E. K Jonesboro, Tenn. 

McKimmy, J. A Beaverton, Mich. 

McKimmy, J. Wm R. R. 1, Beaverton, Mich. 

McKimmey, Nathan Blissfield, Mich. 

McKimmey, P R. R. 1, Blissfield, Mich. 

McLellan, W. P Litchfield, Nebr. 

McMaster, Thomas G Waukesha, Pa. 

McNutt, C. S Adel, Iowa. 

Macy, Lewis North Platte, Nebr. 

Maddocks, D Roaring Spring, Pa. 

Maddocks, T. B Clovercreek, Pa. 

Madeira, C Manheim, Pa. 

Mahle, Edward Fryburg, Pa. 

Mahler, Geo Essex, Mo. 

Mahon, J. L R. F. D. 1, Montpelier, Ind. 

Mahorney, J. W R. D. 4, Cherryvale, Kans. 

Main, J. C Wagon A, Frederick, Md. 

Manon, Geo Gypsum City, Kans. 

Mansfield, M Frederick, S. Dak. 

Mark, John Edon, Ohio. 

Markey, E. A Warrensburg, Mo. 

Markley, John M Mounds, Ind. Ter. 

Marshall, E Hartford City, Ind. 

Martin, A. L. B 

134 Sylvan Terrace, Harrisburg, Pa. 

Martin, Chas Antioch, W. Va. 

Martin, D. B Larned, Kans. 

Martin, Harvey J Mason and Dixon, Pa. 

Martin, Henry M Shannon, 111. 

Martin, Howard R. R. No. 39, Ingalls, Ind. 

Martin, J. F Yorkshire, Ohio. 

Martin, N Hagerstown, Md. 

Mason, John H R. F. D. No. 2, Norborne, Mo. 

Masters, Hoke H Red Hill, N. C. 

Masterson, B. F Inglewood, Cal. 

Masterson, E. K .R. R. 4, Winfield, Kans. 

Masterson, J. M Chatham, 111. 

Masterson, J. S Cement, Okla. 

Mathias, Oscar Glendora, Cal. 

Mathias, S Mathias, W. Va. 

Mathis, J Bondurant, Iowa. 

Maupin, Geo. A. . . R. F. D. No. 1, Free Union, Va. 

Maust, C. H Station B, Seattle, Wash. 

Maust, H. F Struble, Iowa. 

Maust, S. P Meyersdale, Pa. 

May, C. E. (colored) Washington, Ohio. 

May, J. (colored) Circleville, Ohio. 

May, Saram Dovesville, Va. 

Mays, J. C , . , , Cedarville, Mo. 



Meek, Levi L Octavia, Nebr. 

Mellott, John Pleasant Ridge, Pa. 

Merkey, J Washington, Kans. 

Merrill, D. M Avilton, Md. 

Messner, Peter B Lake Odessa, Mich. 

Metz, C. W Kennewick, Wash. 

Metz, Daniel O Johnsville, Md. 

Metzler, David iNappanee, Ind. 

Metzler, Crist . Wakarusa, Ind. 

Metzler, J Wakarusa, Ind. 






























W., Jr Fredericksburg, Pa. 

J. W., Sr Fredericksburg, Pa. 

, J. D Robinson, Pa. 

Thos. B Ryot,' Pa. 

Abednego Degraff, Ohio. 

Alex Goshen, Ind. 

Alfred Carroll, Pa. 

Andrew Eldorado, Ohio. 

Anthony A Bolar, Va. 

A. B Timberville, Va. 

A. C R. F. D. No. 39, Grottoes, Va. 

A. F Darlow, Kans. 

Andrew G Walton, Kans. 

A. L Ottobine, Va. 

A. VV R. R. 1, South English, Iowa. 

Benjamin Greenmount, Va. 

B. B Greenmount, Va. 

B. F Dallas Center, Iowa. 

B. F R. F. D. 39, Grottoes, Va. 

Bruce Darlow, Kans. 

B. W Advance, Pa. 

Chas. A R. R. No. 4, McCune, Kans. 

C. L Martinsburg, VV. Va. 

D Weyers Cave, Va. 

David Gaston, Ind. 

D. A R. F. D. No. 1, Winston, Mo. 

David A.. : Zion, N. Dak. 

D. B R. F. D. No. 2, Bradford, Ohio. 

D. Elmer 

....1214 Sixth Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

David J Ivy, VV. Va. 

D. L Mt. Morris, 111. 

D. M Milledgeville, 111. 

D. P North English, Iowa. 

D. P South Bend, Ind. 

D. VV Robins, Iowa. 

E. C, 1047 Vistula Ave., South Bend, Ind. 

E. S R. R. 22, Lineboro, Md. 

George H Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

Geo. H Point, Pa. 

Geo. K Cando, N. Dak. 

Geo. W Clifton, N. C. 

Geo. W Cerrogordo, 111. 

G. W Frisco, Mo. 

Henderson Chester, N. C. 

Howard Elgin, 111. 

H. G Bridgewater, Va. 

Isaac Zion, N. Dak. 

Isaac A Nokesville, Va. 

Isaac H . .'. Nashville, Okla. 

I. B 1 Gettysburg, Ohio. 

I. N Norborne, Mo. 

I. Wm Singersglen, Va. 

Jonathan Comet, N. C. 

Jos. A Sangerville, Va. 

J. A Manvel, Tex. 

J. A New Lisbon, Ind. 

J. A Landess, Ind. 

J. A Wawaka, Ind. 

John A. Oakville, Pa. 

J. B Woodbury, Pa. 

John B New Paris, Pa. 

J. C Moores Store, Va. 

J. E Mt. Morris, 111. 

John G Waverly, Wash. 

J. H Berkey Ave., Goshen, Ind. 

John H Williamsport, Md. 

J. Kurtz, . . . sqoi 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

J. M R. F. D. No. 2, Oakland, Md. 

J. R Nappanee, Ind.' 

J. W Stockport, Ind. 

John W Morrison, 111. 

Lewis Clarks, La. 

Miller, L. E Wenatchee, Wash. 

Miller, L. H Lost River, W. Va. 

Miller, Martin R. R. No. 4, Marion, Ind. 

Miller, M. B Spring Creek, Va. 

Miller, Monroe B 347 W. 44th St., New York. 

Miller, N. J Mt. Morris, 111. 

Miller, Peter Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Miller, P. S Roanoke, Va. 

Miller, P. U R. F. D. No. 2, Berlin, Pa. 

Miller, S West Alexandria, Ohio. 

Miller, S. A Engles Mills, Md. 

Miller, S. B. 1060 Third Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Miller, S. C 3027 T St., Lincoln, Nebr. 

Miller, Sebastian C McPherson, Kans. 

Miller, S. D Mt. Sidney, Va. 

Miller, S. G Bolivar, Pa. 

Miller, S. H Sunnyside, Wash. 

Miller, S. J McPherson, Kans. 

Miller, S. M R. R., Waterloo, Iowa. 

Miller, S. P New Sharon, Iowa. 

Miller, S. S '....Laplace, 111. 

Miller, Sam'l T. . R. F. D. No. 2, Weyers Cave, Va. 

Miller, Thos. H Sellers, W. Va. 

Miller, T. J St. John, Kans. 

Miller, William Dillsburg, Pa. 

Miller, Wm South Bend, Ind. 

Miller, W. H 

915 W. Locust St., Independence, Kans. 

Miller, W. R 466 Jackson Boul., Chicago, 111. 

Miller, VV. T Keyser, W. Va. 

Millspaugh, H. E R. R. No. 2, Muncie, Ind. 

Minear, L. D R. F. D. No. 1, Medf ord, Ore. 

Minix, Jos Roanoke, La. 

Minnich, David R. R. 5, Union City, Ind. 

Minnich, G. W Trotwood, Ohio. 

Minnich, Wm R. R. 2, Brookville, Ohio. 

Mishler, Geo Cambridge, Nebr. 

Mishler, Ira R. R. No. 5, South Whitley, Irid. 

Mishler, J. D Collamer, Ind. 

Mishler, J. G Suffield, Ohio. 

Mishler, John Middlebury, Ind. 

Mishler, M. J R. R. No. 2, Conway, Kans. 

Mitchel, John C R. R. 2, Center Point, Ind. 

Moats, John W Polo, Mo. 

Moherman, T. S Canton, Ohio. 

Mohler, Dan Cerrogordo, 111. 

Mohler, D. L Leeton, Mo. 

Mohler, D. M Warrensburg, Mo. 

Mohler, George... R. F. D. No. 2, Bradford, Ohio. 

Mohler, Harvey H Grand Junction, Colo. 

Mohler, H. B Dillsburg, Pa. 

Mohler, J Warrensburg, Mo. 

Mohler, James M Leeton, Mo. 

Mohler, J. E., 1643 E. Lyon St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Mohler, J. M Leeton, Mo. 

Mohler, J. M Lewistown, Pa. 

Mohler, J. S Fairview, Kans. 

Mohler, Levi S Dillsburg, Pa. 

Mohler, L. D McPherson, Kans. 

Mohler, M. S Leeton, Mo. 

Mohler, Paul Cando, N. Dak. 

Mohler, Wm Falls City, Nebr. 

Moll, John T Constance, Ky. 

Molsbee, A .Nocona, Tex. 

Montgomery, A. S R. R. 1, Boone Mill, Va. 

Montgomery, B. F Little York, 111. 

Montgomery, Riley Bringhurst, Ind. 

Montis, S Fredericktown, Ohio. 

Moomaw, A 

..3121 2d Highland Park, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Moomaw, J. P Ashland, Oregon. 

Moomaw, R. M Weilersville, Ohio. 

Moore, J. B Octavia, Nebr. 

Moore, J. E Hecla, S. Dak. 

Moore, J. H Elgin, 111. 

Moore, James M Elgin, 111. 

Moore, P. A. . , Inglewood, Cal. 

Moore, Wm. K R. D. 3, Lena. 111. 

Morphew, J. E Copemish, Mich. 

Morris, James H Cypher, Pa. 

Morris, Richard Triplet, Mo. 

Mortin, Silas Mt. Etna, Iowa. 

Moss, Aaron Huntington, Ind, 



Moss, Owen C Duffy, W. Va. 

Mote, Harvey.. R. F. D. No. i, Ft. Recovery, Ohio. 

Mourer, JohrTH R. F. D. No. 2d7Idaville7'Ind. 

Mow, A. I Weiser, Idaho. 

Mo wry, H. R R. F. D. No. i, Maurertown, Va. 

Moyer, H Dovesville, Va. 

Moyer, Moses Mathias, W. Va. 

Mummert, M Menges Mills, Pa. 

Munson, A. A Lagrange, Mich. 

Murphy, • Ross D Rummel, Pa. 

Murphy, William .' Carlisle, Pa. 

Murray, Fred Champion, Pa. 

Murray, Jacob A Rockford, 111. 

Murray, James Rittman, Ohio. 

Murray, John Bean Station, Tenn. 

Murray, Jos. H Boone Mills, Va. 

Murray, J. C North Manchester, Ind. 

Murray, M. R St. Joseph, Mo. 

Murray, Samuel 

224 S. Ritter Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Murray, Wm. A R. F. D. Smithville, Ohio. 

Musser, I. N Columbia, Pa. 

Myer, John W 

343 N. Charlotte St., Lancaster, Pa. 

Myers, Abram Longmont, Colo. 

Myers, A. E R. R. No. 1, Paola, Kans. 

Myers, Ananias Box 25, Bedford, Pa. 

Myers, Andrew, 325 W. Philadelphia St., York, Pa. 

Myers, Benton Bangor, Cal. 

Myers, C. E : Shelocta,^ Pa. 

Myers, D. R , New Cambria, Kans. 

Myers, Franknn Lanark, 111. 

Myers, G. S New Enterprise, Pa. 

Myers, I. C Greenmount, Va. 

Myers, Isaac L r Centralia, Wash. 

Myers, J. A Huntingdon, Pa. 

Myers, Jacob L Coleta, 111. 

Myers, Jacob M R. R. 2, Red Lion, Pa. 

Myers, J. M Cando, N. Dak. 

Myers, John Lititz, Pa. 

Myers, John ..Sylvan, Pa. 

Myers, J. T. Oaks, Pa. 

Myers, Millard R 

2 6 Carlisle Place, Chicago, 111. 

Myers, P. S. .3120 Baldwin Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Myers, R. T McVeytown, Pa. 

Myers, S. B R. F. D. 2, York, Pa. 

Myers, S. F Sergeantsville, N. J. 

Myers, S. L R. D. 1, Hardy. Nebr. 

Myers, Tobias, 2255 N. Park Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Myers, T. T. . .2260 N. Park Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Myers, Walter A Broadway, Va. 

Myers, Walter N Penn Run, Pa. 

Naff, Benj. T Dillons Mill, Va. 

Naff, Daniel Naffs, Va. 

Naff, D. C R. F. D. No. 3, Roanoke, Va. 

Naff, John A., R. R. No. 1, Boone Mill, Va. 

Naff, W. H Epperly, Va. 

Nead, A. E Limestone, Tenn. 

Nead, Daniel P R. R. 7, Box 62, Peru, Ind. 

Neal, Wm. F R. R. No. 2, Claypool, Ind. 

Nedrow, R. A Jones Mills, Pa. 

Neff, A. L Syracuse, Ind. 

Neff, B. W R. F. D., Quicksburg, Va. 

Neff, David North Manchester, Ind. 

Neff, Henry Bremen, Ind. 

Neff, Henry New Paris, Ind. 

Neff, Henry J North Manchester, Ind. 

Neff, Isaac M. . Fairfax, Va. 

Neff, James Shakespeare, Ind. 

Neff, James M 

....2\ N. Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, Kans. 

Neff, W. B New Carlisle, Ind. 

Neher, Amos A San Dimas, Cal. 

Neher, Ananias R. F. D. No. 1, Coyle, Okla. 

Neher, Andrew McCune, Kans. 

Neher, A. P E. Okla. Ave., Guthrie, Okla. 

Neher, A. S 

R. F. D. No. 4, Tippecanoe City, Ohio. 

Neher, E. J Hollywood, Ala. 

Neher, J. C Nampa, Idaho. 

Neher, J. F, E. Okla. Ave., Guthrie, Okla. 

Neher, J. H Hudson, 111. 

Neher, L. H North Manchester. Ind. 

Neher, L. M Milford, Ind. 

Neher, Samuel Petroleum, Ind. 

Neher, Wm. D Chenoa, 111. 

Neibert, F. J Broadf ording, Md. 

Neikirk, D. H Lemasters, Pa. 

Nelson, N. B Hastings, Okla. 

Nelson, N. P Rosalia, Kans 

Ness, Christian R. R. 2, York, Pa. 

Nesselrodt, Chas Belgrade, Va. 

Nevinger, G. Rockyford, Colo. 

Newcomer, E Mt. Morris, 111. 

Newcomer, M. S Polo, 111. 

Newcomer, S. I Lanark, 111. 

Niccum, D. H Bordulac, N. Dak. 

Nicholson, C Hancock, Minn. 

Nickey, Amos J . Alvo, Nebr. 

Nickey, S. G R. F. D. No. 2, Cerrogordo, 111. 

Nicodemus, R. H Potsdam, Ohio.. 

Nicola, C. G Nicklow, W. Va. 

Nill, Joseph Lewisburg, Ohio. 

Nine, Garfield Brookside, W. Va. 

Nine, W. F Gormania, W. Va. 

Nininger, C. E. Ashland, Oregon. 

Nininger, J. C Coyle, Okla. 

Nissly, Jacob Richland Sta., Pa. 

Niswandcr, I. B Tyrone, Okla. 

Niswander, S. F R. D. 7, Caldwell, Kans. 

Noff singer, E R. R. 41, Union City, Ind. 

Nofziger, J. P Lakeside, Cal. 

Norcross, D. A Newberg, Oregon. 

Norras, S. A Shirleysburg, Pa. 

Norris, E. O R. R. No. 38, Ingalls, Ind. 

Norris, J. W Donaldson, Ind. 

N'umer, A. C Redfield, Kans. 

Numer, J. H Ft. Scott, Kans. 

Nusbaum, John Wakarusa, Ind. 

Nyce, W. G Royersford a Pa. 

Oaks, L. C Woodland, Mich. 

Ober, H. K Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Oberholtzer, W. II Myerstown, Pa. 

Oberlin, Allen A Easton, Md. 

Ockerman, Allen R. F. D. No. 3, Hillsboro, Ohio. 

Ockerman, J. E Lakeside, Ohio. 

Oellig, C. R Waynesboro, Pa. 

Ogden, Orlando Moulton, Iowa. 

Oren, A. W Trotwood, Ohio. 

Oren, Noah Carthage, Mo. 

Otto, John E Sharpsburg, Md. 

Overfelt, S Mountain Grove, Mo 

Overholt, Jonas Dutton, Mich. 

Overholtzer, Derius Covina, Cal. 

Overholtzer, D. J Covina, Cal. 

Overholtzer, J Princeton, Cal. 

Overholtzer, S. A 

, 1072 Laguna Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Overhultz, J. N . Keuka, Fla. 

Overton, B. F Edinburg, 111. 

Owen, R. M Great Bend, Kans. 

Owens. Martin G Transom. N. C. 

Painter, Geo. W Kountz, Va. 

Parish, J. A Elkins, W. Va. 

Parker, I. D North Manchester, Ind. 

Partch, A. H Stone, Oregon. 

Patrick, Thomas R. D. 2, Penbrook, Pa. 

Paul, D. W R. D. 5, Huntington, Ind. 

Patten, John Worden, Wis. 

Payton, S. W. 412 Madison St., Co'nnersville, Ind. 
Pearce, Samuel... 724 Horner St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Pearsoll, A. L Dunlap, Kans. 

Peck, J C Circleville, Kans. 

Peck, J. H Manvel, Tex. 

Peck, L. A Savage. Pa. 

Peebler, A. J Nampa, Idaho. 

Peek, Francis M Catalpa, Kans. 

Peifer, L. R R. F. D. No. 2, Springfield, Ohio. 

Pence, Daniel Ivy, W. Va. 

Pence, Geo. F Witts, Tenn. 

Pence, Joseph Port Republic, Va. 

Pence, Samuel Port Republic, Va. 

Peters, Amos B Wenatchee, Wash. 



Peters, Daniel R. R. i, Boone Mill, Va. 

Peters, Jesse Wenatchee, Wash. 

Peters, Morton H Manvel, Texas. 

Peters, Owen Holmesville, Nebr. 

Peters, Preston R. R. i, Boone Mill, Va. 

Peters, Riley L R. R. 3, Wirtz, Va. 

Peters, Wilfred R. D. 3, Wirtz, Va. 

Peters, Wm Detrick, Va. 

Peterson, Andrew P Payette, Idaho. 

Peterson, B. M Lamborn, Kans. 

Peterson, E Poplar, N. C. 

Peterson, J. H Relief, N. C. 

Peterson, P. C Herington, Kans. 

Peterson, Sol Relief, N. C. 

Petre, David R. . . R. F. D. No. 6, Hagerstown, Md. 

Petry, Benj. F R. R. 2, West Alexandria, Ohio. 

Petry, Carl G Elgin, 111. 

Petry, C. C Kitchel, Ind. 

Petry, Luther Girard, Ala. 

Petry, Samuel R. R. 33, Port Republic, Va. 

Petry, Steph. S Berthold, N. Dak. 

Pfautz, Jacob.... R. F. D. No. 5, Myerstown, Pa. 

Pfautz, J. K R. F. D. No. 1, Bareville, Pa. 

Pf outs, Daniel Piney Flats, Tenn. 

Pfoutz, A Crosskill Mills, Pa. 

Pfoutz, C. L Gettysburg, Pa. 

Phields, Samuel Lima, Ind. 

Phillippi, Wm. R Navarre, Kans. 

Phillips, G. A R. R. 1, Waynesboro, Va. 

Phillips, W Meadowville, W. Va. 

Phillips, Wm. B Texas, W. Va. 

Pittenger, John Spencer, Ohio. 

Pittman, H. E Loraine, 111. 

Pitzer, John R Cordell, Okla. 

Plank, John M N. Yakima, Wash. 

Piatt, W. M Charter Oak, Cal. 

Plum, S. S Mt. Morris, 111. 

Poling, Godfrey J Kasson, W. Va. 

Pollard, R. T Garrett, Pa. 

Pollock, Alvin, 183 N. Van Buren St., Batavia, 111. 

Popejoy, Wm. A Poneto, Ind. 

Porter, S. E Casstown, Ohio. 

Potlinger, L Claypool, Ind. 

Powell, E. M....R. F. D. No. 2, Buena Vista, Va. 

Prather, H. M Trout, N. C. 

Prather, M Damascus, Va. 

Prather, O. J Creston, N. C. 

Pratt, E. W Payette, Idaho. 

Price, C. C Polo, 111. 

Price, David E Mt. Morris, 111. 

Price, Edward H Lordsburg, Cal. 

Price, E. W Franklin Grove, 111. 

Price, H. A R. D. 2, Telford, Pa. 

Price, J . M Harleysville, Pa. 

Price, Wilson Wynne, Ark. 

Priddy, Anson C R. F. D. No. 6, Muncie, Ind. 

Pringle, I oseph Edenton, Ohio. 

Prough, Daniel Conway Springs, Kans. 

Prowant, D Continental, Ohio. 

Prowant, Lawrence Continental, Ohio. 

Puderbaugh, A . Ozawkie, Kans. 

Puffenbarger, G. M Doehill, Va. 

Pursely, A. F Maple, Va. 

Pursely, W. T R. R. No. 1, Eagle Rock, Va. 

Puterbaugh, D. B Lanark, 111. 

Pyle, W. H R. R. 5, Hampton, Iowa. 

8uick, C. L College Corner, Ohio, 
uinn, Wm. H 417 High St., Canton, Ohio. 

Racer, J. A., Jr Kimball, Va. 

Racer, John A Kimball, Va. 

Raff ensberger, Levi Franklin Grove, 111. 

Rairigh, Geo. S Denton, Md. 

Rairigh, Isaiah Woodland, Mich. 

Rairigh, I. F Lake Odessa, Mich. 

Ralston, J. E Sheldon, Iowa. 

Rambow, Geo Douds Station, Iowa. 

Ranck, B. F 618 8th St., Altoona, Pa. 

Randolph, T. G Higgins, N. C. 

Rarick, Jacob W 

274 Holmes Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Rarick, John G Eaton, Ind. 

Read, John Manette, Wash. 

Ream, James F Scalp Level, Pa. 

Reber, D. C Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Reber, Jno. G Centerport, Pa. 

Redenbo, Oscar B 

R. F. D. No. 3, Mulberry Grove, 111. 

Reece, Enos J Berwick, Mo. 

Redmon, S. S R. R. No. 2, Nampa, Idaho. 

Reed, A. G Auburn, Nebr. 

Reed, A. J Scottville, N. C. 

Reed, E. M R. F. D. No. 2, Brock, Nebr. 

Reed, Henry R. F. D. No. 3, Floyd, Va. 

Reed, Isaac Alumridge, Va. 

Reed, Michael R. F. D. No. 3, Floyd, Va. 

Reed, P. D Limestone, Tenn. 

Reed, R. E Morgantown, W. Va. 

Reed, Richard Dulany, Va. 

Reed, Samuel P Dulany, Va. 

Reed, S Myrtlepoint, Oregon. 

Reed, Wm. A Vox, N. C. 

Reed, VVyatt .Alumridge, Va. 

Reese, J. W .Prairie Depot, Ohio. 

Reeves, Alfred li . Barnum, Minn. 

Reeves, C. D Barnum, Minn. 

Reichard, W . S Hagerstown, Md. 

Reidenbach, R. S Hinkleton, Pa. 

Reiff, J. B Holmesville, Nebr. 

Renner, Eli Burroak, Kans. 

Renner, F. C , New Midway, Md. 

Rensberger, Melvin. . . . R. R. 35. Union City, Ind. 

Replogle, Chauncey L Laporte, Ind. 

Replogle, D. H R. R. No. 1, Mooreland, Ind. 

Replogle, H. S < 

1 3 16 Virginia Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Replogle, Oliver.... R. R. No. 1, Etna Green, Ind. 

Resser, Geo. . East Berlin, Pa. 

Ribblett, David Conemaugh, Pa. 

Richard, J. H Maitland, Pa. 

Richards, D. R P. R. 38, Ingalls, Ind. 

Richardson, J Meadowbluff , W. Va. 

Richardson, S Millgrove, Ind. 

Richcreek, F. O. North Webster, Ind. 

Richey, Henry North Manchester, Ind. 

Riddlesberger, I., 30 E. 3rd St., Waynesboro, Pa. 

Ridenour, John Garrison, Iowa. 

Ridgley, Dow A Parkersburg, 111. 

Rife, Joseph D Converse, Ind. 

Riggleman, J Monterville, W. Va. 

Riggleman, W. L Rockoak, W. Va. 

Rinehart, Abram. Onward, Ind. 

Riner, James A Oakhill, W. Va. 

Riner, Samuel Oakhill, W. Va. 

Ritchey, I. S Everett, Pa. 

Ritchey, S Yellow Creek, Pa. 

Ritchey, W. S R. R. No. 1, Everett, Pa. 

Rittenhouse, E. M R. F. D., Alvordton, Ohio. 

Ritter, H. H R. R. 5, Guthrie, Okla. 

Ritzius, Noah, Bisbee, N. Dak. 

Roberts, D. W R. R. No. 2, Stewartsville, Va. 

Roberts, Frank Fredric, Iowa. 

Roberts, I. F New Creek, W. Va. 

Robertson, J. F R. D. 1, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Robertson, J. P R. R. 1, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Robeson, Jesse I Lonaconing, Md. 

Robinson, T. A Mansfield, 111. 

Robison, Joseph Carey, Ohio. 

Rock, James O Navarre, Kans. 

Rodabaugh, A R. F. D., Collins, Mo. 

Rodabaugh, E. G. . . R. F. D. No. 4, Fairfield, Iowa. 

Rodabaugh, Willis Fredric, Iowa. 

Rodahaver, J. J Somerfield, Pa. 

Roddis, Charles Ipava, 111. 

Rodecker, Thomas Mendon, Ohio. 

Rodgers, J. C Matthews, Ind. 

Rogers, Levi Ryot, Pa. 

Rogers, Thomas Windfall, Ind. 

Rohrer, H. W R. D. 1, Columbiana, Ohio. 

Roller, J. S Timberville, Va. 

Roof, Alfred B 2220 Pitt St., Anderson, Ind. 

Roop, W. E : Westminster, Md. 

Roose, Eli Nappanee, Ind. 

Roose, Hiram Wakarusa, Ind. 

Root, A. C Cashion, Okla. 



Root, C. C Ames, Okla. 

Root, E. D Fredonia, Kans. 

Root, John A Ozawkie, Kans. 

Root, Jos. A Ames, Okla. 

Root, J. "S Arago, Oregon. 

Rose, W. A R. R., Partridge, Kans. 

Rosenberger, A. S Covington, Ohio. 

Rosenberger, E. H McComb, Ohio. 

Rosenberger, I. J Covington, Ohio. 

Ross, J. F. . . Simpson, W. Va. 

Ross, W. L R. R. 2, Seymour, Ind. 

Roth, David Blain, Pa. 

Rothenberger, D . . . R. 3, Syracuse, Ind. 

Rothgeb, M Massanutton, Va. 

Rothrock, E. S Carlisle, Nebr. 

Rothrock, H. M Weiser, Idaho. 

Rotruck, W. D. . ,. • • .Antioch, W. Va. 

Row, W. J Junior, W. Va. 

Rowe, C. B R. F. D., Dallas Center, Iowa. 

Rowland, A Reid, Md. 

Rowland, C. P Lanark, 111. 

Rowland, David Lanark, 111. 

Rowland, D. A Polo, 111. 

Rowland, J R. F. D. No. 19, Clearspring, Md. 

Royer, A. H..... R. D. 1, Bareville, Pa. 

Royer, Galen B Elgin, 111. 

Royer, Harvey L Dallas Center, Iowa. 

Royer, J. Abraham. ... R. D. 4, Gresham, Oregon. 
Royer, Jesse E...R. D. 4, Box 57, Madison, Mo. 

Royer, J. G Mt. Morris, 111. 

Royer, John L R. F. D. No. 4, Myerstown, Pa. 

Royer, S. D Bradford, Ohio. 

Royer, U. S R. D. 7, Newton, Kans. 

Royer, Wm R. R. 2, Arcanum, Ohio. 

Ruble, Lawrence McVeytown, Pa. 

Ruff, Edward Mounds, Ind. T. 

Rufner, G Auburn, Ind. 

Rupel, Andrew North Liberty, Ind. 

Rupel, C. F North Liberty, Ind. 

Rupert Jesse C Orbisonia, Pa. 

Rupert, S. G 100 S. Laflin St., Chicago, 111. 

Rush, John S Tatesville, Pa. 

Rust, Rayburn S R. R. 3, Longmont, Colo. 

Ruthrauff, J. B., 46 Clayton Ave, Waynesboro, Pa. 
Ryman, J. L Saumsville, Va. 

Sadler, J Kidder, Mo. 

Sadler, J. W Cherry Grove, Minn, 

Salsbury, C. L Barron, Wis. 

Sanders, A. W Perry, Okla. 

Sandy, J. D Springfield, Ohio. 

Sanger, Anthony Keota, Iowa. 

Sanger, M. G R. F. D. 34, Spring Creek, Va. 

Sanger, S. A R. R. 2, Vienna, Va. 

Sanger, S. F 

623 N. Cushing St., South Bend, Ind. 

Sanger, W. H. . Bridgewater, Va. 

Sappington, G. K Ladiesburg, Md. 

Sargent, C. H Payette, Idaho. 

Sargent, E. B R. F. D. No. 1, Payette, Idaho. 

Sargent, Frank Dunlap, Kans. 

Satterfield, J. R R. R. 1, Pine Tree, Tenn. 

Saunders, S. R Chamblissburg, Va. 

Sawyer, W. H. H Morrill, Kans. 

Sayler, Levi Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Saylor, F. D Zion, N. Dak. 

Scaggs, Lewis C Sydney, Va. 

Scalf , James E Rura"l, Ky. 

Schechter, Joshua, Jr Worthington, Minn. 

Schechter, Samuel H Hancock, Minn. 

Schlosser, John Scheneck, Pa. 

Schlotman, S '. Missouri Valley, Iowa. 

Schmidt, Chas. C. ....... . Strawberry Point, Iowa. 

Schrock, Elias .Middlebury, Ind. 

Schrock, J. H Middlebury, Ind. 

Schrock, W. G Berlin, Pa. 

Schwalm, H. M Wakarusa, Ind. 

Sears, A. L R. D. 1, Garden Grove, Iowa. 

Secrist, Caleb Cordova, Md. 

Secrist, Jacob S Myrtlepoint, Oregon. 

Seibert, J. C Cando, N. Dak. 

Sell, Brice ....'. Newry, Pa. 

Sell, David R. D. 1, Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Sell, Daniel D Plattsburg, Mo. 

Sell, James A McKee Gap, Pa. 

Sellers, E. G. Greenspring, Ohio. 

Sellers, G. W Bryan, Ohio. 

Sellers, John H Bourbon, Ind. 

Senger, D. B Franklin Grove, 111. 

Setty, Sanford Banner, N. Dak. 

Shaffer, J. B Valley Furnace, W. Va. 

Shaffer, J. J Berlin, Pa. 

Shaffer, Levi Hudson, Iowa. 

Shaffer, L. G Windber, Pa. 

Shahan, Geo Hovatter, W. Va. 

Shamberger, J Sheridan, Mo. 

Shamberger, J. H Medicine Lodge, Kans. 

Shanholtz, J. L Okonoko, W. Va. 

Shank, C. A Prowers, Colo. 

Shank, E . Dayton, Ohio. 

Shank, J. B Ellison, N. Dak. 

Sharp, A. M Hyland, N. Dak. 

Sharp, B. F Arcanum, Ohio. 

Sharp, S. Z Fruita, Colo. 

Shatto, A Denbigh, N. Dak. 

Shatto, Luther Denbigh, N. Dak. 

Shaver, Daniel Bent Mountain, Va. 

Shaver, Isaac Copperhill, Va. 

Shaver, S. A Maurertown, Va. 

Shaw, O. F Adel, Iowa. 

Shearer, Samuel S. . . . R. F. D. No. 1, Rheems, Pa. 

Sheets, Andrew .' Gray, N. C. 

Sheets, E. M Clifton, N. C. 

Sheets, Henry Clifton, N. C, 

Shellabarger, J Mendon, Ohio. 

Shellenberger, T. B , Berwin, 111. 

Shelley, P. G Richfield, Pa. 

Shelton, Joel Stultz, Mo. 

Shenk, D. M Dorrance, Kans.. 

Shepfer, E Sugarcreek, Ohio. 

Shepherd, J. M R. D. 38, Ingalls, Ind. 

Shepherd, John Viola, Wis. 

Shepler, Joseph Nead, Ind. 

Sherf y, Ernest F : Westphalia, Kans. 

Sherf y, J Westphalia, Kans. 

Sherf y, N. B Blountville, Tenn. 

Sherrick, J. F Ithaca, Mich. 

Sherrick, M. M North Manchester, Ind. 

Shick, J. N R. R., Waterloo, Iowa. 

Shick, Urias Holmesville, Nebr. 

Shickel, Jos Roanoke, Va. 

Shideler, Daniel R. R. No. 3, Warren, Ind. 

Shideler, Henry R. R. No. 2, McCune, Kans. 

Shirk, D. C R- R. 1, Polo, Mo. 

Shirk, Jacob B Ramona, Kans. 

Shirk, Nelson Mt. Morris, 111. 

Shirkey, J. B Scottville, Mich. 

Shirkey, J. H R. R. 4, Norborne, Mo. 

Shirkey, S. B R. R. 4, Norborne, Mo. 

Shisler, J. B Harleysville, Pa. 

Shively, Aaron Bayard, Ohio. 

Shively, Daniel New Paris, Ind. 

Shively, David Etna Green, Ind. 

Shively, E. E R. D. 21, Bremen, Ind. 

Shively, G Whitesprings, Pa. 

Shively, J. K Etna, N. Dak. 

Shively, J. W Bourbon, Ind. 

Shively, J. Will Newville, N. Dak. 

Shober, S. U Somerset, Pa. 

Shoemaker, C. W R. R. 1, Overbrook, Kans. 

Shoemaker, Solomon Greentown, Ohio. 

Shong, David Sherwood, Ohio. 

Shook, R. M Deming, Wash. 

Shope, A. J R. F. D. No. 1, Penbrook, Pa. 

Shorb, D. M Surrev, N. Dak. 

Shotts, M. C Helmer, Ind. 

Showalter, J. S Salem, Va. 

Showalter, P. H R. R. 33, Port Republic, Va. 

Showalter, Simon Northumberland, Pa. 

Shower, R. B Oakland, Kans. 

Shrader, J. E Greencastle, Pa. 

Shreve, R. J Buchanan, Mich. 

Shroyer, Daniel Carroll, Pa. 

Shroyer, Reuben Canton, Ohio. 

Shuck, J. F Ft. Collins, Colo. 

Shull, W. H R. R. 41, Virden, 111. 



Shultz, John F Chenoa, 111. 

Shutt, M. H Baltic, Ohio. 

Shutt, N. H R. R. 2, Lima, Ind. 

Simmons, A. L Henrietta, Pa. 

Simmons, Thos. J Osceola, Mo. 

Simmons, W. K. ...... .R. R. 35, Union City, Ind. 

Simons, J. B Lyle, Wash. 

Sines, Grant Canaan, W. Va. 

Sines, H. B Sines, Md. 

Sines, W. T Swallow Falls, Md. 

Sink, D. F R. F. D. No. 3, Lenox, Iowa. 

Sink, Henry A 915 E. 23d St., Anderson, Ind. 

Siple, Geo. L .Doe Hill, Va. 

Sites, S. G Petersburg, W. Va. 

Sizemore, Jos. I R. R. 27, Itson, Tenn. 

Slabaugh, Warren Riga, N. Dak. 

Slifer, C. II McPherson, Kans. 

Slingluff , John U : Sidney, Nebr. 

Sloniker, Jacob Burroak, Kans. 

Smeltzer, Elias Arcadia, Ind. 

Smeltzer, M Middletown, Ind. 

Smith, Aaron Wauseon, Ohio. 

Smith, A. J R. F. D. No. 1, Caldwell, Kans. 

Smith, B. W Burlington, W. Va. 

Smith, C. B Milledgeville, 111. 

Smith, Daniel Cuba, Kans. 

Smith, E. J Ames, Okla. 

Smilh, H. J Holland, Kans. 

Smith, H. W R. F. D. 1, Sunfield, Mich. 

Smith, H. Z Bradford, Ohio. 

Smith, Jacob O Swales, Pa. 

Smith, John . . .' Trotwood, Ohio. 

Smith, John ' % Woodbury, Md. 

Smith, J. D. .' Chicora, Miss. 

Smith, J. E Surrey, N. Dak. 

Smith, J. H R. F. D. No. 1, Maurertown, Va. 

Smith, John I R. F. D. No. 1, Ohio, Mo. 

Smith, J. M Woodland, Mich. 

Smith, L. S....1548 Pacific Ave., Atchison, Kans. 

Smith, P. A 1060 N. 6th St., Reading, Pa. 

Smith, S. M . . . Clarksville, Mich. 

Smith, S. Z Sidney, Ohio. 

Smith, T. M Solitude, Tenn. 

Smith, Wm Ames, Okla. 

Snader, A. P New Windsor, Md. 

Snader, David Akron, Pa. 

Snader, Edwin A Taneytown, Md. 

Snavely, I. C Breedsville, Mich. 

Snavely, John L Alvo, Nebr. 

Snavely, S. U R. F. D. No. 1, Republic, Ohio. 

Snell, Daniel Sidney, Ind. 

Snell, Geo. W R. R. 5, South Whitley, Ind. 

Snell, Levi Cambridge, Nebr. 

Snell, Samuel R. D. 1, Union, Ohio. 

Snider, G. A Fostoria, Ohio. 

Snider, Joseph F R. F. D. No. 1, Everett, Pa. 

Snively, J. S Lanark, 111. 

Snowberger, A. C......R. R. 11, Anderson, Ind. 

Snowberger, A. L 

129 W. 10th St., Newton, Kans. 

Snowberger, Isaac N Helmer, Ind. 

Snuffer, Matt. P Thomas, Okla. 

Snyder, B. F, Bellefontaine, Ohio. 

Snyder, David Laton, Cal. 

Snyder, J. M McPherson, Kans. 

Snyder, J. S Brooklyn, Iowa. 

Snyder, L. S Missouri Valley, Iowa. 

Solenberger, J R. R. 3, Warrenville, 111. 

Sollenberger, Aaron D....R. R. 1, Pickrell, Nebr. 
Sollenberger, D. P 

R. F. D. No. 3, Tippecanoe City, Ohio. 

Sommers, H. A . . Asherville, Ind. 

Sonefrank, Geo Loree, Ind. 

Sonon, H. S East Petersburg, Pa. 

Souders, J. F. ..... R. F. D. No. 2, Preston, Minn. 

Sower, D. E Freeport, Mich. 

Spacht, Alva J , . . ' Mercer, Ohio. 

Spacht, J. R Williamstown, Ohio 

Spaid, A. R Hooks Mills, W. Va. 

Spall, James J. Seymour, Ind. 

Spangler, John Huff ville, Va. 

Spangler, S. G Floyd Court House, Va. 

Spanogle, A Lewistown, Pa. 

Spanogle, H. A Lewistown, Pa. 

Spicher, John W Wilgus, Pa. 

Spicher, M. H R. F. D. No. 3, Ridgely, Md. 

Spidle, W. F Shirleysburg, Pa. 

Spitler, D. N Stony Man, Va. 

Spitzer, J. F Summitville, Ind. 

Sprague, Byron Lablanche, Kans. 

Sprang, G White Pigeon, Mich. 

Sprankle, S Massillon, Ohio. 

Spurgeon, J. B , Adel, Iowa. 

St. John, W. R Bryan, Ohio. 

Stafford, John Berkey Ave., Goshen, Ind 

Stahl, H. A Glade, Pa. 

Stair, M. E p l , Mo. 

Stambaugh, G. W Carrington, N. Dak. 

Stambaugh, Jacob Virginia, Nebr. 

Stamy, J. F Lees Crossroads, Pa. 

Starkey, J. H Griffithsville, VV . Va. 

Stauffer, E. H Rock Lake, N. Dak. 

Stauffer, Geo Woburn, 111. 

Stayer, D. A Tatesville, Pa. 

Stayer, J. C Woodbury, Pa. 

Stayer, J. R Woodbury, Pa. 

Stearman, C. H Duffy, W Va 

Steele, Lafayette R. R. No. 1, Walkerton, Ind. 

Stees, Israel Lena, 111. 

Steffen, Conrad Bethel, Mo. 

Steinbarger, Samuel J 

„ R. R. No. 3, Lewistown, Pa. 

Stemberger, A. C Vira, Pa. 

Stevens, Jas. F Myrtlepoint, Oregon. 

Stevens, S. M Mountain Grove, Mo. 

Steward, Edward Dunlap, Kans. 

Still, David R. R. 1, Jonesville, Va. 

Stine, A. M Adel, Iowa. 

Stinebaugh, J. G R. F. D. No. 1, Camden. Ind. 

Stitzel, Joseph Lanark, 111. 

Stiverson, J. U. G Weiser, Idaho. 

Stone, C. H Edgewood, Iowa. 

Stone, Geo. E Crystal, Mich. 

Stone, Henry Aline, Okla. 

Stoneburner, J. W Peterson, Ind. 

Stoneburner, Levi Pierceton, Ind. 

Stoner, David Johnsville, Md. 

Stoner, D. W Vesper, Kans. 

Stoner, E. W Union Bridge, Md. 

Stoner, J. C R. R. No. 2, Palestine, 111. 

Stoner, Levi Alice, Pa. 

Stoner, Samuel D Ladoga, Ind. 

Stong, G. W Newville, N. Dak. 

Stookey, Sherman Teakean, Idaho. 

Stouder, D. W Emporia, Kans. 

Stouder, Jas. A R. R. 2, Falls City, Nebr. 

Stouffer, M .' Mansfield, 111. 

Stouffer, S. M Greenspring, Pa. 

Stout, Jerry Lacey, Iowa. 

Stoat, John C Syracuse, Ind. 

Stout, Thos. J Windfall, Ind. 

Stover, D. E Champaign, 111. 

Stover, H. M 

136 Cleveland Ave., Waynesboro, Pa. 

Stover, J. H Tekoa, Wash. 

Stover, John M Bradford, Ohio. 

Strausbaugh, G. S R. F. D. 1, Republic, Ohio. 

Strausburg, John Landess, Ind. 

Strawser, George Oriental, Pa. 

Streeter, John O Octavia, Nebr. 

Strickler, B. H Loraine, 111. 

Strickler, D. H Vicksburg, Pa. 

Strickler, Ellis Long Beach, Cal. 

Strickler, H. P Grundy Center, Iowa. 

Strickler, H. W Loraine, 111. 

Strickler, Walter Luray, Va. 

Strycker, Geo Minot, N. Dak. 

Stucker, Wm Hillard, Mo. 

Stuckey, D. F Osnaburg, Ohio. 

Stuckey, L. T New Enterprise, Pa. 

Stuckey, Sherman Teakean, Idaho. 

Stuckman, P Nappanee, Ind. 

Studebaker, Geo. L., 117 S. Consil St., Muncie, Ind. 

Studebaker, J Mont Ida, Kans. 

Studebaker, S Pearl City, 111. 

Stump, George C Palestine, Ohio. 



Stump, John Miami, Tex. 

Stump, Sol Waynesville, Mo. 

Sturgis, John Perrin, Mo. 

Stutsman, D. C 15 Wroe Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 

Stutsman, Jesse R. R. 4, Arcanum, Ohio. 

Stutsman, J. R Harbor Springs, Mich. 

Stutsman, Wm Glendale, Cal. 

Stutzman, C. W. Metamora, Ohio. 

Summer, A. E........R. F. D. No. 1, Sowers, Va. 

Summy, A R. F. D. No. 2, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Sunderland, H Jasper, Mo. 

Suter, C. M Franklin Grove, 111. 

Sutter, A. A Roanoke, La. 

Sutter, P. J R. F. D., Marathon, Iowa. 

Swartz, E. J Wakarusa, Ind. 

Swayne, G. H...1711 Oneida St., Huntingdon, Pa. 

Swigart, G. H McVeytown, Pa. 

Swigart, J. C Strodes Mills, Pa. 

Swigart, M. C McVeytown, Pa. 

Swigart, S. J Lewistown, Pa. 

Swigart, W. J Huntingdon, Pa. 

Swihart, Geo Mayville, N. Dak. 

Swihart, Geo. E..R. F. D. No. 28*, Pettysville, Ind. 

Swihart, George T Goshen, Ind. 

Swihart, Neri Tippecanoe, Ind. 

Swihart, Walter R. R. 1, Churubusco, Ind. 

Swinger, Jacob Palestine, 111. 

Swinger, W Dayton, Ohio. 

Switzer, John W Roanoke, 111. 

Swoveland, J. S R. R. No. 2, Pendleton, Ind. 

Talhelm, Byron Elmo, Kans. 

Tannreuther, W. O Waterloo, Iowa. 

Tawzer, J. J R. R. No. 3, Kingsley, Iowa. 

Taylor, Chas. V Elgin, 111. 

Taylor, H. R Lordsburg, Cal. 

Taylor, I. W New Holland, Pa. 

Taylor, S. W Springgrove, Pa. 

Teeter, B. Y. S Shafter, W. Va. 

Teeter, D. W. Jasper, Mo. 

Teeter, J. L Terlton, Okla. T. 

Teeter, L. L Mooreland, Ind. 

Teeter, L. W Hagerstown, Ind. 

Teeter, W. C 1435 W. 3d St., Dayton, Ohio. 

Teets, L. W Lost City, W. Va. 

Tennison, K. G Weatherford, Tex. 

Terwilleger, Samuel Blue Springs, Nebr. 

Thomas, A. S Springcreek, Va. 

Thomas, Allen Pleasant Valley, N. Dak. 

Thomas, David Bangor, Mich. 

Thomas, D. D McClure, Ohio. 

Thomas, H. V Carey, Ohio. 

Thomas, J '. . — Springcreek, Va. 

Thomas, Jer Clifton Mills, W. Va. 

Thomas, J. A .' Peabody, Kans. 

Thomas, J. L Beggs, Ind. Ter. 

Thomas, P. S Harrisonburg, Va. 

Thomas, V Florence, W. Va. 

Thomas, Walter Fairplay, Md. 

Thomas, Wm Gibbons Glade, Pa. 

Thomas, W. J Inglewood, Cal. 

Thompson, G. C 

R. F. D. No. 18, Thorntown, Ind. 

Thompson, S. E Garden City, Kans. 

Thompson, S. H Lawton, Va. 

Throne, G. M Princeton, Kans. 

Tilsman, A. L Lindside, W. Va. 

Tingley, H Tingley, Mo. 

Tisdale, W. D., 1539 E. Ave, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Titler, Geo Continental, Ohio. 

Toney, Carey R. R. 8, Kitchel, Ind. 

Toney, W. S Walton, Ind. 

Tooker, Grant Delhi, S. Dak. 

Tow, William Cana, Va. 

Trostle, Eph Mt. Morris, 111. 

Trostle, J. W Azuza, Cal. 

Trostle, L Franklin Grove, 111. 

Trostle, W. E San Gabriel, Cal. 

Troup, Henry II Maxwell, Iowa. 

Trout, 1 1. Bennett Lanark, 111. 

Troxel,' David Cerrogordo, 111. 

Troxel, D. E Conway Springs, Kans. 

Troxel, J Conway Springs, Kans. 

Troxel, J. J Conway Springs, Kans. 

Troxe l, Joseph Caldwell, Kans. 

Truax, Wm. R Pleasant Ridge, Pa. 

Tucker, J Hagers Grove, Mo. 

Turner, D Genoa, Va. 

Turner, L. F Lintner, 111. 

Tyson, G Gait, Mich. 

Ulery, Gabriel R. R. No. 2, Claypool, Ind. 

Ulery, Jacob C McPherson, Kans. 

Ulery, J. Edson ..Brethren, Mich. 

Ullery, Daniel Mezo, 111. 

Ullery, Forest Harrison ville, Mo. 

Ullom, Homer Prowers, Colo. 

Ulrey, John C Morrill, Kans. 

Ulrey, John P Pyrmont, Ind. 

Ulrey, S. S North Manchester, Ind. 

Ulrich, W. M North Manchester, Ind. 

Ulrich, L. E. . -. R. D. 2, Wenatchee, Wash. 

Umble, S -. ■. Uniontown, Pa. 

Urey, J. H R. R. r , Hudson, Ind. 

Utz, Franklin N Port, Va 

Utz, J. H Beaver Creek, Md. 

Utz, John H York St., Carrier 3, Hanover, Pa. 

Utz, S. H • Newmarket, Md. 

Utz, Silas K Newmarket, Md. 

Van Buren, T. D Phillips, Wis. 

Van Dyke, Archibald Michigan City, Ind. 

Van Dyke, G. H...185 Hastings St., Chicago, 111. 

Van Dyke, Irvin C 

1700 Mifflin St., Huntingdon, Pa. 

Van Dyke, S. P R. R. No. 5, Alva, Okla. 

Vanhorn, D. M R. R. No. 1, Everett, Pa. 

Vaniman, A. W Elgin, 111. 

Vansickle, Geo. W Fearer, Md. 

Varner, John P. Travelers Repose, W. Va. 

Varner, Wm Doehill, Va. 

Vest, Willie Howerys, Va. 

Vines, A. J Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Viney, Fred College Corner, Ohio. 

Wagenman, J. G Williston, N. Dak. 

Wagner, D. T Beecher City, 111 

Wagner, J. C R. R. No. 2, Smith Center, Kans! 

Wagoner, Isaac N Ramey, Minn. 

Wagoner, N. B Redcloud, Nebr. 

Wakefield, R. M Mount Union, Pa. 

Wakeman, L. D Lantz Mill, Va. 

Wales, G. E R. D. 4, Sedgwick, Kans. 

Walker, Daniel H R. R. 5, Somerset, Pa. 

Walker, Ira D. S Berlin, Pa. 

Walker, S. A Bloomville, Ohio. 

Wallace, Lewis Mt. Morris, III. 

Walter, Charles , . . . . Summum, III. 

Waltman, J. K Nampa, Idaho. 

Wampler, A Knobnoster, Mo. 

Wampler, C Olathe, Kans. 

Wampler, D. B Penn Laird, Va. 

Wampler, D. J R. R. No. 5, Union City, Ind. 

Wampler, D. S Lonaconing, Md. 

Wampler, Jos. W R. R. 7, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Ward, Chas. M R. D. 18, Richland, Kans. 

Warner, J. (colored) Cordova, Md. 

Warren, Isaac Edw. . . R. F. D. 25, Pettysville, Ind. 

Warstler, J. H New Paris, Ind. 

Wassam, J. J Peace Valley, Mo. 

Watkins, L Mont Ida, Kans. 

Watkins, T. J Sunnyside, Wash. 

Watkins, W. C R. R- 1, Grenola, Kans. 

Watson, Geo. W Solitude, Tenn. 

Watts, Wm. S Brentwood, Ark. 

Waybright, Geo. W Circleville, W. Va. 

Wayland, J. W Bridgewater, Va. 

Weaver, A. A. .R. R. No. 2, Grand Junction, Colo. 

Weaver, Chr . . . *. Brimfield, Ind. 

Weaver, David W..321 N. Mary St., Lancaster, Pa. 

Weaver, D. H Covina, Cal. 

Weaver, G. E Buchanan, Mich 

Weaver, Joseph Ligonier, Ind, 



Weaver, J. A Bowbells, N. Dak. 

Weaver, John E . Goshen, Ind. 

Weaver, Josiah Huntingdon, Pa. 

Weaver, M. J Scalp Level, Pa. 

Weaver, S. P Ames, Okla. 

Webb, I. E Newmarket, Iowa. 

Webster, C. F K. R. No. i, Salem, Va. 

Weddle, Andrew J Santos, Va. 

Weddle, G. W Larned, Kans. 

Weddle, Harvey Topeco, Va. 

Weddle, Joel Burks Fork, Va. 

Weddle, L. M Topeco, Va. 

Weddle, R. M Dunlap, Kans. 

Wegley, J. W Somerset, Pa. 

Weidler, D. W '. .Ashland, Ohio. 

Weidman, Silas R. R. i, Wooster, Ohio. 

Weimer, Asa H Petersburg, W. Va. 

Weimer, Dennis Bealton, Va. 

Weimer, F. B Rittman, Ohio. 

Weimer, Israel Hopeville, W. Va. 

Weimer, Samuel Jerico Springs, Mo. 

Weirich, Jacob Osnaburg, Ohio. 

Weller, D. P Continental, Ohio. 

Weller, M. J Farmington, Pa. 

Wellington, J. R 

23 1 1 W. Jackson St., Muncie, Ind. 

Wells, James McDonalds Mill, Va. 

Wells, J. M Kalamazoo, W. Va. 

Wells, N. A Jackson, Tenn. 

Wenger, E. M Fredricksburg, Pa. 

Wenger, Israel R. R. 1, Ephrata, Pa. 

Wenger, Perry Mt. Sidney, Va. 

Wertenbaker, Wm 

1254 E. 50th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wertenberger, A. J Norcatur, Kans. 

Wertz, W. Clay 721 R. R. St., Johnstown, Pa. 

West, Ellis H Modesto, Cal. 

West, George Clayton, 111. 

West, Landon Pleasant Hill, Ohio. 

West, W. E Ankeny, Iowa. 

Westrick, . Oliver Belleville, Kans. 

Weybright, J. S Double Pipecreek, Md. 

Weybright, Wm R. R. 1, Lone Star, Kans. 

Wheeler, F. M. ..R. R. No. 7, Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Whetstone, D Minnesota City, Minn. 

Whetzel, Lee H Moorefield, W. Va. 

Whisler, H. A Inglewood, Cal. 

Whisler; S North Liberty, Ohio. 

Whistler, Levi Centralia, Wash. 

Whitcher, W. E Manvel, Tex. 

White, A. M Covina, Cal. 

Whitehead, Clayton S Warsaw, Ind. 

Whitmer, B. B. . Morrill, Kans. 

Whitmer, Merrill I Tioga, N. DaK. 

Whitmer, Daniel R. R. 1, South Bend, Ind. 

Whitmer, P. E Richmond, Kans. 

Widdowson, J Dixonville, Pa. 

Wieand, A. C 183 Hastings St., Chicago, 111. 

Wiedman, Fred , Longmont, Colo. 

Wike, Henry R. R. No. 2, Huntington, Ind. 

Wike, I. B Huntington, Ind. 

Wiley, W. A R. D. 3, Ashland, Ohio. 

Wiley, Wm Bigmount, Pa. 

Wilfong, Benj Marlinton, W. Va. 

Wilhelm, J. L Lebanon, Pa 

Wilkins, C. L Middleton, Mich. 

Wilkinson, Wm. T Lordsburg, Cal. 

Williams, Bruce Plattsburg, Mo. 

Williamson, J. W Hedgesville. W. Va. 

Williar, Jacob O Route 2, Mt. Airy, Md. 

Williford, Wm Kansas, Tenn. 

Willis, John Beelog, N. C. 

Williams, C. A . New Plymouth, Idaho. 

Williams, C. E Epperly, Va. 

Williams, J. H. B BelleviUe, Kans. 

Williams, Oliver Scottville, Mich. 

Wills, Chas. E Paris, Tenn. 

Wilmoth, William L Travelers Repose, W. Va. 

Wilson, J. D R. D. 5, Greencastle, Pa. 

Wilson, Josiah S Junior, W, Va. 

Wilson, Nute Bertig, Ark. 

Wilson, Roy X \ Pogue, Pa". 


Wilt, J. W Altoona, Pa. 

Wimmer, John H Salem, Va. 

Wimmer, N. P Copperhill, Va. 

Winand, G York Springs, Pa. 

Wine, A. J. . . . ". Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Wine, C Tropico, Cal. 

Wine, Daniel D Nevada, Mo. 

Wine, D. D Covington, Ohio. 

Wine, D. G Octavia, Nebr. 

Wine, D. P Moores Store, Va. 

Wine, G. S Olpe, Kans. 

Wine, George S Laton, Cal. 

Wine, Geo. W Ottobine, Va. 

Wine, Jacob Oakgrove, Tenn. 

Wine, John M David City, Nebr'. 

Wine, J. W Ottobine, Va. 

Wine, Madison Fruitdale, Ala. 

Wine, W. M Union Bridge, Md. 

Wineman, D. B. . . . R. F. D. 4, Chambersburg, Pa. 

Winey, C. G East Salem, Pa. 

Winey, Thomas R. R. No. 4, Lawrence, Kans. 

Winger, H. H Palisade, Colo. 

Winger, Otho Sweetser, Ind. 

Wingert, H. H Kingsley, Iowa. 

Winklebleck, Levi Hartford City, Ind. 

Wirt, Jacob Lewiston, Minn. 

Wirt, James Virden, 111. 

Wirt, John H Lewiston, Minn. 

Wise, Geo. E North Yakima, Wash. 

Wise, J Penalosa, Kans. 

Wise, W. M Garden City, Kans. 

Witmer, John H Union Deposit, Pa. 

Witmer, Samuel Z Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Witmore, Ira Adrian, Mo. 

Witmore, J Long Beach, Cal. 

Witmore, J. C Longley, Ohio. 

Wolf, Abraham Udell, Iowa. 

Wolf, Calvin, R Clifton Mills, W. Va. 

Wolf, C. E., 222, S. Moore St., S. Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Wolf, D. A Unionville, Iowa. 

Wolf, David B R. R. 9, Peru, Ind. 

Wolf, D. S Surrey, N. Dak. 

Wolf, F. B Preston, Minn. 

Wolfe, Daniel R. D. 1, Coyle, Okla. 

Wolfe, E. M R. F. D. 4, McCune, Kans. 

Wolfe, Leonard McCune, Kans. 

Wolf ord, Wm. E Boucher, Pa. 

Wood, Chas. H Snowden, Va. 

Wood, Charles S Summitville, Ind. 

Woodie, H. J Beldon, N. C. 

Woodie, John C R. F. D. No. 2, Brock, Nebr. 

Woodiel, T. L Austin, Ark. 

Woodiel, W. L Austin, Ark. 

Woods, M. F Glenwood, Wash. 

Woodard, A. B Crocus, N. Dak. 

Workman, A. S Loudonville, Ohio. 

Workman, C. J Buckeye City, Ohio. 

Workman, David Columbia City, I/id. 

Workman, James Danville, Ohio. 

Workman, J. T R. F. D. No. 2, Howard, Ohio. 

Workman, L Pierceton, Ind. 

Workman, Philip Mabel, Oregon. 

Workman, S. J Ankneytown, Ohio. 

Workman, W Loudonville, Ohio. 

Worst, David. . .R. F. D. No. I, West Salem, Ohio. 

Wray, Benjamin Bringhurst, Ind. 

Wright, A. L North Manchester, Ind. 

Wright, J. C Kearney, Nebr. 

Wright, J. H North Manchester, Ind. 

Wrightsman, P. R Saginaw, Tex. 

Wyland, Washington Harlan, Iowa. 

Wvne, Jaaob R. R. 1, Lintner, 111. 

Wysong, Daniel Nappanee, Ind. 

Wysong, H Nappanee, Ind. 

Yaney, I. F New Corydon, Ind. 

Yankey, F. A Dovesville, Va. 

Yarbaha, J. A Celynda, Mo. 

Yearout, Chas. M Christiansburg, Va. 

Yoder, John Jr R. R. No. 2, Homerville, Ohio. 

Yoder, J. J Conway, Kans. 

Yoder, Nathaniel. „....».. Cenf report, Pa. 

Yoder, R. A. . .Jf.. .V •' Sabeftia, Kans. 

{_ 33 77& \ 


Yoder, S. ...2304 Michigan Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Voder, Samuel E Hemet, Cal. 

Yoder, Y. D Lima, Ind. 

Younce, Samuel Clarion, Mich. 

Young, A. C "... Eaton, Ind. 

Young, David Hartville, Ohio. 

Young, E. S Canton, Ohio. 

Young, George R. R. 1, Rogersville, Tenn. 

Young, H. S R. R. 28, Aultman, Ohio. 

Young, I. R Lanark, 111 

Young, J. E Beatrice, N ebr. 

Young, M. S R. R., East Akron, Ohio. 

Young, Theo. B Wichita, Kans. 

Yount, W. B Bridgewater, Va. 

Yourtee, Eli Weverton, Md. 

Yundt, S. E Lordsburg, Cal. 

Zern, Jacob Holyoke, Colo. 

Ziegler, D. P Royersford, Pa. 

Ziegler, Jesse C Royersford, Pa. 

Ziegler, Levi Royersford, Pa. 

Zigler, D. C R. F. D. No. 1, Churchville, Va. 

Zigler, D. H Broadway, Va. 

Zigler, John P Broadway, Va. 

Zigler, S. D Harrisonburg, Va. 

Zigler, W. H R. F. D. No. 1, Churchville, Va. 

Zimmerman, J. . . Mt. Solon, Va. 

Zimmerman, J. S Waterloo, Iowa. 

Zimmerman, S Davidsville, Pa. 

Zimmerman, W. B Nook, Pa. 

Zollers, Geo. D 

619 Cushing St., South Bend, Ind. 

Zook, Fred R Martinsburg, Pa. 

Zuck, D. M Mercersburg, Pa. 

Zuck, John Clarence, Iowa. 

Zug, B. F Prescott, Pa. 

Zug, H. S Mastersonville, Pa.' 

Zug, S. R Mastersonville, Pa. 

Zumbrum, C. K R. D., Albion, Ind. 

Don't Forget That 

Dr. Wrightsman's 
Sovereign Balm of Life 

Is the BALM that Soothes 
the Sorrows of Motherhood 

And helps and prepares woman for life's 
duties. It is a boon to her sex. A Sov- 
ereign Balm for all of woman's ills. Space 
is too small here to give full particulars. 
Write for booklet and samples of the dry 
and tablet forms. Address, 

D. B. SENGER & CO., 
Box 400. Franklin Grove, 111. 


The special terms mentioned below are limited to 
the ministers of the German Baptist or Brethren 
church. Those whose names are not in the Breth- 
ren's Almanac will please send reference. Wheth- 
er books for ministers be ordered by mail, express 
or freight, by single copy, or a number together, 
the amounts named for " cost of postage and pack- 
ing " must invariably accompany all orders. 

The Eternal Verities.— By D. L. Miller. 

A series of plain talks in support of the author- 
ity of the Scriptures. Price, $1.25. To min- 
isters, 19 cents. 

Trine Immersion as the Apostolic Form 

of Christian Baptism. — By James Quinter. 
Price,- 90 cents. To ministers, 15 cents. 

Bible Dictionary. — By Smith and Pelou- 

bet. Price, $2.00. To ministers, 25 cents. 

Pocket Reference Testament. — No. 16, 

French Seal, divinity -circuit. Price, 50 cents. 
To any minister not able to pay 50 cents, 8 

Life and Labors of Elder John Kline, 

the Martyr Missionary. — Price, $1.25. To min- 
isters, 25 cents. 

*A Square Talk about the Inspiration of 

the Bible. — By H. L. Hastings. Price, 50 cents. 
To ministers, 9 cents. 

The Brethren Tracts and Pamphlets. — 

Price, $1.00. To ministers, 4 cents. 

Seven Churches of Asia. — By D. L. Mil- 

ler. Price, 75 cents. To ministers, 14 cents. 

Doctrine of the Brethren Defended. — By 

R. H. Miller. Price, 75 cents. To ministers, 
14 cents. 

The Bulwarks of the Faith. — By James 

M. Gray, D. D. Price, 75 cents. To minis- 
ters, 10 cents. 

Brethren Lesson Commentary on the In- 
ternational S. S. Lessons for 1906. — By Eld. I. 
Bennett Trout. Price, cloth, $1.00. To min- 
isters, 20 cents. 

Alone with God. — By J. H. Garrison, 

Price, 75 cents. To pinisters, 10 cents. 

Nave's Topical Bible. — Regular price of 

Bible, $7.50. To ministers, $3.16, delivered. 

Lord's Supper, The.— By D. B. Gibson. 

Price, 35 cents. To ministers for postage and 
packing, 10 cents. 

Modern Secret Societies. — By Chas; A. 

Blanchard, D. D. Price, 75 cents. To minis- 
ters, 10 cents. 

Book of Books. — By Wm. Evans. Price, 

$1.00. To ministers, 12 cents. 

Cruden's Concordance. — Price, $1.00. 

To ministers, 30 cents. 

Bible Manners and Customs. — By G. M. 

Mackie. Price, $1.00. To ministers, 12 cents. 
Address : 

Elgin, Illinois. 



Do Vou Know 

that nine-tenths of the people who have testified to their restoration to 
health through the use of DR. PETER'S BLOOD VITALIZER state 
that before using this old herb-remedy they had tried doctors and various 
other remedies without avail, the BLOOD VITALIZER having been 
used as a last resort? 

Could a greater tribute be paid to any medicine? What does it sig- 
nify? It signifies simply this, that this plain household remedy cures 
when other medicines apparently fail. 

biis Physicians Gave Up 

Fremont, Pa., March 10. 
Dr. Peter Fahrney, Chicago, 111. 

Dear Sir: — For years, I suffered from indigestion, lack of appetite, insomnia and 
a skin eruption which showed itself especially on my limbs. On account of my 
age (68 years) the physicians said they could do nothing for me. Then I started 
to take your BLOOD VITALIZER regularly. That was about ten months ago. 
The diseased skin on my limbs commenced to peel off, my appetite returned and< 
scores of my friends are now surprised at my young appearance. My weight has 
increased from 120 to 150 lbs. At that time it would have been impossible for me 
to write with such a steady hand as I do now. My restoration to health I owe, next 
to God, to your BLOOD VITALIZER. Respectfully, 

(Rev.) Daniel Sanders. 

Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer 

is one of the best blood medicines ever discovered. Health depends more 
or less on the condition of the vital fluid. If the blood is pure and vigorous, 
there is no room for disease. DR. PETER'S BLOOD VITALIZER 
is put up for a specific purpose — the cure of sick people. It had its birth 
over a century ago, in those days when people believed in rugged honesty, 
and has been handed down unchanged, as a heritage, from generation to 
generation. It occupies a place in the field of medicine distinctly its own. 
It may have its imitations but it has no substitute. Unlike other ready- 
prepared medicines, it is not to be had in drugstores, but is supplied direct 
to the people, through special agents appointed in every community. If 
you know of no agent in your neighborhood, write to the sole makers and 

Dr. Peter Fahrney & Sons Co., 

112=118 So. Hoyne Ave. Chicago, 111. 




Chas. D. Bonsack, Westminster, Md. 
,H. P. Albaugh, Gen. S. S. Sec., 

1369 Monticello Ave., Chicago, 111. 
O. L. Minnich, Ladoga, Ind. 

+*+ +X+ ♦ « 



First District — B. E. Kesler, Farrenburg, Mo. 


J. W. Cline, 129 E. Lake Ave., E. Los 

Angeles, Cal. 


Northern— Noah Blough, Mt. Carroll, 111. 
Southern — Chas. C. Gibson, Chatham, 111. 


First District — Jesse Emmert, Bulsar, India. 


Northern — Christian Metzler, Wakarusa, Ind 
Middle — Frank Fisher, Mexico, Ind. 
Southern — E. N. Goshorn, Ladoga, Ind. 


Middle — Mrs. S. B. Miller, 1026 3rd Ave., 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Southern— H. C. Wenger, South English, 



Northeastern — Viola Cline, 8 S. Boeke St., 

Kansas City, Kans. 
Northwestern and Northern Colorado — J. H. 

B. Williams, McPherson, Kans. 
Southeastern — E. F. Sherfy, Westphalia, 

Southwestern — S. J. Miller, McPherson, Kans. 

Eastern — W. P. Englar, Uniontown, Md. 
Middle — Caleb Long, Boonsburo, Md. 
Western — James W. Beeghly, Accident, Md. 


Jerome J. England, R. F. D. No. 1, Woodland, 



Northern^E. Mohler, Plattsburg, Mo.. 
Middle — Jesse Mohler, Leeton, Mo. 
Southern — C. E. Holmes, Reeds, Mo. 


H. A. Frantz, Firth, Nebr. 

H. J. Woodie, Beldon, N. C. 

J. M. Myers, Cando, N. Dak. 


If there is no agent in your neighbor- 
hood for that sterling old herb-remedy, Dr. 
Peter's Blood Vitalizer, invest $2.00 and get 
a $3.00 trial box, containing twelve 35 
cent bottles. It is money well spent. 



Phoebe Foft, Pierson, Iowa. 

Northeastern — S. M. Friend, Box 38, Lodi, 

Northwestern — Mary L. Cook, Tiffin, Ohio. 
Southern — Ada Baker, Palestine, Ohio. 

J. A. Brubaker, Gotebo, Okla. 

J. A. Eby, Sunnyside, Wash. 


Eastern — George W. Henry, Derry Church, 

Middle — M. C. Swigart, McVeytown, Pa. 
Southern — John H. Keller, Lolma, Pa. " 
Western — L. J. Lehman, 624 Somerset St., 

Johnstown, Pa. 


Chas. A. Bowman, Knoxville, Tenn. 


A. J. Wine, Ft. Worth, Texas. 


First District— C. S. Ikenberry, Daleville, Va. 
Second District — S. I. Flory, Stuarts Draft, 


First District — J. B. Leatherman, Burlington, 

W. Va. 
Second District— J. F. Bosely, Fallsmill, W. 

* * * 


In the following to make as complete a record 
as possible has been the end sought. After two at- 
tempts the results are as shown herewith. A 
number of Boards made no report whatever and 
hence the organization goes in as . it appeared in 
last year's Almanac. It has been thought use- 
ful to indicate the time when each one's term 
expires. It is hoped that next year all Boards 
will make a complete report. 

General Missionary and Tract Committee. 

D. L. Miller, Mt. Morris, Illinois, 1908. 

John Zuck, Clarence, Iowa, 1908. 

S. F. Sanger, South Bend, Indiana, 1906. 

A. B. Barnhart, Hagerstown, Maryland, 1907 

H. C. Early, Penn Laird, Virginia, 1907. 


If you are afflicted with Piles, Fistula, or 
any other diseases of the rectum, investi- 
gate the Thornton & Minor System of 
Treatment, for these diseases are treated on 
a positive guarantee, which means that the 
patient does not pay one cent until he is 
satisfied a permanent cure has been effect- 
ed, and which permits him to return home 
to try and test before paying any money, 
to make sure that he is well. Read the 
advertisement on page 3. 



Chairman, D. L. Miller, Mt. Morris, Illinois. 
Vice-Chairman, H. C. Early, Penn Laird, Va. 
Secretary and Treasurer, Galen B. Royer, Elgin, 

All correspondence for the Committee should be 
addressed to its office as follows: The General 
Missionary and Tract Committee, Elgin, 111. 

The regular meetings of the Committee are the 
Monday before the convening of Standing Com- 
mittee at Annual Meeting, and the second Mon- 
day of February and October. 

District Mission Boards. 


District Board. 

Pres., A. C. Smith, Palestine, Ark., 1907. 
Sec, H. I. Buechley, Carlisle, Ark., 1906. 
Treas., J. H. Whitcber. Austin, Ark., 1906. 

District Board. 

Pres., E. T. Reiser, Lordsburg, Cal., 1908. 
Sec, C. W. Guthrie, 342 N. Main St., Los 

Angeles, Cal., 1906. 
Treas., H. A. Whistler, Inglewood, Cal., 1910. 
W. E. Trostle, R. D. 1, San Gabriel, 
Cal., 1909. 

D. J. Overholtzer, Covma, Cal., 1907- 

ILLINOIS, Northern. 
District Board. 

Pres., John Heckman, Elgin, 111., 1910. 
Sec. and Treas., C. H. Hawbecker, Franklin 
Grove, 111., 1908. 

M. W. Emmert, Mt. Morris, 111, 1909. 
C. W. Lahman, Franklin Grove, 111., 
Grant Mahan, Elgin, 111., 1906. 

ILLINOIS, Southern. 
District Board. 

Pres., Jacob Wyne, Lintner, 111., 1907. 
Sec, W. H. Shull, Virden, 111., 1905. 
Treas.. G. W. Sensenbaugh, Oakley, 111., 1906. 

C. Mummert, Leesburg, 111., 1908. 

E. E. Brubaker, Virden, 111., 1909. 

INDIANA, Northern. 
District Board. 

Pres., D. J. Whitehead, New Paris, Ind., 

Sec, R. W. Davenport, R. R. 6, Goshen, 

Ind., 1906. 
Treas., D. J. Whitehead, New Paris, Ind. 

Levi Weaver, Goshen, Ind., R. R. 1, 

INDIANA, Middle.. 
District Board. 

Pres., David Dilling, Monticello, Ind., 1908. 
Sec, John H. Neff, Huntingdon, Ind., 1907. 
Treas., Aaron Mishler, South Whitley, Ind., 

D. B. Garber, Hanfield, Ind., 1910.. 
Geo. E. Swihart, Pettysville, Ind., 


of a medicine when one is sick and suffer- 
ing is a matter of vital importance. A 
good remedy in proper time will prevent- 
much misery, years of sickness and, at 
times, an early grave. Of good remedies 
Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer has few, if any, 

INDIANA, Southern. 
District Board. 

Pres., J. S. Alldredge, Anderson, Ind., 1906. 
Sec, D. E. Bowman, Hagerstown, Ind., 

Treas., John F. Shoemaker, Shideler, Ind., 

IOWA, Northern and Minnesota. 
District Board. 

Pres., 0. S. Gilbert, Conrad, Iowa. 

Sec, A. G. Messer, Grundy Center, Iowa, 

Treas., H. C. Sheller, Grundy Center, Iowa. 

IOWA> Middle. 
District Board. 

Pres., W. E. West, Ankeny, Iowa, 1906. 
Treas., Geo. B. Royer, Dallas Center, Iowa, 

Sec, E. C. Trostle, 1908. 

IOWA, Southern. 
District Board. 

Pres., David Sink, Lenox, Iowa, 1907. 

Sec, Peter Brower, South English, Iowa, 

Treas., W. D. Grove, South English, Iowa, 

KANSAS, Northeastern. 
District Board. 
s Pres., R. A. Yoder, Sabetha, Kans., 1910. 
Sec, S. J. Heckman, Michigan Valley, 

Kans., 1907. 
Treas., Geo. A. Fishburn, Overbrook, Kans., 

I. L. Hoover, Lone Star, Kans., 1908. 
Benj. Forney, Navarre, Kans., 1909. 

KANSAS, Northwest and Northern Colorado. 
District Board. 

Pres., A. C Dagger, Covert, Kans., 1907. 
Sec, Chas. Sloniker, Burroak, Kans., 1906. 
Treas., Chas. A. Ball., Belleville., Kans., 1905. 

KANSAS, Southeastern. 
District Board. 

Pres., John Sherfy, R. R. 2, Westphalia, 

Kans., 1906. 
Sec, D. P. Neher, R. R. 4, McCune, Kans., 

Treas., J. B. Wolfe, Monmouth, Kans., 1907. 

KANSAS, Southwestern. 

District Board, 
t Pres., J. J. Yoder, R. R. 2, Conway, Kans., 

Sec, M. J. Mishler, R. R. 2, Conway, Kans., 

Treas., F. A. Vaniman, McPherson, Kans., 

S. J. Miller, McPherson, Kans., 1903. 
Jno. Dresher, Lyons, Kans., 1905. 

We know that Drs. Thornton & Minor, of 

Kansas City and St. , Louis, have success- 
fully treated a great many Dunkards 
throughout the United States, and we have 
never had any complaint concerning this 
institution, which is undoubtedly the great- 
est in the United States in the treatment of 
rectal diseases. They send free a 352-page 
treatise, and pay the postage if you will 
but send them a postal card. Read their 
ad on page 3. 



MARYLAND, Eastern. 
District Board. 

Pres., C. D. Bonsack, Westminster, Md., 1905. 
Sec, Jesse P. Weybright, Double Pipe 

Creek, Md., 1906. 
Treas., Ed. A. Snader, Taneytown, Md., 1905. 
S. H. Utz, New Market, Md. 
W. M. Wine, Union Bridge, Md., 1907. 

MARYLAND, Middle. 
District Board. 

Pres., David Ausherman, Burkettsville, Md., 

Sec, W. S. Reichard, 136 S. Potomac St., 

Hagerstown, Md., 1905. 
Treas., Caleb Long, Boonsboro, Md., 1907. 

John Rowland, R. R. 19, Clearspring, 

Md., 1908. 

David Zuck, Mercersburg, Pa., 1909. 

MARYLAND, Western. 
District Board. 

Pres., S. K. Fike, Grantsville, Md., 1907. 
S.&T., James Beeghly, Accident, Md., 1909. 

W. T. Sines, Swallow Falls, Md., 


John T. Green, Lonaconing, Md., 1905. 

I. W. Abernathy, Wilson, W. Va., 


District Board. 

Pres., A. W. Hawbaker, Copemish, Mich., 

Sec, Peter B. Messner, Lake Odessa, Mich., 

Treas., J. W. Smith, Woodland, Mich., 1908. 

I. F. Rairigh, Lake Odessa, Mich., 


David B. Mote, Beaverton, Mich., 


MISSOURI, Northern. 
District Board. 

Pres., S. E. Hogan, Rockingham, Mo. 
Sec, G. W. Ellenberger, Turney, Mo. 
Treas., J. E. Shamberger, Sheridan, Mo. 

M. E. Stair, Polo, Mo. 

Jacob Kuhn, Mound City, Mo. 

MISSOURI, Middle. 
District Board. 

Pres., D. L. Mohler, Leeton, Mo., 1906. 
Sec, C. A. Lentz, Leeton, Mo., 1905. 
Treas., E. S. Katherman, Warrensburg, Mo. 

MISSOURI, Southern. 
District Board. 

Pres., J. P. Harris, David, Mo., 1904. 

Sec, A. P. Peterson, Reeds, Mo., 1905. 

Treas., Samuel Wine, Jasper, Mo., 1905. 
District Board. 

Pres., A. J. Nickey, Alvo, Nebr. 

Sec, Levi Meek, Octavia, Nebr. 

Treas., C. J. Lichty, Davenport, Nebr. 

District Board. 

S & T., Geo. A. Branscom, Melvin Hill, N. C . 

District Board. 

Pres., J. C. Seibert, Cando, N. Dak., 1903. 
V-Pres., D. M. Shorb, Surrey, N. Dak. 
Sec, Geo. C. Long, Zion, N. Dak. 
Treas., Wm. Kessler, Zion, N. Dak., 1904. 
D. F. Landis, Williston, N. Dak. 

OHIO, Northeastern. 
District Board. 

Pres., H. S. Young, R. D. 28, Aultman, 

Ohio, 1907. 
Sec, S. M. Friend, Box 38, Lodi, Ohio, 

Treas., Israel Hoover, R. R. 2, Weilersville, 

Ohio, 1906. 

S. S. Shoemaker, Greentown, Ohio, 


W. F. England, Ashland, Ohio, 1910. 

OHIO, Northwestern. 
District Board. 

Pres., G. W. Sellers, Bryan, Ohio, 1906. 
Sec, G. A. Snyder, Fostoria, Ohio, 1906. 
Treas., J. I. Lindower, Alvada, Ohio, 1905. 
Hugh Miller, DeGraff, Ohio, 1905. 
J. M. Brenneman, Tiffin, Ohio, 1907. 

OHIO, Southern. 
District Board. 

Pres., D. M. Garver, Farmersville, Ohio, 

S.&T., H. C. Royer, R. R. No. 1, Green- 
ville, Ohio, 1909. 

D. S. Filburn, R. R. 5, New Car- 
lisle, Ohio, 1907. 

Sylvan Bookwalter, New Paris, Ohio, 


Adam Peifer, West Milton, Ohio, 1905. 

District Board. 

Pres., Samuel Edgecomb, Ripley, Okla., 1908. 
Sec, A. J. Smith, Perry, Okla., 1900. 
Treas., J. H. Cox, Coyle, Okla., 1907. 

Jacob Appleman, Hydro, Okla., 1906. 
J. B. Nininger, Coyle, Okla., 1907. 

District Board. 

Pres., D. B. Eby, Sunnyside, Wash., 1905. 
Sec, J. Harmon Stover, Tekoa, Wash., 1906. 
Treas., T. J. Beckwith, Payette, Idaho, 1905. 
William Barnett, Myrtlepoint, Oregon, 

E. L. Withers, Newburg, Oregon, 1906. 

District Board. 

Pres., Jno. Herr, Myerstown, Pa., 1906. 
Sec, I. W. Taylor, New Holland, Pa., 1905. 
Treas., Wm. Oberholtzer, Myerstown, Pa., 


E. M. Wenger, Fredericksburg, Pa., 


Jno. H. Whitmer, Union Deposit, Pa., 


J. W. Myer, Lancaster, Pa., 1907* 

District Board. 

Pres., Geo. S. Myers, New Enterprise, Pa. 
Sec, J. B. Brumbaugh, Huntingdon, Pa. 
Treas., J. B. Miller, Woodbury, Pa. 


When you read the advertisement of Drs. 
Thornton & Minor on page 3 of this Alma- 
nac, bear in mind that they have treated 
hundreds of Dunkard people throughout the 
United States for Piles, Fistula and dis- 
eases of the rectum, and have carried an 
advertisement for years in this Almanac, 
therefore, if we did not know that they 
positively guarantee a cure and do not ac- 
cept any money until the patient is well, 
we would not continue to endorse them. 
Read their ad on page 3. — Adv. 



District Board. 

Pres., Jos. A. Long, York, Pa., 1905. 
Sec, W. A. Anthony, Shady Grove, Pa., 1905. 
Treas., Henry Beelman, Dillsburg, Pa., 1906. 
S. M. Stouffer, Greenspring, Pa., 1907. 
C. L. Baker, East Berlin, Pa., 1907. 

District Board. 

Pres., D. H. Walker, Lull, Pa., 1909. 
Sec., V. E. Mineely, Johnstown, Pa., 1908 
Treas., P. J. Blough, Hooversville, Pa., 1905. 
Harvey Griffith, Myersdale, Pa., 1906. 
J. B. Miller, New Paris, Pa., 1907. 

District Board. 

Pres., P. D. Reed, Limestone, Tenn. 

S. H. Garber, Jonesboro, Tenn. 
Treas., C. H. Diehl, Jonesboro, Tenn. 

S. J. Bowman, Jonesboro, Tenn. 
A. E. Nead, Limestone, Tenn. 

District Board. 

Pres., W. B. Buckley, Weatherford, Texas, 

Sec, Geo. Marchand, Manvel, Texas, 1906. 
Treas., Dan Bowman, Saginaw, Texas, 1904. 

District Board. 

Pres., S. M. Ikenberry, R. R. 3, Wertz, Va., 

Sec, D. N. Eller, Daleville, Va., 1906. 
Treas., N. H. Garst, R. R. 1, Salem, Va., 1908. 

C. E. Eller, R. R. 2, Salem, Va., 1905. 

R. G. Layman, Cloverdale, Va., 1908. 

J. Bowman, Callaway, Va., 1907. 

A. N. Hylton,^Willis, Va., 1906. 

J. F. Keith, Camp Creek, V^a., 1907: 

VIRGINIA, Second. 
District Board. 

Pres v D. H. Zigler, Broadway, Va., 1905. 
Sec, J. Carson Miller, Moores Store, Va., 

Treas., J. M. Kagey, Dayton, Va., 1904. 

Geo. Miller, Goods Mills, Va., 1906. 
A. B. Glick, Dayton, Va., 1906. 

District Board. 

Pres., Peter Arnold, Burlington, W. Va. 
Sec, John S. Fike, Eglon, W. Va. 
Treas., Peter Arnold, Burlington, W. Va. 
Jacob Beery, Augusta, W. Va. 
Albert Frantz, Laureldale, W. Va. 

District Board. 

Pres., G. W. Annon, Thornton, W. Va., 1906. 
S. &T., J. F. Ross, Simpson, W. Va., 1907. 
J. K. Holsberry, Kirt, W. Va., 1905. 

Are You Using 

our Outline Booklets in your Christian 
Workers' Meeting? If not, ask for sample 
copy and prices. 

Elgin, Illinois. 


for catalog of Bonnet and 
Cap Goods showing eight 
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Style B. Style C. 

Sr.yle B.— The forepart of this bonnet is made of 
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in a de- to- order bonnet like this one $2.30. For mak- 
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Style C— This bonnet is made of straw cloth over a 
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Either of the above mad6 in chenille or silk for 
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For One Bonnet we use 1 yd. Strawcloth, 1 yd. Rice 
Net, %H yds. Wire, 1)4 to 2^ yds. 
Ribbon. y 2 yd. Chiffon Lining, \% 
yd. Braid for Trimming. Cost of 
material 98 cents to $2.25, depend- 
ing on quality. 
1st— Length over head. 
2d— Width across back of neck. 
3d— Width of forepart from where 
crown is set on, to the front edge. 
Send us your measure and we will 
make you a Bonnet or Cap. We 
guarantee satisfaction. 


Dept. 1, CHICAGO, ILL. 

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Bibles of all kinds and prices. Write 
for special prices on quantity lots, for 
Sunday schools and Christian Workers' 
use. Send for Bible catalogue. 

Elgin, Illinois. 



is a twenty-four-page illustrated magazine, printed at Elgin, Illinois. It 
contains modern proverbs; clean, moral articles by the best authors of the 
day; clean«-cut statements of current facts; articles upholding right and 
discounting wrong; editorials are written with a view of educating. 

Many papers, daily and weekly, are sifted and the occurrences of the 
day are put before the eye in a few sentences, so the busy person may 
keep thoroughly posted on the CURRENT HAPPENINGS with the least 
expense of time. 

The Home Department is supplied with the best things that interest 
the mothers and daughters. 

A page is given to Our Young People, to start them along right lines of 
reading and thinking. 

Anybody may ask questions in the Q. & A. page. The cook adds 
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On miscellaneous page spice and ginger, fact and wit appear. 

The INGLENOOK is published weekly at $1.00 per year. 

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Largest Assortment. 
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In the watch business means that 
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*- The Missionary Visitor ~* 

A 64-page Illustrated Monthly, growing 
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It tells of people in every land, — 
their habits, customs and con- 

It describes the progress of the 
Gospel in every land. 

It stands for more active work in 
evangelizing the United States 
in order to save the world. 

It points out Christian duty and 
privileges to every church mem- 

It gives mission comments on the 
Sunday-school lessons. 

It supplies children with good 
mission stories and poems for 

It publishes letters from workers 
on the field." 

It is the official organ of the 
Brethren church for her mis- 

It is profusely illustrated. 

Over 700 pages of best reading 
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Subscription price, 50 cents. Sam- 
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Note. — Anyone giving $1.00 to the 
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Ohio Apple Butter 

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HATCHERY CO., Freeport, Mich. 


A weekly religious journal, 16 large pages, is published in the interest of the 
Brethren church, and is the only church paper published by the authority of the Con- 
ference. Price, $1.50 per annum. 

It most earnestly pleads for a return to the apostolic order of worship and prac- 

It holds that the Bible is a divinely-inspired book, and recognizes the New Testa- 
ment as the only infallible rule of faith and practice for the people of God. 

It also holds to the doctrine of the Trinity; teaches future rewards and punish- 
ment, and emphasizes the importance of a pure, holy and upright life before God and 

It maintains that only those who remain faithful until death have the promise of 
eternal life; 

That Faith, Repentance and Baptism are conditions of pardon, and hence for the 
remission of sins; 

That Trine Immersion or dipping the candidate three times face-forward is Chris- 
tian Baptism; 

That Feet-Washing, as taught in John 13, is a divine command to be observed in the 

That the Lord's Supper is a meal, and, in connection with the Communion, should 
be taken in the evening, or after the close of the day; 

That the Salutation of the Holy Kiss, or Kiss of Charity, is binding upon the fol- 
lowers of Christ; 

That War and Retaliation are contrary to the spirit and self-denying principles of 
the religion of Jesus Christ; 

That a Nonconformity to the world in daily walk, dress, customs and conversation 
is essential to true holiness and Christian piety. 

It maintains that in public worship, or religious exercises, Christians should ap- 
pear as directed in 1 Cor. 11: 4, 5. 

It also advocates the Scriptural duty of Anointing the sick with oil in the name 
of the Lord. 

In short, it is a vindicator of all that Christ and the Apostles have enjoined upon 
us, and aims, amid the conflicting theories and discords of modern Christendom, to 
point out ground that all must concede to be infallibly safe. 

The first page of the Messenger contains well-rounded-up news from most parts 
of the world. This page is highly prized by all the readers of the paper. 

Several pages are filled with good essays from the best writers in the Broth- 
erhood. Here nearly every phase of the Christian religion is considered. 

Three pages each week are filled with editorials, and a wide range of subjects is 
discussed from week to week. 

The Home and Family, Prayer Meeting, Christian Workers' and Missionary De- 
partments have each their special merit. 

The paper contains special news from every part of the Brotherhood, including re- 
ports from Denmark, Sweden, France, Switzerland and India. 

The General Missionary financial report is to be published every month. This will 
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The contents of the paper are clean, well prepared and make pure, entertaining 
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We shall be pleased to send sample copies to those wishing to know more about 
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If you want a journal that contends earnestly for the good old Gospel ways, dc 
not fail to secure the Gospel Messenger. 



Elgin, Illinois. 





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on your own selection of books for Sun- 
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New Books for 1906. If you have 
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new book list. 


(*/£ ^V^ *&' *fo > **&* e 4&' *$& «#Ofc* 

S* Manchester College *8 



j$ Brethren Historical ♦? 
h| Library jj 


B *5 

«^*#» «^p» «-^» «^» «^?» «^f» «"^fitf» 
,c3b . <LAJJ .CLAJ .C*J> „CA2 „<LA3 . cX> 



.... ■ 

p9| 1 gig 
1 38 ilil 


"-* •'■•■ 'V< : - : > 




* 1 S 


Wsm .-■•■■■''- ■■■■■■■ ■■-■•■■'■